Proactive Citrix Monitoring for XenApp and XenDesktop Performance

Keep your Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environment running at peak performance


Proactively monitor your Citrix farm


Proactively monitor your Citrix farm

Citrix monitoring tools from SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor include out-of-the-box templates to monitor Citrix XenApp performance counters for core WMI, ICA session, and presentation server and services from one dashboard.
    Some of the built-in performance metrics include:
  • CPU entitlement/reservation/shares/usage
  • IMA network traffic sent/received, and active connections
  • Secure Ticket Authority (STA) metrics
  • ICA session bandwidth metrics (input/output/latency)
  • Datastore read/writes and connection failures
  • DynamicStore read/write
  • Encryption ActiveSync service
  • End-user experience
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Get immediate alerts, and speed up troubleshooting


Get immediate alerts, and speed up troubleshooting

Server & Application Monitor offers Citrix performance monitoring alerts for when a component in your Citrix infrastructure fails or experiences performance problems. Get alerted on slow sessions, intermittent session drops, inconsistent logins, and unavailable applications or desktops. The statistical, threshold-based alerting feature dynamically calculates baseline performance while monitoring Citrix infrastructure. Set up alerts to notify you if warning or critical thresholds are reached. Eliminate false positives, simplify problem identification, and accelerate troubleshooting. Learn more

Analyze and correlate issues on dependent applications


Analyze and correlate issues on dependent applications

If your Citrix applications are in good health, but end-users still experience connectivity and performance issues, inspect the other applications that integrate with your Citrix farm.

    Server & Application Monitor:

  • Shows details about problems encountered at the operating system level (Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • Monitors web server response and processing time
  • Checks for failures in the domain controller services and Active Directory functions
  • Identifies problems with SQL Server indexes, fragmentation, disk I/O, expensive queries, and more
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Perform health checks on physical and virtual servers


Perform health checks on physical and virtual servers

Whether on a Windows or Linux server, or virtualized on VMware or Hyper-V, you can monitor the health and availability of the hosted servers with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor.
  • Monitor the health and availability of your heterogeneous physical and virtual servers
  • Track resource utilization against available capacity, and forecast trends
  • Monitor expensive processes and remotely kill them
Simplify troubleshooting by mapping which applications are running on which servers and virtual machines, and which storage volumes the applications are tied to.
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"SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor helped us identify not only the server that was causing the issue, but also the application responsible for the lack of performance on the entire farm."
Cristhian Ocampo
Help Desk Manager
Standard Bank London Holdings

Troubleshoot Citrix performance issues faster

Server & Application Monitor

  • 自動アプリケーション検出とサーバー監視。

  • Microsoft AzureサービスおよびAmazon AWSサービスのパフォーマンスと可用性をすばやく監視します。

  • ビルトイン テンプレートをベスト プラクティスで提供

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Performance issues in your Citrix environment can lead to business downtime and IT challenges
What is Citrix Monitoring
Citrix monitoring software helps you proactively monitor various Citrix applications, such as XenApp and XenDesktop. Receive alerts on performance issues, such as session disconnects, login errors, application slowdowns, and more.