Get your AWS instances under control


Discover and monitor AWS instances automatically

Discover and monitor AWS instances automatically

With access to your cloud services account, SAM can poll cloud service APIs for cloud metrics and status. This data aggregates and displays through the Orion® Web Console to help monitor, manage, and troubleshoot issues in your cloud environment. You can see all data in the Orion Platform immediately, without the need for another AWS monitoring tool. SAM can monitor all instances deployed in your AWS account. As new AWS instances are added, SAM's AWS monitoring software can automatically start monitoring them and alert you when they’re created.

Get Server & Application Monitor Now Complete end-to-end systems monitoring

Get full visibility in a unified dashboard

Get full visibility in a unified dashboard

Configure cloud alerts for cloud issues including AWS throttling, AWS exceeded limits, Orion cloud and global thresholds exceeded, polling issues, and health status. Manage global cloud monitoring threshold settings to indicate warning and critical thresholds. Learn more about alerts for cloud infrastructure monitoring

Configure alerts for cloud issues

Configure alerts for cloud issues

Gather all metrics available in CloudWatch and display them in Orion platform or monitor your cloud instances as nodes to poll additional metrics. You can also terminate, stop, or reboot any instance monitored as a node in SAM. Learn more about monitoring cloud instance as a node

AWS Monitoring Tool

Server & Application Monitor

  • Automatic application discovery and dependency mapping.

  • Quickly monitor the performance and availability of Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS infrastructure.

  • Built-in templates provide best practices.

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Managing and monitoring AWS cloud instances can be difficult