Easily map your applications and servers, and view their underlying dependencies


Automatically discover all applications and servers

Automatically discover all applications and servers

Application mapping tools in SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor allow you to scan your network based on IP ranges and subnets, and discover all applications and servers. Add discovered nodes to custom maps, and automatically display connections.

  • Schedule application discovery to periodically scan your network and update the map
  • View your systems infrastructure logically by floor, building, department, or geographic location
  • Create custom maps with drag-and-drop simplicity

Stop relying on manual methods. Start leveraging automated server and application mapping.

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Create a geographic map of your systems environment

Create a geographic map of your systems environment

Server & Application Monitor lets you easily create a complete map of your systems environment, displaying connections between applications, physical servers, and virtual hosts.

Monitor the availability status of applications and servers. Drill into location/site-specific maps to quickly identify the actual source of performance issues.

Server & Application Monitor integrates with OpenStreetMaps, helping you add nodes to real-time world maps.

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Track and monitor application and server dependencies

Track and monitor application and server dependencies

Understanding the dependencies between applications and the infrastructure that supports them helps accelerate troubleshooting.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor’s infrastructure mapping software includes a built-in dashboard that shows the specific infrastructure components for each application and its status. You can also drill down to identify the root cause of issues.

Integration with Virtualization Manager and Storage Resource Monitor extends the functionality of AppStack™ and lets you analyze application dependencies down to virtual and storage layers.

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"The value Server & Application Monitor provides over free open source tools or manual troubleshooting methods is that it provides an improved single-pane-of-glass view, and you can respond to problems quickly and proactively."
Jeffrey Gilgenbach
System Administrator
Buyseasons, Inc

Map dependencies between servers and applications

Server & Application Monitor

  • 自動アプリケーション検出とサーバー監視。

  • Microsoft AzureサービスおよびAmazon AWSサービスのパフォーマンスと可用性をすばやく監視します。

  • ビルトイン テンプレートをベスト プラクティスで提供

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