Managing a large number of apps and servers makes an IT pro’s job difficult, especially when using manual methods of collecting data performance information. Having an automated IT management tool to proactively alert you about performance issues helps you take precautionary measures before your end-users notice there’s a problem.

Benefits of monitoring server uptime

Monitoring server uptime allows you to be proactively notified about performance issues. With server uptime monitor software, you can:

  • Receive alerts about server hardware failures, hung services, and application performance issues
  • See the actual number of concurrent users trying to access your servers and apps during peak business hours
  • Understand resource allocation and utilization so you know if system resources will impact app performance, allowing you to perform appropriate load balancing
  • Monitor server hardware health and its components as well as application performance from a single dashboard

Best practices: Monitor server uptime

Best practices: Monitor server uptime

SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor provides comprehensive monitoring of multi-vendor server hardware and application monitoring for over 200 critical apps, including web servers, email servers, databases, application servers, and more.

Best practice 1: Monitor server hardware resources

A hardware resource bottleneck can affect application and server uptime and server performance, and cause application downtime. Here are the top metrics to watch on your servers:

  • CPU load: High CPU utilization tells you if the server hardware is underperforming and needs to be replaced or upgraded. To avoid high CPU load, you can distribute server load evenly among other servers in your environment.
  • Physical memory usage: Paging causes physical memory bottlenecks. If this condition occurs for a prolonged period of time, consider adding additional RAM to the physical or virtual server.
  • Virtual memory: As virtual memory consumption increases, data is constantly moving from RAM to disk to RAM. When this occurs, physical disks located in the swap file are put under tremendous pressure. To avoid this, consider moving the swap file to another drive to prevent swap file fragmentation.
  • Disk performance: Disk latency also causes bottlenecks. If the disk latency exceeds 100ms, or if the disk queue length is high, it is likely due to a storage performance issue. To avoid this, consider changing the RAID type, or add more physical disks to your array.

Best practice 2: Monitor processes and services

Rogue processes and stopped services can consume server hardware resources, which also affects server and application performance monitoring. Automated server monitoring software comes with a Real-Time Process Explorer, which allows you to remotely log into a server and kill processes that are hogging server resources. Similarly, web applications can experience downtime when they are deactivated or stopped. With automated server monitoring software you can easily restart or stop services to resume website or web app availability.

Best practice 3: Monitor server hardware health

Start monitoring your multi-vendor server hardware health. Proactive server health monitoring for key indicators will allow you to fix problems before they become severe. View key hardware health metrics, such as fan speed, power supply, server temperature, etc.

Best practice 4: Comprehensive application performance monitoring

Monitor application performance and hardware health along with your routine scheduled tasks, and get real-time visibility of the completion of all your tasks, all from a single dashboard. Access over 200 out-of-the-box apps and manage all your critical business applications, including:

  • Email servers
  • Databases including SQL, Oracle, SAP ASE, DB2, MySQL, and more
  • Web servers including IIS, Apache, etc.
  • Java application servers
  • Authentication servers
  • Virtual infrastructure
  • Operating systems including Windows, Linux, and UNIX

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Server & Application Monitor

  • 自動アプリケーション検出とサーバー監視。

  • Microsoft AzureサービスおよびAmazon AWSサービスのパフォーマンスと可用性をすばやく監視します。

  • ビルトイン テンプレートをベスト プラクティスで提供

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