Storage Performance Monitor Detect I/O hotspots and optimize performance

Monitor IOPS and throughput of your multi-vendor storage devices

Key Features
  • Multi-vendor storage monitoring
  • View key storage array metrics
  • Customizable thresholds
  • Critical threshold exceeded warnings
  • Custom polling and discovery intervals

Start monitoring storage IOPS and Throughput.

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Proactively manage your multi-vendor storage devices with SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor
Storage Performance Monitor 100% Free
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Storage I/O hotspot detection
Provides support for a limited set of multi-vendor storage arrays
Comprehensive storage performance monitoring and alerting with expanded set of vendor array support
Automated storage capacity planning
Storage environment reporting
PerfStack™ dashboard cross-stack IT data correlation
Prebuilt alerts and automatic baselines
Integrates with other SolarWinds products for end-to-end visibility into the application stack
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