Streamline RabbitMQ monitoring and analysis with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor


Use customizable built-in templates to monitor RabbitMQ

Use customizable built-in templates to monitor RabbitMQ

SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM) simplifies RabbitMQ monitoring with out-of-the-box monitoring templates for RabbitMQ nodes on Linux/Unix and Windows. These templates are customizable and can help you monitor specific instances covering key RabbitMQ performance metrics like memory usage, free disk space, and uptime. 

In addition to the more than 1,200 monitoring templates available, SAM automatically discovers your environment and is built to get you monitoring your infrastructure within minutes. Stop shuffling between multiple monitoring tools. SAM unifies your server and application performance and health monitoring across numerous devices, servers, and applications into one view.  

Focus more on fixing issues than finding them

Focus more on fixing issues than finding them

A big advantage with RabbitMQ is that it exposes metrics for all its main components. This can facilitate troubleshooting if you know what to look for. However, a lot of teams spend several hours tracking relevant metrics to drill down to the root cause of issues. SolarWinds SAM can continuously monitor critical RabbitMQ metrics for Exchanges, Bindings, Connections, and Messages in Queues. SAM is built with customizable alerts that can trigger notifications whenever an issue arises with your RabbitMQ instances. SAM is designed to help you pinpoint which nodes are affected, which can help significantly reduce the time spent troubleshooting.

Get continuous monitoring and end-to-end visibility

Get continuous monitoring and end-to-end visibility

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor helps you monitor RabbitMQ continuously and provides performance charts on various metrics. With these charts, you can easily identify patterns and trends that may otherwise remain hidden in the data. SAM also allows you to create intelligent alerts that trigger whenever there is a deviation from baseline performance. Unlike other RabbitMQ queue monitoring tools, SolarWinds SAM is built for higher agility and interactivity. With its unified monitoring, you can stay on top of your environment and troubleshoot issues in real time.
What is a RabbitMQ monitoring tool?
A RabbitMQ monitoring tool helps you optimize the performance of your RabbitMQ instances by keeping track of memory usage, queue levels, connections, exchanges, TCP ports, and other critical parameters.

Simplify RabbitMQ Monitoring

Server & Application Monitor

  • Monitor real-time processes running in your server for memory, CPU, and disk I/O.

  • Get monitoring, reporting, alerting, and asset inventory in one product.

  • Use custom monitors or modify built-in templates for monitoring servers, applications and more.

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Lack of end-to-end visibility and complicated tools make RabbitMQ monitoring challenging