Remote and Automated Software Deployment Tool for Windows

Remote software deployment tools for Windows help automate and streamline installation management

  • Remote and automated software deployment

    Automate and streamline the release management process to reach hundreds of workstations remotely.

  • Deployment options

    Fully control the software deployment process, from scheduling options to customizable packages.

  • Third-party capabilities

    Deploy both Microsoft and third-party applications with Patch Manager’s pre-built packages.

  • Security and compliance features

    Stay on top of security risks with effective patch deployment tools and compliance reporting.

  • Dashboard insights

    Robust deployment management tools provide visibility, customization, and improved workflows.


Remote and automated software deployment

Remote and automated software deployment

With SolarWinds Patch Manager (PM), admins can automate release management for hands-off deployment across hundreds or thousands of Microsoft servers, workstations, and third-party applications. Remote software distribution allows admins to scale their efforts across the entire business. Dynamic automated scheduling features help allow for a safer, more consistent rollout at every stage of continuous deployment, from immediate updates to full installs. Easily see if an application needs additional attention, and push updates as needed with simplified continuous integration.
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Deployment options

Deployment options

Patch Manager offers business-grade software deployment tools designed to allow you to manage patches, updates, and installations across the network. Customize software deployment configurations across thousands of workstations. Use predefined software packages or build custom software packages that suit your specifications. When installing software, you can specify the push schedule, reboot preferences, and other deployment rules. From concurrent deployment to forced updates and scheduled group updates, SolarWinds PM gives you the management tools you need to achieve comprehensive control.
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Third-party capabilities

Third-party capabilities

Patch Manager software deployment tools for Windows extends Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) beyond Microsoft installations. In addition to supporting Microsoft services, Patch Manager has you covered when your deployment requires updates to third-party applications. PM includes pre-built, tested, and automatically delivered packages for third-party applications like Adobe, Google, and Oracle Java. Push, approve, schedule, and install updates for compatible software across thousands of computers, then easily check task history to verify success.
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Security and compliance features

Security and compliance features

Having the right software installed and patched is crucial to business security. Don’t let missing updates put your systems at risk. PM helps you keep an eye on security updates, track versions, and flag failed installations that could signal a bigger security concern. Use preconfigured reports to quickly respond to issues. With fully customizable patch reporting tools — including sorting, scheduling, exporting, and email functionality — Patch Manager is built to help you demonstrate IT compliance to auditors and internal stakeholders alike.
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Dashboard insights

Dashboard insights

Patch Manager offers remote software deployment tools designed to help you better manage the deployment process. Easy-to-view charts and customizable lists let you track updates and versions across the network. View deployment status for workstations and servers, and drill down to troubleshoot missed installations or errors. Additionally, you can receive update notifications through the PM console or via email. Patch Manager easily integrates with related SolarWinds products, so you can correlate deployment errors with performance issues.
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Build a custom, automated workflow with software deployment tools

Patch Manager

  • Gain visibility into the status of software deployments.

  • Customize the software deployment process and build packages.

  • Keep the network secure with deployment alerts and reporting.

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Manual software deployment can be time-intensive and error-prone
What is software deployment?

The software deployment process describes all network administrator activities that make a software system functional and available for use across the business. Network admins are tasked with installing, updating, and patching software and various third-party applications across hundreds or thousands of workstations.

Software deployment tools help admins monitor overall deployment activity throughout the network. Comprehensive software deployment tools save time because they automate this process, allowing admins to schedule software deployment, control the installation process, and immediately view deployment successes and failures. These tools also allow a remote approach to software deployment.

Deployment tools can also help admins ensure software and patches are up-to-date to avoid potential security risks if updates are not promptly installed. These tools can also improve security by detecting threats and notifying admins of update errors.

Additionally, software configuration tools help admins continually manage the product development lifecycle, even across a team. Effective software deployment includes versions tracking during this process to show what software was changed or updated, at what time, and by which user.

With software deployment tools, admins can also clear unneeded software by uninstalling or deactivating programs across devices.