Oracle database management requires robust monitoring tools, streamlined maintenance, and performance tuning

  • Comprehensive monitoring

    Ongoing insights and straightforward reports based on custom metrics allow for proactive responses.

  • Shareable interface

    Agentless architecture enables easy cross-team sharing, plus a less than 1% server load.

  • Maintenance support

    Save time with intuitive dashboard features, custom metrics, and index advice.

  • Performance tuning

    Oracle database tools help pinpoint root causes for more effective tuning.


Comprehensive monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring

Get valuable information about Oracle database resource use, workload trends, and change tracking with continual monitoring that allows for proactive troubleshooting and database management. The SolarWinds® Oracle database tools in Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) empowers you to track the metrics that matter to your organization with both real-time and historical timelines for Oracle Exadata, Oracle SE performance, and more.
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Shareable interface

Shareable interface

Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle allows for 24/7 monitoring with less than a 1% load on monitored servers. DPA is installed only on the server, and agentless probes access Oracle and other databases through the network. This software architecture is designed to facilitate safe collaboration across development and production. SolarWinds DPA also includes a web interface and multi-level permissions designed to make it simple for multiple users to test and view Oracle code impact.
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Maintenance support

Maintenance support

SolarWinds DPA Oracle database management tools help simplify your maintenance workflow with an intuitive, time-saving dashboard. Set custom baseline metrics and automated alerts to help ensure consistent Oracle database performance, even as you implement changes. Built-in machine learning tools detect anomalies, and the platform is built to provide targeted workload and index advice.
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Performance tuning

Performance tuning

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle is designed to prioritize and assist with tuning tasks. The Oracle database management software can help identify root causes of bottlenecks, providing diagnoses and recommendations. Address resource-intensive operations and improve performance in real time with DPA.
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Streamline and optimize your Oracle database management

Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle

  • Quickly gain viewable insights into issues.

  • Make confident tuning decisions for improved performance.

  • Share database maintenance visibility across users.

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Oracle database management suffers without clear insights and streamlined tools
What is the purpose of Oracle database management software?
Database management software enables the monitoring, maintenance, and performance tuning of an Oracle server.