Proactive VoIP and WAN performance monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Monitors VoIP call Quality of Service (QoS) metrics including jitter, latency, packet loss, and MOS
  • Correlates call issues with WAN performance for advanced troubleshooting
  • Searches and filters call detail records
  • Monitors site-to-site WAN performance using Cisco IP SLA technology
  • Automatically discovers Cisco IP SLA enabled network devices and typically deploys in less than an hour

Monitor and manage site-specific and WAN-related network performance using IP SLA technology

Using Cisco IP SLA Technology that is built into most Cisco WAN routers, you can manage and monitor your key edge-to-edge router performance statistics with SolarWinds IP SLA Manager. This WAN monitor module of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) identifies which devices on your network support IP SLA operations, which automatically set up operations, and which keep an eye on key applications by analyzing the performance of the underlying protocols, including: DNS lookups, FTP, HTTP, TCP connect, and UDP jitter.

  • Measure performance using IP SLA technology that's already built into your existing Cisco routers
  • Visualize site-to-site network performance on a clickable, drill-down map
  • Test the readiness of your network environment
  • Discover and automatically set up Cisco IP SLA capable network devices with specific IP SLA operations
  • Quickly review WAN performance to determine the impact on key applications
  • View at-a-glance WAN performance with the Top 10 IP SLA dashboard


Get at-a-glance insight of WAN performance

Build a custom dashboard that gives you at-a-glance insight into all aspects of WAN performance, including a global snapshot of all of your IP SLA operations. Top 10 lists detail critical IP SLA performance statistics, while WAN performance maps make it easy-to-visualize, site-to-site network performance.

  • Quickly and easily identify WAN performance issues using a highly intuitive Web-based interface
  • Review Top 10 lists detailing IP SLA operation status across your network
  • View your WAN performance map for at-a-glance health indicators
  • Remotely view and administer IP SLA-capable network devices across your enterprise


Use automatic IP SLA setup and device discovery

SolarWinds IP SLA Manager quickly scans your device list, automatically determines which devices support the IP SLA operations you select, and begins monitoring them.

  • Avoid complicated CLI commands with a handy, step-by-step wizard for adding IP SLA operations
  • Quickly determine which network devices support IP SLA
  • Choose from four methods of IP SLA deployment: simple, fully meshed, hub-and-spoke, or custom


Configure custom IP SLA operation thanks to broad IP SLA operation support

Configure custom IP SLA operation thresholds to monitor your unique network.

  • Simultaneously monitor multiple IP SLA operations to determine which applications a poor WAN performance affects most.
  • Help ensure that new IP applications and IP services utilizing data and voice meet defined performance thresholds with Cisco IP SLAs. IP SLA technology allows you to measure transport metrics from a Cisco IP SLA capable device to another Cisco router, or even to other types of IP devices—this gives you the ability to measure performance from many different points in your network at the same time.

  • Supported IP SLA Operations:
    • HTTP – Measure the round-trip time to access a web page
    • FTP – Measure the round-trip time to transfer a file
    • DNS – Measure the DNS look-up time (time to request and receive a reply)
    • DHCP – Measure the round-trip time to retrieve an IP address
    • TCP Connect – Measure connection time, which is useful for application and server monitoring
    • UDP Jitter – Measure round-trip delay, one-way delay, one-way jitter, and one-way packet loss
    • VoIP UDP Jitter – Measure VoIP call path metrics
    • ICMP Echo – Measure round-trip delay
    • UDP Echo – Measure response times between IP SLA nodes using IP
    • ICMP Path Echo – Discover a network path using traceroute and measure the response time between a Cisco router and devices using IP
    • ICMP Path Jitter – Measure the inter-packet delay variance along a tracerouted network path


Configure IP SLA alerts that notify you when WAN performance thresholds are crossed

SolarWinds IP SLA Manager delivers reports and events when key WAN performance thresholds are violated. Analyze historical trends with graphs and reports that can be scheduled for automatic delivery.

  • Configure IP SLA alerts to notify you when specific thresholds are crossed
  • Schedule out-of-the-box IP SLA reports and automatically email them to keep your key stakeholders up-to-date on WAN performance network
  • Monitor IP SLA events and changes alongside other network changes from SolarWinds global event viewer

Proactive VoIP and WAN Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting

VoIP & Network Quality Manager

  • Monitoreo de la WAN en tiempo real y alertas de desempeño de la WAN de sitio a sitio.

  • Utilice análisis CDR para identificar rápidamente los problemas de desempeño VoIP.

  • Las potentes herramientas de monitoreo de VoIP para dispositivos Cisco lo ayudan a ver el panorama de cómo las llamadas transitan por su red.

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