Get a deep view into WebSphere Application Server and supporting IT infrastructure to fine tune application performance

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Get instant access to key WebSphere metrics

Get instant access to key WebSphere metrics

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides out-of-the-box templates for IBM WebSphere performance monitoring to track key performance counters of your application server. Using JMX protocol, it helps you monitor:

  • JVM statistics, such as classes loaded count/total loaded count/unloaded count, etc. to track the health and availability of the application server
  • Memory statistics, such as memory heap used, garbage collections count, etc. to detect memory leaks and exceptions
  • Thread pool statistics, such as total started count, etc. to prevent thread deadlocks and pool exhaustion
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Discover the root cause of application issues

Discover the root cause of application issues

Server & Application Monitor’s application health monitoring allows you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure from a single console to easily pinpoint the root cause of application downtime. It offers agentless monitoring for your Linux and UNIX environment to help optimize performance. You can monitor:

  • Linux: CPU user time and system time, wait IO, CPU idle time, run queue, zombie processes, etc.
  • UNIX: kernel threads in run queue, page-cache, daemon, zombie processes, disk monitoring Perl template, etc.
  • Server hardware: fan speed, room temperature, CPU load, memory used, disk volumes, etc.
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Drill into IBM DB2 database metrics to solve issues

Drill into IBM DB2 database metrics to solve issues

You can integrate Server & Application Monitor with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) to get in-depth analysis and reports on your DB2 database performance. It allows you to monitor SQL statements, response time, slow queries, etc. and offers performance-tuning recommendations to handle complex database issues. It helps eliminate finger-pointing, and allows you to directly correlate the application issue with its database origin.

Using DPA, you can also monitor Oracle, SQL Server, SAP ASE, and MySQL databases hosted on-premises, and in the cloud.

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Monitor multi-vendor web servers and application servers

Monitor multi-vendor web servers and application servers

Server & Application Monitor offers out-of-the-box templates to monitor 200+ applications. Its powerful and easy-to-use web console allows you to monitor popular web and application servers, which includes Microsoft IIS, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic, and IBM WebSphere monitoring tools.

It also provides a detailed view of how server resources, such as CPU, disk, network, etc. are being utilized. It helps you monitor hardware and software from multiple vendors including:

  • IBM System X, HP, Dell, Blade Chassis
  • Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, UNIX, HP-UX
  • VMware, Hyper-V
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" Database latency due to delayed rights and poor SQL statements identified by SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor allowed us to quickly identify and resolve the problem."
Roger Blakely
IT Director
Hulu, LLC

IBM WebSphere application server monitoring using SolarWinds

Server & Application Monitor

  • Automatische Anwendungserkennung und Serverüberwachung.

  • Schnelle Überwachung der Leistung und Verfügbarkeit von Microsoft Azure- und Amazon AWS-Diensten.

  • Integrierte Vorlagen mit Best Practices.

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