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Unauthorized USB usage leads to security breaches and increases the risk of data loss

Sensitive data leaks

USB devices can increase the risk of data leaks, causing intellectual property loss and damage to an organization’s reputation.

Compromised network

Detachable USB drives can infect computers and cause networks to be compromised. Preventing this can be challenging.

Non-compliance risks

Restricting access to USB ports is a compliance requirement. Non-compliance can result in heavy penalties and data loss.

Real-time alerts when USB devices are connected can help protect sensitive data

  1. Detect unauthorized USB usage

    USB devices are easily available, which increases the risk of data loss and breaches due to insecure transfer of sensitive data. Log & Event Manager comes with USB Defender, which is built on endpoint USB security technology used to protect your sensitive data against potential threats. USB Defender monitors the usage of USB devices, including mass storage media devices on phones, cameras, and wireless networking devices. Use the built-in filters, or build custom filters to focus on USB events that are important to you.

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  2. Automatically respond to USB security threats

    With Log & Event Manager you can use out-of-the-box active response rules to disable USB devices when USB access is detected for blacklisted user accounts. You can set the active response rule to check if the device belongs to the whitelisted, user-defined group of authorized USB devices. If an unauthorized USB is detected, execute active response as a preventive measure, which includes automatically detaching USB devices, killing process by ID or name, blocking IP addresses, or shutting down machines.

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  3. Auditing and reporting USB usage

    Monitoring a network for USB threats is a requirement for compliance regulations, including PCI DSS. This is to prevent users from copying unauthorized files to external devices, and identify unauthorized applications launched from USB devices. With Log & Event Manger's USB analyzer, you can monitor the log activity of all USB devices and audit their file activities to track suspicious user activity, like unwarranted data transfer from an authorized USB port. You can also generate built-in reports to demonstrate compliance.

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USB security, detection, prevention, and more

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