Multi-Vendor Network Inventory Software

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Maintaining accurate inventory of all network devices is cumbersome

Device tracking is time-consuming

Extensive admin time and effort is required to organize and oversee multi-vendor device environments.

Multiple devices and locations

Multiple devices and device types across many locations are difficult to manually manage and document.

Lack of reliable device data

Accurate device data is vital to quickly troubleshoot and resolve network issues.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps maintain up-to-date inventory of your network devices

  1. Save time and increase productivity

    SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps you maintain an accurate, up-to-date inventory of all your network devices. Avoid spending several hours compiling and updating device information. Use Network Configuration Manager to automatically import/discover devices, and obtain detailed inventory information. Create network inventory reports based on vendor, location, device type, device data and more. Set regular scans to ensure that all data is updated automatically.

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  2. Know which network devices are operating and their locations

    Tracking and documenting multiple devices and device types across many locations is painstaking and time-consuming. Maintaining data such as serial numbers, port details, IP addresses, vendors, end-of-life dates, end-of-support dates, etc., is necessary for keeping your configuration management database accurate. However, manually performing this task with multiple administrators is difficult. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager imports existing devices, no matter which device type, and automatically updates your device information whenever it changes.

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  3. Obtain reliable device data to make informed decisions

    Administrators are often unaware that a device has an expired maintenance contract or has reached end-of-life status until the device fails. In these cases, replacing the device is more expensive and commonly results in costly network downtime. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager tracks device end-of-life information, and helps you plan for contract renewals or device replacements, if required. Network Configuration Manager regularly polls for device data and updates the database with any new information.

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Network Inventory Software definition

Network inventory software automatically scans a network for connected devices, and collects and reports on data, such as device type, manufacturer, serial number, operating system, configurations, and location

Automate config, change and compliance management

Network Configuration Manager Starts at $2845

  • Improve network reliability using change monitoring, alerting and configuration backups and rollbacks
  • Reduce configuration errors by using standardized device configurations and automated deployment
  • Improve network security with IOS® vulnerability scanning and NIST FISMA, DISA STIG and PCI DSS compliance tests

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Fully functional for 30 days

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