SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor

Citrix® XenApp™ Monitoring

SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor helps you proactively pinpoint performance issues and bottlenecks with your XenApp application.

  • Monitor network performance, ICA session, and Presentation Server performance
  • Proactive notifications for detecting and diagnosing issues before they’re reported by users
  • Infrastructure monitoring to include server hardware health and virtual machine performance

Citrix XenApp monitoring—download SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor free trial now!

Why Server & Application Monitor?

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Top 5 Reasons to Download Server & Application Monitor

  1. Monitor all application components—servers, virtual layer, and critical applications, such as XenApp, XenDesktop®, Exchange Server™, and Active Directory®
  2. Easily customize alerts, reports, and dashboards for your enterprise-wide needs
  3. Use baselines to compare performance and alert when apps start having issues
  4. Great value for money—monitoring, reporting, alerting, and asset inventory in one product
  5. Easy tool for collaborating across server, Web, database, and application teams

Citrix XenApp Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor XenApp Servers

    Server & Application Monitor (SAM) leverages out-of-the-box monitors to ensure high availability of XenApp versions 5 to 6.5. Get visibility to Citrix Presentation Server™ and ICA® Session performance, and Citrix IMA & Licensing metrics, and XenApp service status.

  • Deep Insights into XenApp Performance with Out-of-the-box Dashboards

    Visualize current and historical performance and availability of XenApp components to include: critical services, License check-in/check-out response time, application resolutions/sec, and datastore statstics.

  • Determine Optimal Thresholds Using the Threshold Baseline Calculator

    Server & Application Monitor offers expert templates for Citrix XenApp that help you determine what to monitor and provides expert knowledge of what to do when a performance threshold is crossed. Set static thresholds based on best practices, or generate statistical thresholds from baseline performance.

  • Perform Root-Cause Analysis

    The Dynamic Service Groups in Server & Application Monitor organize and monitor complex, multi-tiered applications, provides ways to aggregate status data from individual servers and applications, and identifies root-cause performance degradation.

  • Build Custom Reports

    Server & Application Monitor offers availability and performance history with Web based and customizable reporting. Quickly amend a report for a department or recipient and automate report delivery via email.

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