SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor

Windows Server Performance Monitor

SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor provides comprehensive monitoring of your Windows® servers and helps you easily identify if the underlying problem has to do with the server hardware or application.

  • Agentless monitoring of Windows services, processes, log files, and performance metrics
  • Monitor Windows Mount Points, storage performance, network interfaces, and hardware health
  • Resolve problems: start/stop processes, reboot servers, start services, etc.

Microsoft® Windows server monitoring and management – download SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor free trial now!

Why Server & Application Monitor?

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Top 5 Reasons to Download Server & Application Monitor

  1. Monitor all application components – servers, virtual layer, and critical applications such as SQL Server®, Exchange Server, and Active Directory®
  2. Easily customize alerts, reports, and dashboards for your enterprise-wide needs
  3. Use baselines to compare performance and alert when apps start having issues
  4. Great value for money – monitoring, reporting, alerting, and asset inventory in one product
  5. Easy tool for collaborating across server, Web, database, and application teams

Windows Server Performance Monitoring

  • Visibility into Windows Server Performance Metrics

    Server & Application Monitor (SAM) leverages out-of-the-box monitors and manages various components of your servers and applications and display statistics on intuitive and meaningful dashboards.

  • Monitor WMI Performance

    Server & Application Monitor (SAM) makes it easy for you to monitor WMI performance counters agentlessly, so you can identify and resolve application issues before users are impacted. You can also easily add any WMI metric – it’s as simple as clicking on a server icon, browsing the list of available counters, and selecting the ones you would like to add.

  • Monitor Windows Updates

    The Windows Update Monitoring template allows you to check the status of Windows updates so you can monitor the number of updates available and the number of updates installed, whether a reboot is required before or after the installation of updates, and the number of reboots that have passed since the last update.

  • Monitor Windows Server Events

    Windows Event Log Monitor in Server & Application Monitor uses WMI communication to scan Windows Event Logs for recent matching events. SAM considers recent events based on the age of the event against application polling frequency. If a matching event is found, SAM automatically changes the status of the event.

  • Real-Time Process Explorer

    The Real-Time Process Explorer in Server & Application Monitor is available on all WMI and SNMP monitored nodes. The Real-Time Process Explorer in SAM no longer requires you to be physically present to log in to a particular machines. Remotely monitor statistics for both monitored and unmonitored processes through SAM.

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