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With an easy-to-use patch management tool, you can get a step-by-step walkthrough of the process for installing and preparing to patch all Windows servers and workstations in your IT environment. Patch management offers a flexible and scalable platform that meets the needs of small, centralized companies, and large enterprises with distributed systems. You can easily install, deploy, and begin updating patches to all your systems and workstations.

  1. Gain Control Over Patching Windows Servers & Workstations

    SolarWinds® Patch Manager integrates with WSUS and Microsoft update agent, and automatically updates Windows patches based on custom schedules. In addition, you can create different patching schedules for different business groups within the organization per custom requirements. Proactively identify which servers and workstations need to be patched and build patch deployment packages. You can control and schedule software patching for target nodes based on operating systems, IP range, or any custom grouping or individual selections.

    Simplify software patching and reporting for both Microsoft and third-party applications across tens of thousands of servers and workstations—physical, virtual, online & offline systems, and virtual machines. The software patch management tool from SolarWinds simplifies many steps during the patching process, from research, scheduling, deployment, reporting, and more.

    Patch Management Status Dashboard in SolarWinds Patch Manager

  2. Simplify Third-Party Software Patch Management

    Create before and after deployment package scenarios to ensure complicated patches such as Oracle® Java®, deploy successfully without any complicated scripts. Easily build and designate specific actions to occur before or after package deployment to ensure that your patches get installed and deployed per your schedule. For example, having a set of pre- and post-deployment scenarios, such as starting & stopping services, running custom scripts, and dynamically detecting applications that require frequent updates, etc. are all dependent on server or workstation utilization.

    SolarWinds Patch Manager natively offers software updates to patch popular and commonly used third-party software including:

    • Adobe®
    • Citrix® Receiver™ for Windows Enterprise
    • DameWare® Mini Remote Control
    • Foxit®
    • Google Chrome™
    • Google Earth™
    • Mozilla® Firefox®
    • Notepad++
    • Opera™ Browser
    • Oracle®/Sun® Java Runtime Environment
    • QuickTime® Player for Windows®
    • RealPlayer®
    • RealVNC®
    • Skype™
    • WinRAR®
    • UltraVNC
    • WinZip®
    • Yahoo!® Messenger

    Management Console in SolarWinds Patch Manager

  3. Manage Patch Deployments with Advanced Scheduling & Rebooting

    Gain control over the following patch management processes:

    • Gain total control over which servers and workstations get installed with which patches and where
    • Proactively schedule updates to occur when convenient or within tight maintenance timeframes
    • Force refresh of group policy on servers and workstations
    • Immediately download and install updates for specific servers or workstations—without doing an RDP session
    • Choose which patches have to be installed based on date released, critical level, or other criteria

    Patch Update Management Wizard in SolarWinds Patch Manager

  4. Custom Package Wizard

    Simplify patching of custom software and other applications by easily creating custom packages—without any complex scripting involved. IT pros also don’t have to rely on System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP). Patch management software will enable deployment of a custom package—MSI, MSP, ore EXE via Microsoft® WSUS, or SCCM. This becomes convenient and easy to use for deploying or patching custom apps or software.

    Software Deployment Packages Available in SolarWinds Patch Manager

Automated patching of Microsoft and 3rd party apps

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  • Reduce time from weeks to minutes for patching Windows desktops and servers with pre-built, tested patch from multiple vendors
  • Decrease security risks & service performance degradation by controlling when and where patches are applied
  • Pass audits and demonstrate compliance with dynamic reporting and dashboards

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