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You searched or clicked on IT help desk or a similar topic. SolarWinds has a product that supports IT help desk ticketing, change management, IT asset management, and self-resolution of issues using a searchable knowledge base. We recommend that you explore Web Help Desk.

Recommended Product for: IT Help Desk and Asset Management

Web Help Desk

Web-based IT Help Desk and Asset Management

  • Streamlines the help desk ticket process from request to resolution
  • Includes fully-customizable forms that are easy to change to match your IT support workflows
  • Manages and tracks the full lifecycle of hardware and software assets
  • Supports self-resolution of issues with a searchable knowledge base
  • Affordable, per-seat pricing for technician logins – no hidden costs for end-user logins or managed IT assets
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IT Help Desk and Asset Management Capabilities

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Powerful IT help desk ticketing

SolarWinds Web Help Desk streamlines help desk ticket resolution throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Eases migration by importing tickets from legacy ticket systems
  • Enables configuration of multiple tiers and groups of IT staff and assignment of triage and escalation tasks to tiers and groups
  • Includes easily-customizable and dynamic ticket forms with unlimited custom fields
  • Simplifies ticket organization by allowing linking of unlimited incident tickets to a single problem
  • Dynamically routes and assigns help desk tickets to a specific technician or group of technicians
  • Automatically converts service request emails into a trouble tickets, including file attachments
  • Each ticket's processing sequence is time stamped and user tagged, including system updates and automation decisions
  • Automates load balancing of ticket assignment
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Centralized IT asset management and repository

SolarWinds Web Help Desk eliminates the errors, time inefficiencies, and opportunity costs that plague manual asset tracking and audits.
  • Simplifies the management of both hardware and software client assignment and makes it a snap to build parent/child relationships between assets
  • Shows software licensing distributions across your network, including how many license keys of a particular software are in the field versus ready for assignment
  • Calculates warranty and lease end dates based on purchase order information
  • Tracks by asset type, status, location, manufacturer and model
  • Enables you to manage who uses what by associating an end user with a specific asset or group of assets
  • Associates end-users to service requests or incident tickets with a specific asset or group of assets, and provides a running history of all service requests for a given asset, informing your decisions to retire, repair, and replace hardware and software
  • Allows you to save and share your most helpful or most frequently used asset search queries using rules-based search queries that are easy to understand
  • Allows end users to select their current location and then provides a list of all assets in that specific location for easy asset identification
  • Asset discovery data from any source can be scheduled to import regularly or on-demand, providing critical, up-to-date information for efficient service request resolution
  • Includes a Reservation Center that allows end users to request a designated check-out time and date range for a specific asset
  • An overdue alert system easily identifies lost or stolen inventory
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Automated change management

SolarWinds Web Help Desk simplifies change control through automated approval work flow.
  • Delivers powerful, customizable change management tools
  • Enables association of service request types with approval and change processes
    • Users see a notification when creating a ticket if approval is required
    • Approvers receive an email notifying them of the pending request
    • Approvers can approve or deny directly from email or via the web interface
  • Supports individual voting and voting by panel
    • Simply create your list of Change Advisory Board (CAB) members and select a minimum approval level
  • Approval processes can be simple or complex as needed, from a one step sign-off to multiple levels of succession
  • Approvers will be notified via email regarding ticket approval and a Yes/No option in the e-mail makes for a quick and easy decision
  • After approval, requests automatically unlock and convert to unique service requests assigned to the appropriate technician
  • Approvers can be configured based on roles, ensuring the request is addressed by the appropriate individual based on location, department and position
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Robust knowledge base engine

SolarWinds Web Help Desk reduces the number of in-bound support requests by automatically displaying self-service knowledge base articles related to the type of service request.
  • Enables you to query a knowledge base article that resolves a request and inject a hot link to a FAQ or tool tip into the trouble ticket note, all with just a couple clicks
  • Offers related FAQs and tool tips to end users as they submit a service ticket
  • Supports embedded videos and file attachments
  • When IT-related knowledge base articles refer to a particular piece of hardware or software, SolarWinds Web Help Desk supports an advanced set of granular search criteria that enable you to seek your own particular asset make and model
  • When technical knowledge base articles are intended primarily for internal use or reference, SolarWinds Web Help Desk can organize your knowledge base articles and flag visibility to the department(s) of your choice
  • Enables you to grow your knowledge base organically by letting your IT staff easily submit common ticket resolutions as potential knowledge base articles for internal or external public consumption
  • Automatically flags each newly submitted article as "unapproved" requiring final approval from your knowledge base manager before becoming visible
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Affordable pricing model – no additional cost for end-user logins or managed assets

Because the license is based on the number of IT technician logins, the quantity of client end-user accounts is always unlimited. SolarWinds Web Help Desk gives you unlimited assets within your database or CMDB. There are never additional nodes or asset bundles to purchase.
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