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With growing volume of support tickets, increasing end-users to support, and ongoing resource constraints, IT teams always look for easier ways to automate help desk tasks in order to save time on manual efforts and focus more on actual troubleshooting and support needs. IT help desk provides IT admins with an easy-to-use interface and built-in automation to simplify many of their ticketing processes.

Benefits of IT Help Desk for Ticketing Management

IT help desk software simplifies, automates, centralizes, and streamlines help desk management tasks. Further, it provides an easy-to-use ticketing dashboard to manage ticket statuses, technician assignments, and ticket resolution SLAs. SolarWinds Web Help Desk enables you to:

  • Automatically convert email service requests into IT tickets in the help desk system
  • Automate ticket assignment, routing, and escalation to the right technician at the right time
  • Simplify incident and problem management with Parent-Child relationship within tickets
  • Associate problem tickets with IT assets and track the history of asset service requests & complaints
  • Generate ticket status and technician performance reports

With the help of customizable business rules and built-in automation capabilities, ticketing software can simplify ticketing, incident, problem, knowledge, change, and IT asset management processes.

Screenshot of IT Help Desk ticketing management capabilities.

Centralize & Simplify Ticketing Management

By automating ticketing management activities (ticket creation, assignment, escalation, etc.), IT help desk software saves a ton of time and manual effort for IT admins and help desk staff. You can easily configure multiple tiers and groups of IT staff and create ticket assignment workflows for triage and escalation. An easy-to-use service request portal allows end-users to create IT tickets, and populates self-resolution options with the help of FAQs from a knowledge base.

View of IT Help Desk’s simple ticket management system.

Automate IT Asset Management

SolarWinds Web Help Desk enables you to automatically discover your software and hardware assets, and manage asset assignments, history, and associated service requests, all from an easy-to-use Web console. You can also track asset purchase orders, set up asset warranty expiration alerts, and keep your IT inventory up to date.

Knowledge Base for Self-Resolution of Tickets

With a built-in knowledge base, you can create FAQ articles and let the IT help desk display them to your help desk end-users as they enter their service requests into the service request portal. You can also build an internal knowledge repository for IT technicians to consolidate and internally share content on IT troubleshooting and resolution tips for recurring issues, and any other useful information.

Change Approval Management Made Easy

SolarWinds Web Help Desk delivers a simple and automated process for managing and controlling change requests. You can customize change approval workflows varying from single approval to multiple approval levels. Web Help Desk notifies approvers via email and provides a quick Yes/No option for direct approval from email. You can also set up reminders for pending approvals.

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