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Virtualization Manager

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Microsoft Hyper-V Performance Monitoring & Management Capabilities

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Use Microsoft Hyper-V performance monitoring to monitor private cloud and virtual infrastructure performance issues

Virtualization and private cloud platforms like Microsoft Hyper-V have created new challenges in performance management and monitoring. Monitoring shared pools of CPU, RAM, network, and storage resources is now mission-critical because a failure can potentially have a much broader impact, affecting many applications running on the same virtual infrastructure. The complexity of a virtualized environment makes it increasingly difficult to identify the source of performance problems in your applications and workloads.

SolarWinds virtualization management tools for your Microsoft Hyper-V environment help you efficiently monitor and manage the layers of shared resources in your Hyper-V virtual infrastructure. In contrast to other performance management tools originally designed only to monitor physical infrastructure, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager is purpose-built for virtual environments to help you conquer the unique performance problems brought about by virtualization. This tool helps you:

  • Monitor performance issues in your Hyper-V virtual or private cloud environment
  • Analyze storage I/O problems unique to Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Troubleshoot workload and application issues quickly based on discovered virtual dependencies
  • Alert, recommend, integrate, and act on Hyper-V performance problems
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Get proactive insight and analysis of potential Microsoft Hyper-V performance issues with Virtualization Performance Analyzer

The Virtualization Performance Analyzer is a powerful tool that lets you drill down to troubleshoot virtual machine performance problems in your Microsoft Hyper-V virtual infrastructure or private cloud. This tool helps you:

  • Proactively monitor and analyze the health of your Hyper-V environment
  • Ensure service-level agreements (SLAs) are met
  • Minimize Hyper-V resource contention for CPU, RAM, storage, and network

In addition, you can easily drill down for deeper analysis of metrics:

  • Graph and sort present and historical metrics for your Hyper-V virtual infrastructure across multiple object-types and graph the relationships between them (VMs on hosts, hosts in clusters, etc.)
  • Graph metrics using the same units across multiple objects
  • Build stack charts using drill-down graphs, enabling an even greater level of detail
  • Overlay alerts and other information onto charts for quicker problem resolution

These functions allow you to assemble reports displaying things like:

  • Virtual machines contending for CPU or RAM on the physical host
  • Hosts contending for resources across a cluster
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Analyze storage I/O issues in your Hyper-V virtualization or private cloud infrastructure with Virtual Storage I/O Analyzer

Virtualized applications can be storage-inefficient and/or storage-intensive, causing storage I/O contention, latency, and even failures. These are some of the most common virtualization performance bottlenecks you will encounter—and they are often the most difficult to pinpoint.

Virtualization management software from SolarWinds for Microsoft Hyper-V environments provides:

  • Monitoring of storage I/O health and performance
  • A single console management view spanning all shared storage and silos
  • Granular storage metrics such as read/write, IOPs, and throughput across your storage
  • CPU and memory contention at the cluster, host, and VM levels
  • Cluster, host, and virtual machine-level analysis
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Quickly discover and take action on performance issues providing integrated recommendations for your Hyper-V environment with virtualization performance alerts

When performance problems occur, you need instant notification with recommended next steps. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager’s performance alerts enable you to receive proactive alerts of problems in your Hyper-V virtual environment including recommendations and active links guiding you to the next steps toward resolution.

Virtualization Manager is built on a robust search engine that allows you to search, filter, and sort across all collected performance and configuration attributes. This provides great flexibility in the creation of alerts, trends, dashboards, reports, and other types of content. SolarWinds virtualization management tools offer you:

  • Alerting, recommendations, integration, and action on virtualization performance problems
  • Targeted alarms customized to your environment employing Virtualization Manager’s search-based capabilities
  • Multiple out-of-the-box best-practice alerts encompassing availability, performance, and configuration
  • Open API’s so you can programmatically integrate with your orchestration, workflow, or provisioning systems for your private cloud
  • Integration of newly-discovered VMs (via email or SNMP traps) with existing service-desk or management consoles
  • PowerShell® script integration for actions and workflow
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Get an instantaneous view of capacity, performance, configuration, and usage of your virtual infrastructure with virtualization dashboards for Hyper-V

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager provides multiple valuable virtualization dashboards out of the box. These dashboards are populated with accepted best practices for private cloud and virtualization management. A few examples of out-of-the-box dashboards for Microsoft Hyper-V include:

  • Administrator Dashboard: Delivers performance metrics and alerts you in real time when there is memory, CPU, or storage I/O contention
  • VM Sprawl Dashboard: Reports on, idle or stale VMs, and under- and over-allocated VMs for right-sizing
  • Virtualization Capacity Dashboard: Shows capacity bottlenecks and trends
  • Showback Dashboard: Shows CPU, RAM, and storage usage across all pools and folders
  • Cloud Cost Estimator: Estimates the cost of running VMs in the public cloud (Amazon EC2)

Other dashboard capabilities in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager:

  • Quick and easy dashboard customization utilizing robust search capability that enables you to search, filter, and sort across performance and configuration attributes; Enables incredible flexibility in creating dashboards, reporting, alerting, trending, and other types of content
  • Query Builder helps you leverage the community-contributed or out-of-the-box virtualization dashboards to span any combination of searchable attributes
  • Custom attributes can be added to objects through the use of labels; Attributes are searchable, allowing grouping of objects (For instance, you can quickly create a dashboard in which objects are grouped by virtual machine owner)
  • Post dashboard widgets to a portal like Microsoft SharePoint®, enabling easy sharing of key status information with stakeholders, while allowing you to avoid giving access to the full virtualization management console
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Keep track of changes over time and perform forensic performance problem analysis and troubleshooting with virtualization-dependency mapping and Time Travel

Utilizing SolarWinds Virtualization Manager’s advanced virtualization dependency mapping capabilities, you can place one or more objects in context on a dependency map, allowing you to see all related objects. For example, virtual dependency mapping enables Virtualization Manager to display virtual machines on a storage volume and sort storage I/O from high to low.

Virtualization management software from SolarWinds provides you with features like Time Travel, which gives a full historical account of configuration data and infrastructure relationships. This feature enables you to go back in time to identify the historical dependencies that existed at a specific point in time in your Microsoft Hyper-V environment. For example, Time Travel shows you:

  • All of the virtual machines that were on a particular host three days ago
  • Which virtual machines were generating the most I/O
  • Information to help you understand what happened to a cluster over the weekend

Since Hyper-V environments are very dynamic, virtualization dependency mapping and Time Travel allow you to track changes over time and perform forensic problem analysis and troubleshooting in your Microsoft Hyper-V environment.

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