Event Log File Analyzer with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

Leverage SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager to streamline reporting, automate log collection, develop real-time event correlation and log analysis, and help achieve compliance with PCI, SOX, and HIPAA standards. Whether you need to track all events for compliance, enable real-time monitoring for incident reporting, or ensure complete visibility across the network for optimal security in your IT environment, Log & Event Manager helps with event and information tracking.

Benefits of an event log analyzer

  • Take compliance reporting to another level with predefined templates compatible with PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and more.
  • Get immediate and actionable intelligence solutions for operations, compliance, and security issues.
  • Perform real-time, in-memory event correlation that collects, analyzes, and normalizes log data.
  • Realize fast forensic analysis and incident response, anomaly detection, and advanced search and data visualization.

Improve IT operations while mitigating security threats and ensuring compliance

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager is an event log analyzer and a correlation engine that offers multiple uses. Log and event data is analyzed from storage, applications, servers, user endpoints, IDS/IPS, and other devices. You can begin correlating event and log data from thousands of sources within an hour of implementation. Easily create automatic, active response alerts to critical events, giving your team more time to respond to potential threats. Transaction-based events are analyzed in real-time across all devices. Field-level detail allows you to identify problems while normalizing log data into common formats.

Screenshot of SolarWinds Event Log Analyzer tool.

Organize log and event data to find performance, status, security, and configuration issues

Correlate all events from your network devices, applications, servers, storage, security appliances, and other systems with Log & Event Manager. This product helps uncover compliance violations, mitigates security threats, and identifies operational issues using an advanced event correlation engine in real-time. Log & Event Manager is fully functional and rich with out-of-the-box features, including over 700 built-in event correlation rules. You gain quick access to event correlation and field-level data rules, which enables you to send notifications and trigger actions in real-time.

Time- and transaction-based event correlation allows you to simultaneously perform multiple actions. Event ordering permutation issues are covered with non-linear event correlation tools. SolarWinds’ drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI) allows you to correlate rules and avoid writing queries or scripts. The customization extends to user-defined groups and variables in creating event correlation rules. Further, independent thresholds can be set for single- or multiple-event activities.

Interactively search, correlate, and analyze IT operational issues

The intuitive GUI built into Log & Event Manager gives you advanced search, analysis, and correlation capabilities. Log & Event Manager makes it easy to respond to configuration, performance, and status issues. An interactive console, which is also used to define target responses, allows you to easily navigate search event log data and troubleshoot problems.

Search and analyze event log data to determine root causes with SolarWinds’ nDepth tool. It allows you to easily respond to specific events by creating customized rules. View data with a drag-and-drop interface that extends beyond the usual search methods. Histograms, word clouds, bubble charts, and treemaps help you drill down into log analysis data to locate the issues you need to address.

View of Event Log Analyzer tool capabilities with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager.

Receive automatic alerts to critical events

Performance issues can easily be avoided, but only if the right log analysis tools are in place. Start protecting your IT infrastructure right out of the box with the SolarWinds’ solution that helps prevent recurring issues. Log & Event Manager allows you to send notifications on event correlations in real-time to the right people.

Built-in active responses:

  • Block an IP address.
  • Shut down or restart machines.
  • Log off users.
  • Append text to a file.
  • Reset account passwords for users.
  • Detach USB devices.
  • Amend users from groups and user-defined group elements.
  • Stop or start services.
  • Create, delete, or disable user groups and user accounts.
  • Kill processes by name or ID.
  • Send pop-up messages, emails, SNMP traps, and incident alerts.
  • Enable or disable user accounts.

Additional Resources

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