Server & Application Monitor Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring Made Simple

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  • Application Monitoring for all components – servers, virtual layer, and applications such as SQL Server®, Exchange, and Active Directory®
  • Easily customize alerts, reports, and dashboards for your enterprise-wide needs
  • Use baseline to compare application performance and alert when apps start having issues
  • Great value for money – monitoring, reporting, alerting, and asset inventory in one product
  • Easy server monitoring software for collaborating across server, Web, database, and application teams
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SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM) provides rich capabilities to monitor and fix your servers and applications, including custom application monitoring.

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What SAM users say about it...

  • We can spend more time on making sure the applications are up, and available and performing well for our customers.

  • Do you want to know if SQL server is up or down or scrub Windows event logs or understand if this TCP port on your application is up? Yea, no problem!

Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring

SolarWinds delivers agentless application and server monitoring software that provides monitoring, alerting, reporting, and server management. This affordable, easy-to-use server monitoring software supports multiple hardware vendors including Dell®, HP®, and IBM System x®, along with the underlying hardware for your VMware® hosts. It only takes minutes to create monitors for custom applications and to deploy new application monitors with Server & Application Monitor’s built-in support for more than 150 applications. Server management capabilities allow you to natively start and stop services, reboot servers, and kill rogue processes.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Server Application Monitor

  • Do-it-Yourself Deployment in Less Than an Hour

    Do-it-Yourself Deployment in Less Than an Hour

    Server & Application Monitor is easy to deploy, use and manage. With the automated application and server discovery engine, you can start monitoring in minutes.

    • Easy to deploy and manage – no expensive consultants required
    • Start monitoring in minutes with automated discovery of servers and applications and automated assignment of monitoring templates

    Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is so easy to deploy and manage – most customers only need 10% of one full-time employee (FTE) to manage the entire environment.

    Within minutes of installation, the application discovery engine in Server & Application Monitor automatically scans your servers, discovers applications, and assigns out-of-the-box monitoring templates. No agents are needed, so deployment and maintenance is a breeze and there's no concern about slowing down your network. Additionally, the application discovery engine automatically assigns out-of-the-box monitoring templates including Microsoft® Exchange, IIS, Active Directory®, Java® applications, and Apache®.

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  • Server & Application Monitor v6.0

    Statistical Thresholds & Advanced Alerts
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  • Server Monitoring & Management for Multiple Hardware Vendors

    Server Monitoring & Management for Multiple Hardware Vendors

    Monitor hardware health for multiple vendors in addition to application and virtual infrastructure health and performance. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor monitors key health indicators of your HP® ProLiant®, Dell™ PowerEdge™, IBM System x®, server blade chassis, and VMware® ESX®/ESXi™ host servers with SNMP, WMI, CIM and VMware API protocols.

    • Monitor server hardware health for blade chassis including HP C7000, HP C3000, and Dell M1000e.
    • Monitor server components including Windows® Mount points, network interfaces, and Windows® storage performance.
    • Get out-of-the box dashboards and best-practice thresholds for all key health and performance metrics. Key metrics include:
      • Hard drive status
      • Array status
      • Array controller status
      • Power supply status
      • Fan status
      • Chassis intrusion status
      • Chassis temperature and/or status
      • Chassis fan speed and/or status
      • CPU temperature and/or status
      • CPU fan speed and/or status
      • Memory module status
      • Voltage regulator status
      • Machine serial number

    You aren’t monitoring your servers if you aren’t keeping an eye on hardware health. SolarWinds uniquely provides built-in server monitoring across multiple hardware vendors so you can keep abreast of hardware component failures and performance degradation.

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  • Comprehensive Application Monitoring

    Comprehensive Application Monitoring

    Monitor the state and status of your routine scheduled tasks and get real-time visibility on the completion of all your tasks.

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides more than 150 out-of-the-box monitors to manage all elements of your critical business applications. Built-in monitors include:

    • Java™ application servers
    • Web servers
    • Collaboration servers
    • Email applications
    • Database servers (including in-depth SQL Server® database monitoring )
    • Authentication servers
    • Virtual Infrastructures
    • Hardware
    • Operating systems
    • Processes, services & Windows® event logs

    Server & Application Monitor enables monitoring for all critical server and application elements within the same user interface. Comprehensive visibility into server, virtual machine, and application problems speeds up troubleshooting of performance issues. SolarWinds application monitoring software provides you with the capability to support monitoring for new apps in minutes!

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  • Applnsight for Exchange

    Applnsight for Exchange

    AppInsight for Exchange automates routine data collection tasks (done today by running tens or hundreds of PowerShell scripts) and provides alerts and dashboards with key Exchange performance metrics.

    With AppInsight for Exchange, you can quickly identify and diagnose performance issues that are affecting your Exchange Server. Monitor Exchange servers in your Database Availability Group (DAG) and instantly get notified if an issue arises in a specific mail server. With AppInsight for Exchange, you can automate many Exchange admin tasks, such as:

    • Planning for Exchange mailbox database capacity: AppInsight provides quick visibility to mailbox database size to include volume usage, transaction log size, and file size. This helps determine overall capacity constraints. Users can drill into individual mailbox details to determine if a large mailbox should be moved to another database to balance capacity.
    • Proactive mailbox management: Quickly view top mailbox offenders – largest mailboxes or percent quota used - and drill into historical mail usage patterns to include attachment sizes and synced mobile devices. Quickly search for mailboxes by user. Alert users directly when they are about to exceed size threshold with actionable information – size of attachments, what to do, etc.
    • Removal of dormant mailboxes: View dormant/inactive mailboxes to free up database capacity (great for migrant users like education institutions, companies that use contractors, or large companies).
    • Alert on Exchange server performance: SolarWinds Exchange monitoring tool provides details on database copy status, failover alerts, replication status/alerts, and other performance metrics to include storage I/O.

    AppInsight for Exchange quickly determines the root cause of Exchange bottlenecks by leveraging built-in expert knowledge within Server & Application Monitor.

    In addition, Exchange admins can leverage the automated alerting mechanism built-in with AppInsight for Exchange. Setup alerts to instantly notify end-users that their quota is nearly reached. With SolarWinds application monitoring tool, you can customize alerts with actionable information like the number and size of the attachments, and instructions on how the user can reduce their mailbox size. With sustained thresholds , users can receive daily alerts until their mailbox size has been reduced. This automation can save Exchange admins several hours and leaves the responsibility of size reduction on the user.

    AppInsight for Exchange provides IT and Exchange admins with a range of information to monitor Exchange Server:

    • Database copy status
    • Database file size
    • Mailboxes processed/second
    • Users by messages sent and by quota used
    • RPC requests & latency
    • Connection count
    • DAG details
    • Database cache size
    • Exchange event logs
    • Replication status
    • I/O Database latency
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  • Applnsight for SQL

    Applnsight for SQL

    SolarWinds’ AppInsight provides deep visibility into SQL Server® performance for sysadmins , DBAs, and SQL developers.

    • Visualize database status & capacity, active user connections, SQL Server error logs & SQL agent job status
    • Find expensive queries by CPU time & average duration
    • Visualize SQL storage metrics to identify performance issues
    • Determine the cause of performance issues & get expert advice for issue remediation

    AppInsight for SQL helps you quickly identify and troubleshoot SQL performance problems. With AppInsight, you have instant visibility into long-running queries and can see actual query details, so you can notify developers of the exact query issue that is causing the application performance problem.

    In addition to long-running queries, AppInsight for SQL provides information on:

    • Database & log file size
    • Application details
    • Buffer manager statistics
    • Cache
    • Active user connections
    • Latches & locks
    • Memory
    • Paging
    • Sessions
    • SQL agent job status
    • SQL event log message details
    • Disk performance
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System Requirements - One Software Fits All


SQL Server® 2005 SP1 Express, Standard, Enterprise SQL Server 2008 Express, Standard, or Enterprise, SQL Server 2008 R2, or SQL Server 2012

Hard Drive

4 GB free disk sapce min

.Net Framework

Version 3.5 .NET Framework, 4.0 is recommended


4 GB min

Operating System

Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2, with IIS in 32-bit mode. Microsoft IIS, version 6.0 and higher, in 32-bit mode must be installed.


2.4 Ghz min

Web Console Browse

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or higher with Active scripting, Firefox 13.0 or higher (Toolset Integration is not supported on Firefox), Google Chrome

NOTE: The minimum server requirements listed assume default configuration. Significantly increasing the poll rate or statistic collection rate could result in additional load on the server, which may require a larger CPU or additional memory.

Must-Have Features of Server Application Monitor

  • Statistical Thresholds & Advanced Alerts

    Statistical Thresholds & Advanced Alerts

    SolarWinds’ server and application monitoring provides many time-saving and alert-reducing techniques including calculation of thresholds from baseline data and configuring alerts to recognize application and server dependencies.

    • Calculate thresholds from baseline data for 24/7 system performance
    • Warnings & critical thresholds calculated at 2 & 3 standard deviations from normal performance
    • Configure alerts based on correlated events, sustained conditions, complex state combinations, resource dependencies & more
    • Built-in alert delivery & responses include email, pages, SNMP traps, text-to-speech, syslog messages & launch of external apps
    • Integration with Alert Central ™ automatically routes alerts based on alert type & on-call schedule

    Calculating thresholds from historical performance data saves time in adjusting thresholds and provides for more intelligent alerts. The Baseline Threshold Calculator automatically gathers baseline data and calculates warning and critical thresholds according to each workload baseline.

    SolarWinds application monitoring tool provides four tiers of thresholds that can be established (good, warning, critical, and down) to help you quickly assess the difference between a system that’s up and performing poorly and a system that’s about to fail.

    In addition, Server & Application Monitor lets you intelligently map applications to their virtual or physical servers. With this information, you can configure intelligent alerts that recognize app and server dependencies, allowing you to receive a single critical alert if one app or server goes down – instead of an onslaught of alerts for each of the affected servers and apps. Sustained alerts in Server & Application Monitor intelligently alerts you based on the number of consecutive polls, or X out of Y polls for determining warning and critical states.

    Server & Application Monitor lets you quickly and easily configure powerful alert engines to respond to hundreds of different scenarios, including multiple condition checks. These advanced application alerting capabilities help you recognize and correct issues before your users experience performance degradation or availability issues.

    Additionally, Server & Application Monitor can automatically escalate alerts until a problem is resolved or acknowledged. And now with integration to Alert Central, alerts can be routed to the right person, determined by alert status and on-call.

    Learn More About Server & Application Alerts »
  • Monitor Windows® Scheduled Tasks

    Monitor Windows® Scheduled Tasks

    Monitor the state and status of your routine scheduled tasks and get real-time visibility on the completion of all your tasks.

    • Setup out-of-the-box alerts and get notified if there are any failures during task execution
    • Generate Web-based dynamic reports and view all scheduled tasks for all servers in your environment, as well as have specified reports emailed to you directly

    Whether you have a routine process to automate backups, run disk defragmentation, or scan your antivirus software, Windows Scheduled Task monitoring in Server & Application Monitor will provide a detailed overview on the results of each task. Further, it will alert you with task details, like when was the last task run, and whether the task was successful.

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  • Web Services Monitor for JSON & SOAP

    Web Services Monitor for JSON & SOAP

    Gain complete coverage for monitoring composite applications and help customers manage SaaS and other internal applications.

    • Monitor internal and SaaS based applications running across all servers in your environment
    • Determine key Web service availability, latency, and validate the content returned as a result of that query by monitoring JavaScript® Object Notation (JSON)
    • Check the overall health of JSON services running across your servers
    • Easily monitor internal applications by querying the back-end server using the JSON API method

    Slow and unresponsive Web service APIs affect application performance. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor notifies you immediately when there’s a failure or malfunction with your JSON Web service. Get a detailed report through the Web-based reporting console about the problem and diagnose the issue before it affects several end-users.

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  • Windows® Event Log Monitoring

    Drag-and-Discover Performance Charts

    Monitoring Windows event logs helps you determine if there are reliability issues in your environment and provides information on events logged by applications, security events, system failures, and DNS events. The Real Time Event Viewer allows you to view Windows event logs in real time and filter logs by type, event source, and severity.

    • View recent Windows event logs, filtered by user requirements
    • Filter events by log source, log type & event level
    • Within the Event Viewer, you can proactively monitor & be alerted when certain Windows event logs occur
    • Monitor Windows event logs by specific criteria like event ID, key words, user name, event type & log source
    • Scans event logs on a Windows sever & counts the number of events that match the user-specified rule
    Learn More About Event Log Monitor »
  • Remediation of Server Performance Issues

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor lets you resolve problems in context with built-in actions for starting and stopping services, killing processes, and rebooting servers.

    • From the Real-Time Process Explorer, identify resource hogs and end processes that are causing a drain on your server.
    • Server management is enhanced with the ability to manage the services of your monitored Windows nodes. Simply click on the Service Control Manager to view information on stopped or running services and take action to start, stop or restart services.
    • Reboot servers from the server management tools area of the Node Details page.

    With Server & Application Monitor, you can monitor across server critical resources including hardware health, operating system performance, service health, and process status. You can also perform server management from the same award-winning user interface.

    Learn More About Fixing Server Performance Issues »
  • IT Asset Inventory Management

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor helps you maintain a current view of your hardware and software inventory in the Asset Inventory Dashboard.

    • Visualize IT asset inventory in the Asset Inventory Dashboard for both physical & virtual assets
    • View driver software inventory information like device name, publisher, version & driver date
    • Report on hard drive inventory including model, serial number & total storage capacity
    • See all installed software inventory using Windows® Installer
    • Create custom properties for asset information like in-service data, PO number, purchase date & purchase price

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides robust, automated IT asset inventory management to help save you time when tracking virtual and physical asset depreciation and gathering information about your entire stock of software and hardware assets.

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  • Enterprise-Level Scalability

    Network Route Monitoring

    SolarWinds application and server monitoring software is designed to scale to organizations of all sizes and is proven to scale to thousands of logical endpoints. This helps organizations trying to reduce hardware, software, and labor costs with a consolidated monitoring environment.

    • Scales to organizations of all sizes
    • Enterprise extensions enable distributed polling and deliver unified visibility into geographically distributed networks
    • Remote pollers provide deployment flexibility for IT managed services software deployments and distributed environments

    SolarWinds’ products are designed to scale to organizations of all sizes, and Server & Application Monitor is proven to scale to thousands of logical endpoints. This is beneficial for organizations trying to reduce hardware, software, and labor costs by using a consolidated monitoring solution.

    For companies that have distributed environments and require multiple servers and polling engines, SolarWinds provides an Enterprise Operations Console to aggregate multiple server instances over a distributed environment. With this, you can have a single interactive dashboard that displays your enterprise-wide server and application health monitored by distributed servers.

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  • Intuitive LUCID Web Interface

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor helps you quickly pinpoint the source of performance issues with our integrated, cross-product interface that is LUCID: Logical, Useable, Customizable, Interactive, & Drill-down.

    • Quickly pinpoint the source of performance issues with our integrated cross-product interface that is LUCID: Logical, Useable, Customizable, Interactive, & Drill-down
    • View trends, capacity, and performance in easy-to-use dashboards that can be customized to your needs

    Most software vendors will tell you that their software is easy to use. At SolarWinds, we are taking “easy-to-use” to a whole new level with our LUCID Interface. Based on feedback from thousands of IT pros just like you, we have identified and implemented five critical interface attributes that simplify troubleshooting of application and server performance issues.

    • L ogical – The SolarWinds LUCID interface presents application and server performance information in a logical and intuitive manner to help you quickly make informed decisions. The interface precisely presents the information you need to quickly determine if your applications and servers are suffering from poor performance.
    • U seable – Server & Application Monitor provides a tremendous breadth of information in every view, yet the interface is very useable. Administrator tasks have all been designed to allow you to maintain the system with just a few clicks of your mouse.
    • C ustomizable – Rearrange web resources, Top 10 views, modify time periods, and customize resources to meet your specific environment. Customize maps to match so you can quickly discover any performance related issues.
    • I nteractive – Server & Application Monitor automatically updates your application and server’s latest performance indicators to help you quickly determine if any issues could potentially impact users.
    • D rill-down – View detailed information on virtually every application, server, performance indicator, and status link by simply drilling into respective hot performance indicators.
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  • Dynamic Service Groups

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor helps you keep a vigilant eye on distributed or composite applications by grouping applications, services and more into business service views.

    • Keep a vigilant eye on distributed applications by grouping applications, services and more into business service views
    • Group objects by category, such as location, so you can quickly determine where application issues occur
    • Perform basic root cause analysis

    Finding the root cause of an issue can be like finding a specific block in an unsorted box full of Legos®! But now you can simplify application monitoring and root cause analysis in large complex IT environments by grouping servers or applications by virtually any category.

    Using the dynamic service group functionality in SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM), you can monitor and aggregate views of server and application groups by service (such as email), location, or department - making it easier to isolate where an issue is occurring.

    Integration with other SolarWinds products allows you to add even more components into these business service views, including IP SLA operations, network devices, synthetic transactions, and more.

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  • Expert Monitoring Templates

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor delivers built-in expert knowledge and provides guidance on what to monitor, why to monitor it, and optimal thresholds.

    • Delivers built-in expert guidance on what to monitor, why to monitor it, and optimal thresholds for popular applications
    • Provides the research and information you need – right at your fingertips

    When you monitor a server or application, you need to know what stats are important and what they mean. What are the optimal thresholds? What does it mean when a certain group of stats increase at the same time?

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) delivers this best-practice knowledge in expert templates that provide the research and information you need. Server & Application Monitor provides the smarts on what to monitor, why it’s important to monitor, and provides recommendations for threshold values.

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  • Community Content Synch

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor’s interactive web console enables you to browse, download, and share application monitor templates and scripts from directly within the product, making it easy to take advantage of the expertise offered by other thwack members, a thriving community of IT professionals.

    • Delivers built-in expert guidance on what to monitor, why to monitor it, and optimal thresholds for popular applications
    • Provides the research and information you need – right at your fingertips

    When you monitor a server or application, you need to know what stats are important and what they mean. What are the optimal thresholds? What does it mean when a certain group of stats increase at the same time?

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) delivers this best-practice knowledge in expert templates that provide the research and information you need. Server & Application Monitor provides the smarts on what to monitor, why it’s important to monitor, and provides recommendations for threshold values.

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  • Real-Time Process Explorer

    Network Route Monitoring

    SUsing Server & Application Monitor’s Real-Time Process Explorer, you no longer need to physically or remotely log into a particular machine and run the Task Manager in order to retrieve that machine's vital statistics. Information for both monitored and unmonitored processes is displayed directly through the Server & Application Monitor user interface.

    • Gain valuable real-time insight into what’s affecting your servers performance
    • Details such as the name of the user executing the process and the command line arguments of the process are provided

    Ever have a server spike and need to know what process is causing the sudden surge?

    With the Real Time Process Explorer you can launch in context from the effected node (for WMI and SNMP monitored nodes) to find the pesky process. This feature is similar to the Processes tab found in the Windows Task Manager.

    The advantage of the Real-Time Process Explorer is that you don’t need to physically, or remotely, log in to a particular machine and run the Task Manager to retrieve that machine's vital statistics. Information for both monitored and unmonitored processes is displayed directly through Server & Application Manager using this feature.

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  • User Experience Monitors

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor enables you to simulate the performance your end-users experience using out-of-the-box monitoring for SQL, DNS and FTP queries.

    • Simulates the performance your end-users experience
    • Delivers out-of-the-box user experience monitors for email, databases, and core IT services such as HTTP and FTP

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) enables you to measure application performance from an end user’s perspective with out-of-the-box SaaS monitoring and support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DHCP, DNS, LDAP, POP3, IMAP4, MAPI, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, and other ODBC databases. Finally, you can get a heads up on problems and ensure that your users are happy with the performance of the applications they rely on.

    Consider the case of an online retailer. Its website is its lifeblood. Ensuring that web pages are available and performing well is critical, as downtime means immediate loss of revenue. Server & Application Monitor ensures that web servers are up and running, providing immediate alerts if a host server crashes, a server-side error occurs or a broken link is found.

    Additionally, Server & Application Monitor can verify that web content is being served up correctly, including checking for a specific price on a particular product page. Server & Application Monitor can even notify an administrator of unauthorized changes to the pricing structure on the web site. Together, these features ensure not only the health, but also the accuracy of the web infrastructure.

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  • Central Event Console

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor streamlines troubleshooting by showing alerts, syslog, events, traps and other messages in a single pane of glass.

    • View Syslog data, traps, events, and alerts in a consolidated view
    • Receive, process, forward, and send Syslog and SNMP trap messages
    • Set up alerts based on Syslog and SNMP trap messages
    • Filter messages on severity/facility rules
    • Forward Syslog messages to retain the original source IP address

    The Central Event Console in SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is your central view for all of the notification messages about the performance of your applications and servers. This consolidated view allows you to quickly troubleshoot performance issues by analyzing SNMP trap and Syslog data from a single interface, instead of by polling various machines. Events and alerts are also routed to this interface, allowing you to perform manual event correlation and basic root cause analysis.

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  • Performance & Capacity Reporting

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor’s Web-based reporting makes it easy to generate, customize, and share performance, availability, and inventory reports.

    • Easily generate, customize & share Web-based reports
    • Over 100 out-of-the-box reports help you monitor availability, performance & utilization statistics, as well as project future trends & capacity needs

    Server & Application Monitor offers 100+ out-of-the-box reports to show server and application availability and performance. All reports can be easily modified, and custom reports can be easily created. A simple interface facilitates modification of built-in reports, as well as easy creation of custom reports with the Web console-based Report Writer or any standard SQL reporting service. Reports can be tailored for a department or recipient, and automated report delivery is offered via email.

    • Perform problem analysis on historical performance data
    • Report on hardware, server and application inventory, capacity & performance
    • Report on server & app availability for the current month, last month or year
    • Report on server warranty status
    • Demonstrate server & application availability & abidance to SLAs
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  • System Center 2012 & SolarWinds Integration

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor integrates with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, and Storage Manager for end-to-end infrastructure monitoring.

    • Extend Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) visibility by integrating alerts for applications and network elements through the SolarWinds System Center Management Pack
    • View performance monitoring data for network devices, applications, storage, and servers in a single unified console
    • Visually track, alert, and report on the overall health of the application infrastructure
    • Quickly determine whether a problem stems from an application error or a network, storage, or hardware issue

    When used together, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, Storage Manager, and Network Performance Monitor deliver an end-to-end view into network, server, storage, and application performance through an integrated Web console. Not only will you get a single pane of glass for all of your monitoring data, you’ll also love the intuitive charts, graphs, tables, alerting, top 10 lists, and reporting views that Server & Application Monitor shares with other SolarWinds products.

    By delivering an integrated, unified console, Server & Application Monitor enables you to visually track the overall health of the application and server infrastructure and quickly troubleshoot issues by identifying whether the problem stems from an application, server, storage, or network issue.

    With Server & Application Monitor, you won’t have to run multiple point products or toggle between screens to view the application and network data you need to troubleshoot problems.

    Using the SolarWinds Management Pack, you can also visualize application alerts coming from Server & Application Monitor, Network Performance Monitor, and Web Performance Monitor in System Center Operations Manager 2012.  There are several benefits to adding Server & Application Monitor to your SCOM environment:

    • Save time creating custom application monitors using the SolarWinds Wizard.
    • Deploy monitoring for new applications in just minutes. SolarWinds provides built-in monitoring for more than 150 applications. With Server & Application Monitor, you don’t need to seek out multiple Management Packs from various vendors—you can get all the application support you need with SolarWinds.
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  • Active Directory Integration

    Network Route Monitoring

    Leverage your existing Microsoft Active Directory® user accounts for Server & Application Monitor login credentials.

    • Leverage your existing Microsoft Active Directory® user accounts for Server & Application Monitor login credentials
    • Customize accounts to display specific types of network data for a subset of users
    • Create priority groups for users who belong to multiple AD groups so you can ensure the appropriate permissions are delivered to specific users

    Leverage your existing Microsoft Active Directory user accounts to allow users to log into SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Users and groups can automatically login using custom username/password or optionally use an AD pass-through login to bypass the login screens altogether.

    As an administrator, you can customize each account and specify which types of information are displayed within the Server & Application Monitor interface for a particular department, group, or user. This ensures that only the people who need to view specific information have access to it, providing an increased level of internal security.

    For example, Server & Application Monitor can be configured so that the server team only sees the servers on the network, while the Texas IT group has a view limited to the geography for which they are responsible. Even better, you can further customize these views by creating a page layout specific to an account—changing the color palette and modifying toolbars. Of course, this functionality also allows you to simplify views for business executives to pretty pictures and single syllable words!

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  • Mobile Views for iPhone®, Blackberry®, and Android™

    Network Route Monitoring

    With SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Mobile Views, you can monitor server and application performance and acknowledge alerts from popular mobile Web browsers including iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

    • SAM Mobile Views enable you to keep a vigilant eye on your server, app, and hardware heath from wherever you are
    • Mobile Views work with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry
    • Add SolarWinds Mobile Admin and put over 40 IT technologies in your mobile device including SolarWinds Orion, Exchange, Active Directory, Windows Server, HyperVisors, and more

    Increase your productivity from both inside and outside the office. Whether you are in a meeting or at a coffee shop, with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Mobile Views, you can monitor server and application performance from your mobile browser. Supported browsers include iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. You can also acknowledge alerts. Or, for even more mobile administration power, check out SolarWinds Mobile Admin and put over 40 IT technologies in your mobile device including SolarWinds Orion, Exchange, Active Directory, Windows Server, and more.

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  • Extensible Custom Applications and Script Monitoring

    Network Route Monitoring

    Server & Application Monitor makes it easy to monitor custom applications including component monitors for services, processes, ports, scripts, WMI performance counters, and scripts from 3rd party open source monitoring tools such as Nagios.

    • Easily add and remotely monitor any WMI performance counters to identify and resolve application issues before users are impacted
    • Quickly build your own application monitors using out-of-the-box templates
    • Run Nagios scripts natively (no conversion required) within Server & Application Monitor, making the most of the time and effort you have already invested in your scripts
    • Schedule, run, report, and receive alerts on your custom Windows®, Linux, or UNIX scripts

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) makes it easy to extend out-of-the-box monitors using WMI performance monitors, the Application Monitor Wizard and script monitoring.

    • Adding WMI monitors is as simple as clicking on a server icon, browsing the list of available counters, and selecting the ones you would like to add. Some common WMI performance monitors provided by Server & Application Monitor include:
      - Windows® Disk Queue Length
      - Exchange Mailbox Receive Queue
      - SQL Server® Buffer Cache-Hit Ratio
      - Windows Page Writes/sec
    • Using a simple three-step process, you can quickly create a new application monitor with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor. First, choose from a list of available application monitor templates including common applications like Exchange 2007, Apache®, Java® apps, or SQL Server® 2008. Next, select the nodes to which you would like to apply your template. Finally, enter the necessary template credentials to apply the template to your node and begin instantly monitoring your application!
      Application monitors work on Windows®, Linux®, and UNIX servers and can include component monitors for services, processes, ports, scripts, and WMI performance counters.
    • Server & Application Monitor runs your native Nagios scripts so there is no break in your productivity. You can continue to leverage the time and effort you have invested in these scripts, while experiencing the ease-of-use of Server & Application Monitor.
    • If you have written your own Windows, Linux, or UNIX scripts to monitor application health indicators that are not available through SNMP or WMI, you can integrate these into SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor. With just a few clicks, you can schedule their execution and report and alert on their output. Some common script functions include:
      - Count files in a Windows® directory
      - Log into a web site and measure response time
      - Test for the presence of a particular Windows event log
      - Measure the total uptime of a Linux server
      - Check whether a file has been changed.
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  • Live Demo: Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

    Discover how Server & Application Monitor (SAM) delivers application monitoring that is flexible and scalable. Drive our live demo to see how easy it can be to monitor, alert, and report on your applications and the underlying servers they run on.



  • Introduction to Server & Application Monitor

    In this quick tour of Server & Application Monitor, see how you can monitor across hardware vendors and monitor nearly 150 applications. Have a custom application? Use Server & Application Monitor's wizard to create custom application monitors in minutes!

  • Custom Application Monitoring with Server and Application Monitor

    Custom application monitoring -- if you have something that's not out-of-the box, you can still keep an eye on it. Create a custom app monitor with a simple wizard. Find out how in this informative video.

  • Server & Application Monitor Guided Tour

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) provides robust capabilities to monitor and fix your servers and applications, including custom application monitoring. The following video outlines SAM and key features it offers. Watch the video, then download a trial to improve the performance of your servers and applications - free for 30 days.

  • SQL Server Performance: AppInsight for SQL

    Exchange exposes so many performance counters. How do you know what is important to monitor and what thresholds are optimal for your environment? And what do you do when something goes wrong? Find out more in this informative video.


  • Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Training

    In this training series, Sales Engineer Chris Lee will walk you through setting up application and server hardware monitoring, custom SAM alerts and reports as well as SAM specific user and permission settings. This series will give you the in-depth knowledge needed to monitor your servers and applications like a true IT super hero!

  • Intro to NPM and SAM

    This webcast will cover the basics of monitoring technologies, understanding monitoring for routers, switches, servers and other infrastructure, alerts--and making the most of your monitoring, and optimizing features.

    *Registration Required

  • Level 2 Training - Service Groups, Alerts and Dependencies

    Alert trigger logic and condition nesting • Alert trigger types • Custom Properties and alerts •Explicit and embedded suppression • Alert actions and variables •Using service groups and dependencies •Testing and troubleshooting One of the most difficult challenges an IT infrastructure team faces is that of pinning down what exactly is broken when the technology a business depends on starts to go awry.

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  • SolarWinds Lab #5: All About Mapping. Plus - Tranquilize Your Manager With a Big Green Button!

    Management wants a bird’s eye view of the network and systems, but you need to know what’s going on at the component level. The one thing everyone agrees on is that maps rule. In this episode of SolarWinds Lab, our Geeks tackle map creation, roll-ups, and custom views. Get some cool tips and tricks for creating awesome maps that work for everyone in the company.

Case Studies


  • It’s All About the App: Application-Centric Systems Management

    Issues with storage, virtual machines, networks, and servers can affect application performance. To maintain application performance and availability, system administrators should utilize a holistic approach to managing their IT infrastructure. This whitepaper from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) provides the methodology an IT admin needs to utilize an application-focused approach.

  • Effective Systems Management for Healthcare

    This whitepaper from Enterprises Management Associates (EMA) addresses IT challenges specific to healthcare organizations and emphasizes having an application-centric systems management approach. To reduce downtime, IT pros in healthcare organizations need a pragmatic monitoring and management solution that’s easy to deploy, operate, and manage.

  • IT Asset Management Benefits & Best Practices

    IT asset management is a critical part of any network and IT infrastructure. Learn the benefits of IT asset management, how you can automate IT asset inventory process, and some tips and best practices to implement asset management in your IT environment.

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  • Ten Priorities for Systems Management: EMA Essential IT Monitoring Series

    Is your systems monitoring strategy complete? Download this detailed assessment of the top ten priorities that ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) advocates for best practices in systems monitoring.

Product Guides

Tech Tips

  • Server Monitoring

    So you’re on your first job as a systems or server admin and wondering what you need to monitor. The answer is: it depends. Depending on the application that the server is running, there will be mission-critical services you have to watch 24/7. Some applications will require some built-in OS services to run in addition to their services and some only require their own services. Having said that, regardless of what application the server is running, there are a set of basic components that must be monitored in which this Tech Tips will explain.

  • Exchange Server Performance Monitoring

    This paper will provide insight into monitoring Exchange Server performance and details on how to optimize the performance and availability of the Microsoft Exchange messaging environment.

  • Hardware Performance Monitoring & Management

    Learn how to easily use SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor to perform cost-effective hardware performance monitoring for all your multi-vendor network by providing expert guidance on what to monitor and why to monitor it.

  • Monitoring ESXi Performance Using Server & Application Monitor

    Monitor your VMware ESXi hosts, and virtual machines. Learn how SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor's Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring can help you monitor virtualized data centers, and private clouds.

Product FAQ

  • Q:  Am I able to customize AppInsight templates?

    A:  No, because of the way queries are architected, there’s not an ability to customize the AppInsight feature.

  • Q:  Why are you licensing by monitors instead of by servers?

    A:  Customers have told us that monitor-based pricing is much more flexible than server-based pricing. In the latter model, the cost for a server with a single important process is the same as a server with several applications comprising multiple processes, services, ports, and user-experience monitors. Monitor-based pricing provides a better correlation of price to value. Check out this video on licensing .

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As your IT infrastructure grows, SolarWinds’ products scale to meet your monitoring and management needs.

Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)

Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)

Enterprise Operations Console delivers a consolidated command center for unified visibility into the remote SolarWinds deployments throughout your geographically distributed networks.

Learn More »

Additional Polling Engines

Additional Polling Engines

By adding addition polling engines, you can distribute the polling load between multiple servers to provide scalability for large IT infrastructures.

Learn More »

Failover Engine (FoE)

Failover Engine (FoE)

SolarWinds Failover Engine monitors the health of your SolarWinds servers to ensure you never lose visibility of the performance of monitored elements in your IT infrastructure. If something should happen to your primary SolarWinds server, the Failover Engine automatically fails over to a remote server.

Learn More »

Web Server Engine

Web Server Engine

By adding an additional web server engine, you can enable more users to access the dashboards and reports in the SolarWinds web portal without potential performance degradation.

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Version History

v 6.1
Server & Application Monitor 6.1 comes with features, such as deep Exchange Server monitoring, and new component monitors for Web services APIs, like JSON. New features include:
  • AppInsight for Exchange offers deep Exchange Server monitoring. Get visibility into critical metrics, such as mailbox usage, storage quota, mailbox database availability, etc. to ensure optimum Exchange health.
  • Get at-a-glance access to the state and status of the scheduled tasks configured in your Windows® host using the built-in Windows Scheduled Tasks in Server & Application Monitor.
  • Web service APIs, such as JSON & SOAP stitch internal or SaaS applications that are running across different servers.
  • With the improved baseline thresholds , assign baseline values for each metric in your application. Warning and critical state thresholds can be setup more meaningfully so you’re not receiving unnecessary alerts.
  • New application templates added to the v6.1 Server & Application Monitor release
    • Microsoft® IIS SMTP Server
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012
    • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 (Management Server)
    • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 (Agent)
    • Exchange 2013 Client Access Role Services and Counters (Basic)
    • Exchange 2013 Client Access Role Counters (Advanced)
    • Websense® Web Security
    • Microsoft DirectAccess 2008 R2
    • Microsoft DirectAccess 2012
    • Microsoft DirectAccess 2012 (Health with PowerShell)
    • Oracle® Automatic Storage Management
    • SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (WPM) Player
    • BizTalk® Server 2010-2013 Message Box and Orchestrations Performance Counters
    • BizTalk Server 2010-2013 Host Throttling Performance Counters
    • BizTalk Server 2010-2013 Adapters Performance Counters
    • BizTalk Server 2010-2013 Availability Status
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v 6.0
SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor v6.0 provides sophisticated features like deep SQL Server® monitoring and statistically generated thresholds from baseline data. New features include:
  • AppInsight for SQL for deep SQL Server monitoring. Get visbility into individual databases, their status, and individual performance metrics including the most expensive queries.
  • The Baseline Threshold Calculator generates statistical thresholds using a baseline for each workload, helping IT pros to more quickly establish meaningful thresholds and respond to abnormal application performance.
  • The Server Warranty Status Report notifies you days before hardware is out of warranty.
  • The Asset Inventory Dashboard helps you maintain current and detailed inventory of your hardware and software assets.
  • The Real Time Event Viewer allows you to view and filter Windows® event logs in real time. Filter logs by type, event source, or security level.
  • New Web-Based Report Writer allows you to easiliy extract data from your database and present information in meaningful views.
  • New and updated application templates include SharePoint® Server 2013, Microsoft® Lync 2013, Citrix® XenApp® 6.0 ICA Session, Alert Central ™, and Windows Server® 2012 Failover Cluster.
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v 5.5
Server & Application Monitor v5.5 provides server remediation capabilities to fix problems directly from the built-in Web console. Start, stop, and restart services, terminate rogue process, and reboot servers. This release also provides additional components for monitoring servers including Windows® Mount Points, network interfaces, and hardware health for server blade chassis (HP® C7000, HP C3000, Dell™ M1000e).
  • Managed service provider (MSP) software improvements include new remote pollers to provide increased deployment flexibility to support distributed environments and MSP-style architectures
  • New Windows storage performance monitoring metrics
  • Updated System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012 Management Pack to bring alerts and performance data from Server & Application Monitor and Web Performance Monitor to System Center Operations Manager
  • New ability to add sub-views via vertical tabs on any page in the Web console, allowing you to customize the data you view
  • Improved Certificate Credentials Library to import and store certificates for use at a later time
  • Better, reorganized templates with the new capability to re-order components within a template
  • New Microsoft® Exchange Web Service User Experience Monitor simulates an email round trip to test the ability of your SMTP server to receive and distribute email, and the ability of your users to retrieve email through your Exchange server.
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v 5.2
Server & Application Monitor v5.2 adds improvements to virtualization monitoring with native support for Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Additional improvements include enhanced application template editing, including multi-edit functionality.
  • Hardware monitoring was improved with a Hardware Health Summary Resource, as well as additional hardware monitoring including support for IBM MegaRAID Controllers and other miscellaneous items.
  • Charting improvements were made, as well as enhancements to the Windows Event Log Monitor in order to display event message details.
  • The Real-Time Process Explorer was also enhanced, adding data including the user executing the process and the command line arguments of the process.
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v 5.0
With Server & Application Monitor v5.0 you can monitor hardware health alongside server, virtual infrastructure and application performance.
  • Monitor the health of your Dell®, HP®, and IBM® System X servers and the underlying hardware for your VMware® hosts, achieving valuable insight into environmental data, hardware status, and more.
  • Troubleshoot server issues faster with real-time visibility into the active processes and threads running on problematic systems.
  • Enjoy support for IPv6.
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v 4.2
Server & Application Monitor version 4.2 made it easy to monitor java based applications and multi-value scripts, including Nagios scripts.
  • Leverage Nagios® Scripts –Server & Application Monitor runs Nagios scripts natively, ensuring you continue to realize value from the time and effort you have invested in your scripts. No conversion required.
  • Synthetic End User Monitor integration – get an end-to-end view of application performance with out-of-the-box integration with Synthetic End User Monitor.
  • Expert Templates –Server & Application Monitor provides all the server and application best practice knowledge you need, right at your fingertips. Get instant best practice information about what you need to monitor, why, and optimal thresholds.
  • JMX Monitors – Monitor Java-based applications including JBoss®, GlassFish®, WebSphere®, WebLogic®, Apache Tomcat®, and more with JMX® Mbean monitors.
  • Multi-value charts – graph multiple values in a single chart to see trending in a single pane.
  • Multi-value Scripts – Server & Application Monitor fully supports complex scripts that return multiple values.
  • Data transforms – in order to standardize reporting or data views, data transforms allow you to perform mathematical operations on statistical values before display, reporting, and storage (i.e. Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, kilobyte instead of gigabyte).
  • JMX MBean component monitor added.
  • Many additional templates were added and existing ones enhanced:
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v 4.0
Server & Application Monitor version 4.0 provided a wealth of new features to include support for monitoring VMware virtual environments, integration with Active Directory and the addition of Dynamic Service Groups.
  • Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor – get at-a-glance insight into the health of your physical and virtual applications and server infrastructure, all through a single pane of glass.
  • VMware Monitor – monitor almost any statistic available via the VMware API with the new VMware Component Monitor.
  • Dynamic Service Groups – keep an eye on the complex, multi-tier application architectures that are unique to your business and IT environment by aggregating views of server and application groups by service (such as email), location, or department.
  • Conditional Group Dependencies – eliminate unnecessary disruptions by configuring intelligent alerts that recognize application and server dependencies.
  • LUCID Interface – quickly pinpoint the source of performance issues using an intuitive interface designed to work the way you do.
  • Standalone or Integrated Operation – run Server & Application Monitor standalone or together with Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) for a comprehensive view into application, server and network performance.
  • Microsoft® Active Directory™ Integration – leverage existing user accounts and groups and simplify creation of login credentials.
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To see a complete version history for SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, please visit our release notes .

Tips and Training

Tips and Training

Server & Application Monitor On-Line Evaluation – 4 Easy Steps

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Tips and Training

Server & Application Monitor Customer Training – Video Playlist

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Tips and Training

Server & Application Monitor Product Documentation

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Product Reviews

SQL Bad Boy – Michael Lowery – SQL Server Monitoring, A New Player?

“One of the features I really liked was a section called “Expert Knowledge”, which accompanied many of the performance counters. This feature gave a definition of the metric, an explanation of what the possible problem may be, and ideas of how to remediate the issue. I felt like that feature could really be a great way for less experienced DBA’s to learn.”

THE SYSADMINS – SolarWinds – SAM 6.0 New Features

“Once setup, the initial polling takes a little while and the counters begin to populate for that particular server, which takes us nicely onto the default AppInsight dashboard... and boy, has this thing got everything covered! The depth of information on one page is fantastic, essentially putting any performance counter that matters for SQL at your fingertips.” – SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

“Again it's impressive to see the amount of information that the Server & Application Monitor can uncover, all without the use of agents.”

Customer Reviews

Customer Testimonials on YouTube

“SAM moved us from proactive to a reactive environment which in turn for us means we can spend more time on making sure applications perform well for our customers.” – Jason Krisch, Carilion Clinic

LinkedIn Reviews

See who in your LinkedIn network has recommended Server & Application Monitor.

“I can finally retire Altiris and let SolarWinds do the CMDB work with asset inventories and warranty reports! One less service management tool I need to worry about...”

Customer Case Studies on thwack

“A long time SolarWinds customer saves 5+ hours a week monitoring and managing Active Directory.”

NPM Integration

Already use Network Performance Monitor ? SAM works seamlessly with what you’ve already got.

Single Pane of Glass

SAM and NPM are both build on the Orion Platform. Both products appear as tabs in the Orion web site and leverage the same nodes, alerts, discovery engine, events, service groups, reports, traps & syslog, and volumes.

Share Resources Across Products with Views & Sub-views

Because both SAM and NPM share the same underlying core, you can mix and match resources between both products on the same view, or sub-view. This integration allows you to create the views you need to reduce the time it takes to resolve an issue.

Grouping of SAM Application Components and NPM Objects

Groups provide the ability to combine logically associated objects from both NPM and SAM into a shared organizational unit. This grouping allows for cross-domain root cause analysis. Groups can be comprised of any combination of network interfaces, hardware, nodes, volumes, components, or applications. You can also nest groups within other groups or chain groups together to build dependency mapping for alert suppression.

Map SAM Applications and NPM Relationships

Maps provide a simple, easy to understand visual representation of object relationships. Using Network Atlas (included), you can map every aspect of physical and logical associations for each monitored element across both products.

Cross-Product Integration Education Area »

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