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Expert level application & server monitoring that you can set up in minutes.

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Detailed application performance monitoring metrics for >200 applications

Expert level application and server monitoring software for Linux®, Active Directory®, Apache®, Windows®, and more. See the full list.

Identify how application performance is impacted by underlying infrastructure

Gain contextual visibility into the health and availability of applications in relation to performance of underlying server and virtual infrastructure, databases, and more.
Map and monitor which applications run on what physical server and virtual hosts, and isolate server performance bottlenecks impacting critical applications.

Key Features

Application performance monitoring for any complex or custom app

Custom application monitoring using a Wizard that automatically detects all available metrics and leverage your favorite custom scripts.

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See application performance across your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Secure application performance monitoring, regardless of where they are hosted - all viewed in single pane of glass.

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Consolidate the metrics you care about in one view

Instead of running multiple scripts, pulling log files, etc., get real-time & historical application performance metrics in one view.

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Identify and resolve server performance issues faster

Find out what is causing your server to run slow. Monitor server performance, resource utilization, hardware health, processes, event logs, and more.

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One click actions from the Web Console to Fix Routine Problems

Simply start, stop, and restart services—reboot servers, start websites, and avoid remotely logging into each server.


Multi-vendor product support & lifecycle management

Report on asset inventory and alert on server hardware health & warranty expiration, operating systems, and VM resource usage.

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More Features

Do-it-yourself deployment in less than an hour

SolarWinds’ application & server monitoring tool is easy to deploy, use, and manage. Simply discover your environment, and start monitoring in minutes.

Enterprise level scalability

SolarWinds' application and server monitoring software is designed to scale in environments with up to 15,000 servers.

Statistical thresholds & advanced Alerts

Application & server monitoring software that provides time-saving and alert-reducing techniques, including calculation of thresholds from baseline data and configuring alerts to recognize application and server dependencies.

Leverage community generated application templates

In one product, access >200 application monitoring templates and a vast library of thwack® community-created application templates & scripts.

Built-in expert advice for all applications

Leverage expert knowledge which includes possible causes of application and server performance problems and remediation tips.

Performance & capacity reporting

Web-based reporting makes it easy to generate, customize, and share performance, availability, and inventory reports.

Web Services Monitoring for JSON & SOAP

Gain complete coverage for monitoring composite applications and help customers manage SaaS and other internal applications.

Windows Scheduled Tasks

Monitor the status of your scheduled tasks and get real-time visibility on the completion of all your tasks.

Windows Event Log Monitoring

View Windows event logs in real-time and filter logs by type, event source, severity, and monitor logs based on apps, security event, system failures, and DNS events.

Application-Aware Network Performance Analysis

Deep packet inspection analyzes network traffic packets with the help of network and server sensors to provide a view into the network latency, response time, and how network performance impacts specific applications.

Expert Monitoring Templates

Get insights into built-in expert knowledge with possible causes of performance problems and remediation tips.

Active Directory Integration

Leverage your existing Microsoft Active Directory® user accounts for Server & Application Monitor login credentials.

Dynamic Service Groups

Keep a vigilant eye on distributed or composite applications by automatically grouping applications, servers, virtual resources and more into business service views.

System Center 2012 & SolarWinds Integration

Server & Application Monitor integrates with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, and Storage Manager for end-to-end infrastructure monitoring.

Central Event Console

Server & Application Monitor streamlines troubleshooting by showing alerts, syslog events, traps and other messages in a single pane of glass.

Mobile Views for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

Integrated mobile views lets you monitor server and application performance and acknowledge alerts from popular mobile Web browsers including iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.


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    AppStack Environment View

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    Server Health Monitoring

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    Server Warranty

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    Asset Inventory

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    Fix Problems

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    Application Monitoring

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    Windows Event Log

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    AppInsight for IIS

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    AppInsight for Exchange

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    AppInsight for SQL

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    Statistical Threshold Alerts

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    Thwack templates

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    Real Time Process Explorer

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System Requirements

The minimum server requirements listed assume default configuration. Significantly increasing the poll rate or statistic collection rate could result in additional load on the server, which may require a larger CPU or additional memory. Please review the Administrator Guide for more granular recommendations.
  • Hard Drive 4GB
  • Memory4GB
  • CPU2.4GHz
  • .NET FrameworkVersions 3.5 & 4.0
  • Database
  • SQL Server 2008 without SP, with SP1, with SP2, or with SP3; SQL Server 2008 R2 without SP, with SP1, or with SP2; SQL Server 2012 without SP or with SP1; SQL Server 2014.
  • Operating System
  • Windows Server® 2003 R2, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2. Microsoft® IIS, version 6.5 and higher.
  • Web Console Browser
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher with Active scripting; Firefox version 35 or higher (Toolset Integration is not supported on Firefox); Google Chrome version 39 or higher

Case Studies

We utilize SAM to monitor pretty much every application in our environment. We built custom app monitoring for our ERP, we’re monitoring our backup infrastructure, DR, pretty much everything with SAM.”

Max Kuzmenko
Senior Systems Engineer

Before, I had to run traces for 12 to 24 hours to see how the server was performing over time to understand the top CPU intensive queries. Now it will take a matter of 5 minutes after the AppInsight feature is installed.”

Thomas Löfstrand
of Nethouse

The integration of SAM, VMAN, and STM is absolutely paramount, because if a network guy pointing a finger to a virtualization or a storage person, we can now integrate all of those products together and understand what’s happening in each of these boxes. Drill down further and see that a network issue could actually be laying into the virtual issue using a single-pane-of-glass.”

Kasey Kollar
Program Director of Technology, Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22


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