What's New in Network Performance Monitor

NEW in v12.1! March 14, 2017

Powerful network monitoring for hybrid IT environments

Cross-stack network data correlation

Accelerate problem identification and resolution with PerfStack's cross-stack network data correlation

Cloud-managed wireless controller monitoring

Now monitor Cisco® Meraki cloud-managed wireless controllers alongside access points, controllers, and clients

How to upgrade

To upgrade, visit your Customer Portal, download version 12.1, and follow the wizard. Learn more with the Upgrade Guide.

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v12.0June 7, 2016

  • Hop-by-hop analysis along critical paths
  • Comprehensive monitoring of F5® BIG-IP® family of products
  • New and improved user interface
  • ServiceNow integration

v11.5February 24, 2015

NPM v11.5 adds advanced network mapping, intelligent alerting, automated capacity forecasting, and network traffic packet analysis.

  • Dynamic wireless network discovery and mapping
  • Customizable topology and dependency-aware intelligent alerts
  • Automated capacity forecasting, alerting, and reporting
  • Automatic identification for over 1200 applications with packet analysis

v11.0August 5, 2014

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor v11 adds Deep Packet Inspection and Quality of Experience Dashboard.

v10.7March 4, 2014

NPM adds Statistical Network Thresholds, VLAN information, Custom Poller Packages, Network Map Enhancements, Advanced Route Monitoring and additional native support for Wireless Polling.

  • Statistical Network Baselines
    • Calculate thresholds from baseline data to ensure an accurate alerting mechanism
  • VLAN information
    • Get VLAN information on L2 to avoid manually creating VLAN port charts
  • Custom Poller Packages
    • Create and manage custom poller packages for unique devices within the Web interface
  • Network Map Enhancements
    • View Layer 2 link utilization between network devices in real time
  • Advanced Route Monitoring
    • New VRF support in Route Monitoring. Additional support for OSPF v3 & EIGRP
  • Native support for Ruckus® and Motorola® Wireless

v10.6October 4, 2016

NPM adds Web-based reporting, OpenStreetMaps, and the ability to add Universal Device Pollers (UnDPs) to maps.

  • Web-based reporting with custom charts and tables
  • Show objects on custom locations and map styles with
  • OpenStreetMap integration
  • View custom poller values on network maps