IP Address Manager Eliminate IP conflicts and save time managing DHCP,
DNS and IP Addresses

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  • Prevent IP conflicts with powerful IPv4 and IPv6 address management
  • Save time on provisioning or reclaiming IP addresses with seamless DHCP and DNS integration
  • Avoid problems by monitoring and receiving alerts on critical IP events
  • Delegate IP administration to system and network administrators using role-based access
  • Integrates with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and Server & Application Monitor
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Guided Tour

Experience the power of integrated DHCP, DNS, and IP address management in one easy-to-use solution. In this guided tour, David Byrd, SolarWinds® Sales Engineer explains how SolarWinds IP
Address Manager
(IPAM) can help you eliminate IP conflicts and save time using automated IP address tracking, end-to-end IP address provisioning, integrated DHCP and DNS management, delegating IP management tasks, and monitoring critical IP operations—all from an intuitive Web console.

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What IPAM users say about it...

  • IPAM has dramatically changed the perspective we have on DHCP and DNS management.

  • We have users that have access to IPAM who can verify their DHCP scopes and static IPs assigned and assign their own IPs.

SolarWinds® IPAM: Easy and Affordable DHCP, DNS, and IP Address Management

Is the expanding “Internet of Things” taking more of your time managing IPs and creating greater downtime risks due to IP conflicts and address exhaustion? Eliminate IP conflicts and save time managing DHCP, DNS, and IP addresses using SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM).

SolarWinds IP Address Manager can help you eliminate IP conflicts by always knowing what addresses are unused and available using automated IPv4 and IPv6 address discovery and tracking. In addition, IPAM can help you save time when provisioning or reclaiming IP addresses with end-to-end DHCP and DNS configuration integration. IPAM can also help you avoid problems by monitoring and issuing alerts on IP conflicts, DHCP address exhaustion, DNS record mismatches, and other critical events. Your organization will benefit from improved delegation and collaboration between network and system admins using role-based access to subnets and DHCP and DNS systems, and you can resolve problems faster using powerful troubleshooting tools.

Your network may be growing in IPs and complexity, but the time you spend managing everything doesn’t need to increase. Use SolarWinds IPAM to help eliminate IP conflicts and save time on managing DHCP, DNS, and IP addresses.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Our IP Address Management Software

  • Eliminate IP Conflicts

    Eliminate IP Conflicts

    Many IP conflicts are caused by assigning an address that is already in use when provisioning a new device. Tracking thousands of IP addresses can be difficult and it’s easy to make a mistake. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) eliminates this problem by automatically discovering and tracking your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for you. Now you can always know what addresses are available for use.

    Using SolarWinds IPAM centralized IP address management, you can:

    • Automatically discover subnets and verify IP address status using active scanning. Easily search address history, status, MAC, device type, vendor information, DHCP and DNS properties, and more
    • Easily identify and reclaim unused IP addresses

    In a highly dynamic environment where devices like printers and servers come and go, SolarWinds IPAM can help you find available addresses, prevent IP conflicts, and reclaim orphaned addresses.

    Learn More about Eliminate IP Conflicts »
  • Save Time on Provisioning or Reclaiming IP Addresses

    Save Time on Provisioning or Reclaiming IP Addresses

    For every IP address used or reclaimed, there may be additional configuration settings you need to make to the DHCP and DNS systems. Failure to make these changes can result in network connectivity problems. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) makes DHCP and DNS configuration changes easy. Whenever an IP address is added or removed, you can make the necessary DHCP and DNS changes without leaving IPAM. Now you can save time and ensure that DHCP and DNS updates occur with fewer errors when managing IP addresses. In addition, you can use IPAM to create and manage DHCP scopes and DNS zones.

    SolarWinds IPAM works with your existing DHCP and DNS services from Microsoft®, Cisco®, and ISC (open source). This means that no additional specialized software or expensive appliances are required. All DHCP and DNS changes made in SolarWinds IPAM are seamlessly propagated to the respective servers. Using IPAM, you can:

    • Manage DHCP reservations
    • Create and manage DNS records
    • Create and manage DNS zones
    • Create and manage DHCP scopes (including split scopes)
    • Define and manage advanced DHCP options
    Learn More about Provisioning or Reclaiming IP Addresses »
  • Avoid Network and Application Downtime

    Avoid Network and Application Downtime

    Sometimes systems cannot connect due to an IP conflict, depleted address pools, or DNS errors. Don’t wait for a phone call or trouble-ticket to learn about a problem. Use SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) to continuously monitor critical IP operations and alert you to emerging problems.

    Using SolarWinds IPAM monitoring and alerting, you can detect:

    • IP address conflicts
    • DHCP and subnet address exhaustion (including split scopes)
    • DNS mismatch errors
    • IP configuration changes
    Learn More about Avoid Network and Application Downtime »
  • Delegate IP Management Tasks

    Role-Based Access Control

    With many DHCP and DNS servers and subnets and thousands of IP addresses, managing IP resources is a collaborative task involving teams of network and system administrators. The errors and inaccuracies caused by using spreadsheets to manage IP addresses prove how important it is for management tools to be collaborative and recognize organizational and operational boundaries. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) lets network and system administrators work independently to manage their assigned DHCP, DNS, and IP subnets without impacting each other.

    Using SolarWinds IPAM and role-based administration, you can:

    • Grant varying privilege levels and custom roles for enhanced control and security
    • Create and edit role definitions down to the subnet level to restrict user access
    • Define user access roles per subnet, group, or supernet
    Learn More about Delegate IP Management Tasks »
  • Resolve Problems Faster

    Resolve Problems Faster

    When problems occur, it’s critical to quickly diagnose and resolve them. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) can help you diagnose problems faster using rich asset documentation, histories and trends, and seamless integration with Network Performance Monitor and Server & Application Monitor.

    Using SolarWinds IPAM for troubleshooting, you can:

    • Review operational details like available IP addresses, reserved addresses, used addresses, subnet utilization details, and IP address histories
    • Review detailed activity and event logs to retrace events leading up to an issue
    • (Optional) Integrate with SolarWinds User Device Tracker, which can show where and how devices and users are connecting to the network
    • (Optional) Integrate with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and Server & Application Monitor to add IP configuration management to network, server, and application monitoring

    In addition, SolarWinds IPAM provides operational report summaries that help you plan for future needs. Using IPAM’s summary reports, you can summarize and analyze events and resource usage which can help you make ongoing improvements.

    Learn More about Resolve Problems Faster »
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System Requirements - One Software Fits All

Operating System

Windows Server 2003 R2, 2008 (including R2) or 2012, with IIS in 32-bit mode. IIS must be installed. SolarWinds recommends that Orion administrators have local administrator privileges to ensure full functionality of local Orion tools. Accounts limited to use of the Orion Web Console do not require administrator privileges.


SolarWinds does not support production installations of Orion products on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 systems.


P1000 – 2.0 GHz (Dual Core Recommended)
IP4000 – 2.4 GHz (Dual Core Recommended)
IP16000 & IPX – 3.0 GHz (Dual Core Recommended)

.Net Framework

Version 3.5 or later (.NET Framework 4.0 is recommended)


IP1000 – 3 GB
IP4000 – 4 GB
IP16000 & IPX – 4 GB


SQL 2008 without SP, 2008 SP1, 2008 SP2, 2008 SP3
SQL 2008 R2 without SP, 2008 R2 SP1, 2008 R2 SP2
SQL 2012, SQL 2012 SP1
SQL Server 2012 SP2

Hard Drive*

IP1000 – 2 GB
IP4000 – 5 GB
IP16000 & IPX – 20 GB

SNMP Trap Services

Windows operating system management and monitoring tools component

Application Ports

161/SNMP and 443/SNMP
17777/TCP open for Orion module traffic
17778/ HTTPS open to access the SolarWinds Information Service API

Web Console Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or higher with Active scripting Firefox 3.0 or higher (Toolset Integration is not supported on Firefox)

NOTE: The minimum server requirements listed assume default configuration. Significantly increasing the poll rate or statistic collection rate could result in additional load on the server, which may require a larger CPU or additional memory.

Must-Have IP Address Management Features

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Address Management

    IPv4 and IPv6 Address Management

    SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) actively identifies and manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and uses active scanning to discover and track subnets and associated address blocks. Finding an available address is as simple as navigating to a target subnet, viewing IP addresses, and selecting an available IP address. You can also view transient IP addresses to easily identify orphaned IP addresses and reclaim them.

    The primary reason for maintaining an accurate inventory of IP addresses is to ensure that each new device receives a unique address. Without a reliable inventory, addresses are more likely to be used more than once and cause an IP conflict. Manual methods, like spreadsheets, fall short because they rely on manual entries to update IP address records.

    SolarWinds IPAM uses a variety of techniques to actively identify and accurately manage IP subnets and address blocks and even connected hosts. These techniques include:

    • Well-behaved and customizable scanning settings
    • “neighbor scanning” of router tables to identify IPv4 subnets and IPv6 addresses
    • ICMP and SNMP scanning to identify IPv4 addresses
    • MAC-to-vendor lookup to identify device vendors

    SolarWinds IPAM assigns one of the following statuses to an IP address:

    • Reserved. Statically assigned and DHCP reserved
    • Used
    • Available
    • Transient. Assigned, but host unreachable. May be orphaned

    All status designations are verified using network scans and DHCP data.

    NOTE: If you have spreadsheets which contain subnet and address assignment information that you want to preserve and import, IPAM provides an import utility.

    Learn More about IPv4 and IPv6 Address Management »
  • Integrated DHCP and DNS Configuration Management

    Integrated DHCP and DNS Configuration Management

    DHCP and DNS configuration is one of the most time-consuming IP management tasks. For each IP address provisioned or decommissioned, there are often additional DHCP and DNS configuration changes that must be made. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) makes the end-to-end process of provisioning or decommissioning an IP address seamless—from finding an available IP address to making DHCP and DNS configuration changes. In addition, SolarWinds IPAM also lets you manage other critical DHCP and DNS services from one management console.

    SolarWinds IPAM provides an overlay management layer which makes it possible to manage Microsoft, Cisco and ISC (open-source) DHCP and Microsoft and ISC BIND DNS from one management console.

    DHCP Management

    • Manage DHCP reservations
    • Create and manage DHCP scopes and split scopes for high availability
    • Define and manage advanced DHCP options for remote boot devices (RFC2132 options 66 & 67)

    DNS Management

    • Create and manage DNS zones
    • Create DNS PTR records when registering new devices into DNS zones
    • Create and manage DNS records
    Learn More about DHCP and DNS Configuration Management »
  • Monitoring and Alerting

    Monitoring and Alerting

    A network may have many DHCP and DNS servers and thousands of IP addresses in use at any given time. It’s unrealistic to expect an administrator to be able to spot an IP-related problem the instant it happens. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) can monitor a variety of IP resources and events and issue alerts, helping you stay ahead of emerging and crippling problems.

    IP Address Manager can monitor the following:

    • IP conflicts
    • DHCP and subnets for address pool depletion
    • DNS forward and reverse record mismatch errors
    • IPAM configuration change events

    In addition, IPAM maintains a history that shows what MAC address it has been assigned to.

    Learn More about Monitoring and Alerting »
  • Customizable Dashboard

    Customizable Dashboard

    SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) provides a customizable dashboard that delivers the essential information you need in a unified, at-a-glance view for streamlined management and quick troubleshooting.

    Add, delete, and reorder resources on the dashboard to best suit your network management needs, including customized bar graphs, charts, and reports. Plus, you can easily view active alerts and critical events that need immediate attention.

    SolarWinds IPAM customizable dashboard includes the following resources:

    • IP conflict monitor
    • “Top 10” scopes and subnets by address utilization
    • “Top 10” subnets with transient addresses
    • “Top 10” DHCP scope/split scope usage
    • “Top 10” subnet address usage
    • Most recent IPAM events

    The IPAM dashboard also integrates with other SolarWinds management products, including Network Performance Monitor, Server & Application Monitor, Network Configuration Manager, and more.

    Learn More about Customizable Dashboards »
  • Role-based Administration

    Role-based Administration

    Improve collaboration and efficiency by delegating DHCP, DNS, and IP address management tasks to different teams of network and system administrators.

    The drag-and-drop user interface makes it quick and easy to build a custom management hierarchy that can contain any number of sub-containers for supernets, subnets, IP address blocks, and associated DHCP and DNS resources. You can then associate these containers with specific admin roles. These roles help maintain security without limiting delegation of IP address management activities.

    IPAM user roles are:

    • Admin
    • Power users
    • Operator
    • Read only
    • Hide and custom

    Each role comes with assigned privileges that help with carrying out various administrative tasks. Individual access rights are provided for IP management, separate from DHCP and DNS management. This allows local administrators to manage their own DHCP, DNS, and IP addresses without impacting other teams. IPAM also permits defining custom roles down to per subnet basis. The custom permissions provide the flexibility of structuring your management hierarchy according to your network needs.

    Learn More about Role-based Administration »
  • Integrated End-Point Tracking

    Integrated Endpoint Tracking

    SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) integrates with SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) to provide a single view of IP addresses and corresponding end-point connection/location details. This enables improved troubleshooting and enhanced network access protection with port shutdown.

    The IP conflicts resource alerts you whenever a conflict is detected. You can drill down to obtain detailed information like conflict type, subnet information, device/device type and switch/switch port information. This helps you easily determine which device caused the conflict. Admins can now quickly locate the device and cut off network access with the switch port shutdown feature, all from the same view. This feature helps you quickly eliminate the immediate problem and restore service. For example, the presence of a wireless access point in the network with DHCP enabled on it begins handing out IP addresses to the clients connecting to it. If the device has IP addresses in the same range as the DHCP server, then the result is an IP conflict. With integrated end-point tracking, SolarWinds IPAM helps detect the IP conflict and determine the type of device, whereas UDT helps locate the device and immediately cut network access using the switch port shutdown feature—all from the same view.

    SolarWinds IPAM integrated end-point tracking lets you:

    • View IP address, device port, and user login information in the same window
    • Itemize and receive alerts on detected IP conflicts, access deeper troubleshooting information, and remotely quarantine a device from the same view
    • Quickly locate offending devices or suspicious activity associated with an IP address
    • Leverage current and historical end-point connection details to resolve network issues
    • Obtain end-point information via port details, device watch list (device’s/User’s IP), port history, end-point details, and user details

    When both SolarWinds IP Address Manager and User Device Tracker are installed, IP Address Manager displays corresponding switch port details and user information—all within the same integrated view. This lets you quickly track down and resolve network issues before they cause a major problem.

    Learn More about End-point Tracking »
  • Global IP Address Search

    Global IP Address Search

    Quickly find the status and history of any managed IP by performing a global search. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) tracks down a specific IP address on your network in just seconds. You can quickly and easily access IP address data to search for available IPs and meet IP requests.

    Using SolarWinds IPAM global IP address search, you can:

    • Quickly search for any IP address and/or wildcard expression to retrieve an interactive list of IP addresses
    • Search for IPv4 or IPv6 addresses

    You can perform a global search for any specific IP address or wildcard expression with a partial IP address. SolarWinds IPAM returns an interactive list, allowing you to link directly to the subnet for that specific IP address. Additionally, you can edit IP address properties and set the status of the selected IP address.

    Learn More about Global IP Search »
  • Subnet Allocation Wizard

    Subnet Allocation Wizard

    SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) lets you specify supernet and subnet sizes, enabling the automatic allocation of the correctly-sized subnet. The Subnet Allocation Wizard helps you efficiently organize your managed IP address space into subnets that are sized appropriately for the extent and traffic of your network. With its real-time subnet calculator, the Subnet Allocation Wizard allows you to quickly determine the most efficient way to subdivide any supernet.

    With SolarWinds IPAM for subnet allocation, you can:

    • Specify your supernet and desired subnet size to retrieve a list of possible subnets, allowing you to see which subnets are open in a given supernet
    • Avoid creating duplicate subnets
    • Save time by using a built-in subnet calculator

    The Subnet Allocation Wizard takes a supernet address, a Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) method, and a desired subnet size and displays a list of available subnets. You can quickly choose from this interactive list to allocate new subnets on your network. When integrated with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM), you can create inventory reports with the appropriate filters to select vendor and model types quickly, making it easy to reconcile maintenance contracts.

    Learn More about Allocation Wizard »
  • Microsoft® Active Directory® Integration

    Microsoft® Active Directory™ Integration

    Leverage your existing Microsoft Active Directory user accounts to allow users to log in to SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM). Administrators save time on configuring and creating separate logins.

    Using SolarWinds IPAM for AD integration, you can:

    • Leverage existing Microsoft Active Directory user account information and groups for IPAM logins
    • Configure and save Active Directory credentials for use when scanning Microsoft DHCP devices on your network
    • Create groups for users who belong to multiple AD groups so you can ensure the appropriate permissions are delivered to specific users

    Users and groups can automatically log in using a custom username/password or optionally use an AD pass-through login to bypass the login screens altogether.

    Learn More about Active Directory Integration »
  • IP Address Conflict Detection System

    IP Address Conflict Detection System

  • Powerful Alerting and Reporting

    Powerful Alerting and Reporting

  • Automated MAC Address to Vendor Identification

    Customizable Dashboard

    MAC address to Vendor mapping for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • DNS A & PTR Record Pairing

    Customizable Dashboard

    Automatic creation of DNS PTR records when registering new devices into DNS zones

  • DHCP Scope Utilization View with Split Scope and Subnet Mapping

    Customizable Dashboard

    DHCP scope and utilization in distributed environments using split scope

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  • Live Demo: IP Address Manager (IPAM)

    Check out our live demo to discover how IP Address Manager (IPAM) provides detailed visibility into IP address space usage, making it easy to minimize IP conflicts and ensure your network is always humming.


  • Datasheet: IP Address Manager

    With SolarWinds® IP Address Manager (IPAM), you can finally ditch those outmoded spreadsheets and the problems that come along with them for the reliability and scalability of an automated and consolidated DHCP, DNS and IP address management solution.


  • IP Address Manager Overview

    Get a quick overview of SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM). Learn why automated and consolidated DHCP/DNS and IP address management is a must-have in today's dynamic networks. SolarWinds IPAM provides centralized management, monitoring, alerting, and reporting on your entire IP infrastructure, all from an intuitive web console. It's simplified IP space management in one, easy-to-use solution.

  • BIND DNS Monitoring and Management Support with IPAM v4

    Review the latest version of SolarWinds IP Address Manager, which will revolutionize the way admins manage their BIND DNS server farm. Create, edit and remove DNS records via the IPAM web browser. DNS monitoring and management all in single web-based console. Yes, it’s really that simple.

  • Avoid IP Address Conflicts

    An IP address conflict occurs when two computers on the same network have been assigned the same IP address. This conflict causes malfunction of communication from/to "shared" IP Address and can spiral into a frantic troubleshooting event. In this video we will discuss how to identify, resolve and prevent static and dynamic IP address conflicts.

  • Planning Your IPv4 to IPv6 Migration

    Are you ready for IPv6? The SolarWinds Head Geek Josh Stephens, discusses how to get ahead of the game and plan your future IPv4 to IPv6 migration with Orion IPAM. For more information, visit http://www.solarwinds.com


  • IP Proliferation: How do you seize control for greater security and scalability?

    In this webinar you will learn about challenges faced by network admins because of IP device proliferation, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IPV4 exhaustion, virtual machine sprawl, and more. We’ll also cover best practices for enhanced endpoint access security, improved IP troubleshooting, and how SolarWinds® IP Address Manager (IPAM) and User Device Tracker (UDT) can help.

    *Registration Required

  • IP Address Management Best Practices

    Given all of the challenges that IT departments face today, managing your IP address space should not be one of them. Join SolarWinds Head Geek Josh Stephens as he explores best practices for managing your IP address space and some of the pitfalls that come with doing it the old fashioned way, spreadsheets!

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Case Studies

  • IPAM to the rescue in Air Rarotonga’s remote site challenges

    Working at one of the world’s most remote sites, Air Rarotonga’s IT Manager Marcus Gleinig experiences problems of distance, latency, cyclones, power cuts and scarce resources that most IT professionals could scarcely even imagine. When it came to needing network tools, the resourceful Marcus knew where to go – straight to SolarWinds, for IP Address Manager. This solution alerts him as soon as the company’s far flung network develops problems, so he can address these before the phone starts ringing with user complaints.

  • IPAM saves time and safeguards quality for Open Line

    Read how Open Line, a managed service provider based in the Netherlands, recently introduced IP Address Manager (IPAM) to help with capacity management, saving up to 10 hours a month in IT staff time.


  • ROI for IPAM Solutions in Small-Mid Sized Enterprise Environments

    Learn about the opportunities for realizing the ROI of controlled management of IP addresses with this free white paper from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). When an organization is small, managing IP address space is typically managed with paper and pencil or in an Excel spreadsheet. However, as a network grows and more frequent changes are being made, the IP address schema becomes complex and requires closer monitoring. This is where an IPAM solution becomes ideal. See how your organization can benefit from controlled management of IP addresses.

    *Registration Required

  • Managing the BYOD Chaos

    Enterprise computing, as we know it, is facing a dimensional shift with the widespread diffusion of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon. BYOD is the latest trend where employees bring their personally-owned mobile devices, smartphones and tablets to their place of work, and use these devices to access files, e-mail, and many other network applications. This whitepaper focuses on two particular areas for managing potential BYOD chaos: IP infrastructure management, and user device tracking & switch port monitoring.

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Product Guides

  • SolarWinds IPAM Quick Start Guide

    SolarWinds, Inc develops and markets an array of network management, monitoring, and discovery tools to meet the diverse requirements of today’s network management and consulting professionals.

Tech Tips

Product FAQ

  • Q: Does SolarWinds IP Address Manager require SolarWinds Network Performance Manager (NPM)?

    A: No, SolarWinds IP Address Manager is now available as a stand-alone application and no longer requires an installation of SolarWinds NPM. IP Address Manager, however, still has the ability to fully integrate with SolarWinds NPM in order to provide a comprehensive view of network health and performance.

  • Q: How is SolarWinds IP Address Manager licensed?

    A: SolarWinds IP Address Manager is licensed based on the number of “used” (used, reserved and transient) IP addresses. For example, if your network has 20,000 IPs, but only 15,000 are “used”, then you could select the IP16000 license below. There are four license tiers to choose from to match the size of your network:

    • IPAM IP1000 (up to 1024 IPs or one /22)
    • IPAM IP4000 (up to 4096 IPs or one /20)
    • IPAM IP16000 (up to 16384 IPs or one /18)
    • IPAM IPX (Unlimited IPs)

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Version History

v 4.3
Offers new integration between SolarWinds® IP Address Manager (IPAM) v4.3 Device Tracker (UDT) v3.2 with the following usability enhancements:
  • NEW IPAM IP Conflict Detection Resource
    • Detects and displays IP address conflicts in a single view
    • Provides detailed troubleshooting information
  • NEW IPAM IP Conflict Troubleshooting Resource
    • Provides deeper troubleshooting information on ports, users, and wireless (with optional UDT installed)
    • Provides troubleshooting recommendations based on type of IP address conflict
    • Ability to remotely quarantine a device by shutting down a port
  • IMPROVED UDT resource
    • Displays IP address information in UDT
+ Read More
v 4.2
SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) v4.2 offers the following usability enhancements:
  • Automatic IPv4 Subnet Discovery
    • Automatic Discovery scans your network and downloads routing information directly from your network devices.
    • Intuitive Subnet Discovery Wizard creates subnet structures and imports them into SolarWinds IPAM for further utilization monitoring
  • Automated MAC address to vendor identification
    • Search for specific vendors across your entire network and find device IP locations within a subnet
    • New up-to date database with more than 4600 vendors
    • Support for both IPv4 & IPv6 addresses
  • Improved DNS and DHCP Management
    • Automatic detection of DNS forward and reverse record mismatches
    • Automatic creation of DNS PTR records when registering new devices into DNS zones
    • New view of DHCP scope and utilization in distributed environments using split scope (HA or failover scenarios)
  • Enhanced support for IPv6
    • IPv6 address status scanning and status history using IPv6 protocol
    • IPv6 address discovery from routers
+ Read More
v 4.1
SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) v4.1 provides the following new features:
  • ISC DHCP Support
  • Support for advanced DHCP configuration options
+ Read More
v 4.0
SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) v4.0 provides the following new features:
  • BIND DNS Support
  • Active IP Address Conflict Detection
  • Integration with SolarWinds User Device Tracker
+ Read More
v 3.1
SolarWinds IP Address Manager version 3.1 added the following new features:
  • Integrated Microsoft® DNS Management
  • Integrated Cisco® DHCP Management
  • Support for Cisco ASA devices
  • Split Scope Functionality for Microsoft and Cisco
+ Read More
v 3.0

SolarWinds IP Address Manager version 3.0 added support for management and monitoring of DDI (DHCP, DNS, IPAM) from a centralized web interface.

  • Powerful and centralized IP address management and monitoring for Microsoft DNS & DHCP services
  • Add new or edit existing Windows DHCP servers and scopes.
  • Set, update or delete reservations, reservation status and DHCP properties, including IP ranges and exclusions.
  • Monitor and consolidate Microsoft DNS info from multiple servers and view alongside DHCP information
  • Use role definitions to restrict user access, grant varying privilege levels, and define custom roles
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
  • Import wizard that will guide you the process of importing IP address and subnets from an excel or .csv based file
+ Read More
v 2.0
SolarWinds IP Address Manager version 2.0 added stand-alone functionality the made IP address management more affordable than ever.
  • Available as a stand-alone application, making IP address management more affordable than ever
  • Create IPv6 subnets and plan your IPv6 migrations
  • Determine what device had a specific IP address at a given point in time with historical address tracking
+ Read More
To see a complete version history for SolarWinds IP Address Manager, please visit our release notes.

Tips and Training

Tips and Training

Get a quick overview of SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) and learn why automated and consolidated DHCP/DNS and IP address management is a must-have in today's dynamic networks.

IP Address Manager Overview
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