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Quickly identify the root cause of performance issues for databases on VMware

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  1. Single-pane dashboard of VM and physical host performance indicators

    DPA correlates SQL statement response time with visibility into your virtual infrastructure, including: the database tier, guest OS, physical host, and storage tier (data stores). DPA provides you the visibility needed to determine if your database is the victim of a noisy neighbor (being impacted by another VM causing shared physical resource contention).

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    Accelerate Database Performance on VMware

    Monitor performance of Oracle®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, DB2®, and SAP® ASE on VMware® with a single tool.

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Key Features

  • Multi-dimensional performance analysis

    Correlate SQL response time with VM resources, physical host, storage, and the network.

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  • Historical trends and resource correlation

    Highlight the anomalies that are easy candidates for tuning with DPA's historical repository.


  • Advanced wait-based analytics

    Identify affected queries, wait event or wait type, and response time impact of each bottleneck.

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  • Alerts, reports, and baselines

    Alert and report without overloading your inbox with baselines that highlight outliers.


  • Expert tuning advice

    Get expert performance tuning advice for every instance and all skill levels.


  • Agentless architecture

    Get less than 1% load on monitored servers, with no agents to install.


More Features

Eliminate finger-pointing

DPA builds collaboration among DBAs, developers, Q/A, and VM administrators.

Align resource provisioning with database performance

Developers get a unique perspective on the VMware® infrastructure and its impact on database performance.

Quickly resolve database performance issues

Using easy-to-understand bar charts, DPA gets to the problem quickly and shows objective evidence.

Monitor configuration change impacts

Understand the real impact of VMware configuration and events like vMotion® on your database performance.

System Requirements

Hard Drive




Java Virtual Machine



Dual Core

Supported Instances

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Aurora, DB2, SAP ASE on all platforms (on-premises, virtualized, and cloud)

Database Repository

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL on all platforms (on-premises, virtualized, and cloud)

Operating System

Linux®/UNIX® or Windows Server®

Web Browser

IE, Firefox, and Chrome


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Fully functional for 14 days


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