Database Performance Analyzer for Cloud

Database performance monitoring and tuning for Cloud and hybrid environments

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  1. Simplified deployment for Azure and AWS Cloud

    Simplified deployment using pre-configured versions of Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and VM for Azure.

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  2. Unified view of application performance

    DPA’s intuitive charts and non-intrusive architecture gives IT teams a unified view of application performance in Azure and AWS.

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Key Features

  • Identify performance bottlenecks in AWS and Azure

    Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis™ helps analyze and tune AWS EC2 and RDS database (including Aurora) infrastructure, as well as Azure virtual machines and SQL databases

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  • Response time analysis

    Use SQL response time as the key metric when contrasting performance between different platforms

  • Visibility into databases running on VMware®

    Get unique visibility into how the VMware infrastructure impacts database performance

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  • Supports Cloud, virtualized, and on-premises deployment options

    Single pane of glass for all your database monitoring needs

  • Agentless architecture

    DPA is unique with no installed agent and less than 1% load on monitored server

  • Avoid over-provisioning and minimize costs

    Minimize server costs while maximizing performance.

Database Performance Analyzer for AWS

Optimize your EC2 or RDS-based application response times and solve complex Aurora, MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server database performance issues.

  • Identify performance bottlenecks of database instances deployed on Amazon RDS and EC2 virtual machines
  • Simplified deployment using a preconfigured Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • Get AMI from the Amazon Marketplace now

Starts at $1995

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Database Performance Analyzer VM Option

Maximize performance of databases running on VMware

  • Quickly identify the root cause of performance issues for databases on VMware
  • Build better collaboration among DBAs, developers, Q/A, and virtual administrators
  • Correlate response time with VM resources, the physical host, storage, and the network

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We are using DPA with the Cloud and it is working flawlessly. DPA is unique in the market. I have never seen a product that is as powerful and yet as agnostic across all major relational databases."

Adam Japhet

IT Director

System Requirements

Hard Drive

3GB / monitored instance



Java Virtual Machine


Supported Instances

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Aurora, MariaDB, DB2, SAP ASE, VMware, AWS EC2 and RDS, Azure VM, and Azure SQL Database

Database Repository

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Azure SQL Database, Aurora
Includes on-premises, virtualized, and cloud repository support

Operating System

Linux/UNIX or Windows Server

Web Browser

IE, Firefox, and Chrome


System Requirements specified are for less than 20 monitored instances, additional resources may be required for larger deployments

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