SolarWinds & Cisco Partner on Management of EnergyWise

The Cisco® EnergyWise initiative focuses on reducing the energy consumption of all devices connected to a Cisco network ranging from Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, such as IP phones and wireless access points, to IP-enabled building and lighting controllers. It gives you a powerful, network-based framework to manage the energy needs for your business.

Take a tour of the EnergyWise management features built into SolarWinds Orion products.
Energywise Video Tour
EnergyWise Video Tour

In its launch of EnergyWise, Cisco chose to partner with SolarWinds to provide easy-to-use management of EnergyWise capabilities. SolarWinds' Orion products are the first network management products to incorporate EnergyWise support. With the latest release of Orion, you can easily configure, monitor, report, and reduce energy consumption across the enterprise.

Managing EnergyWise with SolarWinds

EnergyWise technology gives you a framework for discovering, monitoring, optimizing, and regulating energy needs for your business. SolarWinds Orion products can help you take advantage of these powerful capabilities with the management and configuration features built into Orion Network Performance Monitor and Orion Network Configuration Manager.

The Orion product family enables energy management with a few simple steps:

  1. Run an Orion Network Performance Monitor EnergyWise readiness report to find all EnergyWise-supported devices on your network.
  2. Use Orion Network Configuration Manager to complete a batch update of the IOS for each device to a level that supports EnergyWise features.
  3. Select which energy policy settings you want to use to start managing your network’s energy consumption.
  4. Report on your network’s energy consumption and savings from Orion’s intuitive web console, which automatically recognizes EnergyWise-enabled devices.

Orion EnergyWise Benefits:

  • Reduce energy consumption by managing EnergyWise policies on network devices using an intuitive configuration management interface
  • Report on energy consumption and savings over specific time periods
  • Graphically compare maximum power consumption vs. current power consumption across all of your EnergyWise enabled devices
  • Preview EnergyWise policies using an intuitive energy management calendar