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Increase service levels and reduce downtime


Increase service levels and reduce downtime

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) offers multi-vendor network monitoring solutions to reduce downtime and help ensure business service delivery. NPM offers network fault monitoring, performance analysis, availability monitoring, cross-stack network data correlation, hop-by-hop network path analysis, and much more. NPM’s automated capacity forecasting, alerting, and reporting automatically calculates exhaustion dates using customizable thresholds based on peak and average usage. Via the Network Insight™ features, NPM also offers comprehensive monitoring of F5 BIG-IP and Cisco ASA family of products.
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Hop-by-hop path analysis visualization

Hop-by-hop path analysis visualization

View performance, traffic, and configuration details of devices and applications that are on-premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid environments with NetPath. NetPath gives your network professionals insight into what is occurring not only inside of their own network, but also what is happening outside their network. The NetPath feature helps your network administrator prove your network’s mean-time-to-innocence fast, enabling you to contact providers of networks external to yours when they are having an issue affecting your ability to achieve connectivity between endpoints across networks.
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Correlate data and troubleshoot fast

NPM Network Summary

Correlate data and troubleshoot fast

NPM’s network monitoring software expedites the troubleshooting process by facilitating data correlation. Use cross-stack network data correlation to accelerate identification of root cause by dragging and dropping network performance report metrics on a common timeline for immediate visual correlation across all of your network data. Automatically discover and map devices, performance metrics, link utilization, and wireless coverage so that you have a clear view of everything occurring on your network and are able to troubleshoot issues before they affect client networks and your business.
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Network Performance Monitor

  • Comprehensive fault monitoring and performance management for your network.

  • Get to the root cause quicker with intelligent, dependency and topology-aware network alerts.

  • Hop-by-hop analysis of cloud or on-prem applications or services.

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