Automate IP Address Management for Virtual Environments


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Manual IP address management can be costly, error-prone, and can fail at cloud scale

Avoid errors and save time through automation

  • Complete integration between IPAM and VMware via vRO plug-in

    vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) can be leveraged by vRealize Automation (vRA) and vCenter to automate IP address management tasks

  • Automate virtual machine IP address provisioning

    Obtain and reserve unique IP address(es) and release automatically during appropriate machine lifecycle

  • Automate virtual machine DNS record tracking

    Automatically create and remove DNS A and PTR records during the machine lifecycle

  • Enhanced monitoring and alerting of virtual environment

    Monitor IP address usage in the cloud, receive alerts on subnet capacity issues, and quickly resolve issues

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Integration with VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Integration with VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Install the plug-in included with IPAM 4.6 into vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) with a few easy steps. It contains over a dozen workflows and actions you can leverage to script or seamlessly integrate with vRealize Automation and vCenter Server. These workflows will enable you to automate the provisioning of IP Addresses and the updating of DNS Records.
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Centralized Monitoring and Management


Centralized Monitoring and Management

SolarWinds IPAM is an affordable and easy-to-use DHCP, DNS, and IP address management overlay solution that offers centralized management of Microsoft, Cisco, and ISC DHCP servers, as well as BIND and Microsoft DNS Servers. IPAM also offers powerful monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities and can alert IT admins of serious problems such as IP address conflicts or subnet capacity issues. With vRO integration, the tool provides IT professionals centralized management and monitoring of both their cloud and on-premises IP address spaces.
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Benefits of automated IP address management

Benefits of automated IP address management

Learn more about the challenges of IP address management in VMware environments. Independent author Brien Posey explains how you can overcome these challenges by utilizing IPAM’s plug-in for vRO to automate IP management related tasks. Brien also discusses the benefits of monitoring your virtual environment, including avoiding depleted IP address pools and assisting with capacity planning in your environment.
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SovLabs: Native Integration Option with vRA

IPAM SovLabs

SovLabs: Native Integration Option with vRA

SovLabs, a leading provider of integration software for cloud management platforms, offers a vRA Integration Pack for SolarWinds. The Integration Pack consists of IPAM and DNS integration modules for VMware vRealize Automation based on the SolarWinds API. These modules utilize metadata-driven policies that guide the behavior of automating the provisioning and de-provisioning of IP addresses, as well as the creation and removal of DNS records. The solution is completely policy driven within vRA and provides additional enterprise-grade features. Learn More
What is virtual machine
IP address management?
It is the provisioning, de-provisioning, and tracking of IP addresses and DNS records for virtual machines