Powerful network fault and availability management

  • Simplifies detection, diagnosis, and resolution of network issues—before outages occur
  • Tracks response time, availability, and uptime of routers, switches, and other SNMP-enabled devices
  • Shows performance statistics in real-time via dynamic, drillable network maps
  • Includes out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, and expert guidance on what to monitor and how
  • Automatically discovers SNMP-enabled network devices and typically deploys in less than an hour

Generate and share network performance reports

  • Test network performance and create reports using out-of-the-box and community-generated templates
  • Customize built-in network reports with a few mouse clicks
  • Automate and share report notifications for your management team, giving them the data they want
  • Project future network performance trends and capacity needs based on reports
  • Schedule and export PDF reports of any SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) view

It has never been easier to generate and share network performance reports than with SolarWinds NPM’s advanced reporting engine and network reporting tools. Use one of the out-of-the-box reports included with SolarWinds NPM, quickly customize built-in network reports and community-generated templates using the LUCID interface, or create completely customized reports using SQL commands.

SolarWinds NPM's Report Writer facilitates creating reports including the following:

  • Node and Interface Availability
  • Current Interface Status
  • Current Node Status
  • Current Volume Status
  • EnergyWise Reports
  • Events
  • Historical Cisco® Buffer Miss Reports
  • Historical CPU and Memory Reports
  • Historical Response Time Reports
  • Historical Traffic Reports
  • Historical VMware® Reports
  • Historical Volume Usage Reports
  • Inventory
  • Wireless
  • UCS
  • Topology
  • VMware ESX
  • Fiber Channel

SolarWinds NPM's reports can be modified to limit the information contained in the report by user profile, enabling you to generate reports for specific departments or recipients. In addition, SolarWinds’ online community, THWACK, includes hundreds of user-generated reports that you can easily import into SolarWinds NPM. You can use Report Writer for documenting service-level agreements (SLAs) for availability and response time, as well as bandwidth utilization for billing and Quality of Service (QoS) purposes. NPM allows you to create and manage reports from the web console.

Network Performance Reporting

Network Performance Monitor

  • Monitoramento de falhas e gerenciamento de desempenho de rede abrangentes.

  • Identifique rapidamente a causa raiz dos problemas usando alertas de rede inteligentes que incluem dependências e reconhecimento de topologia.

  • Análise salto a salto de aplicativos ou serviços no local ou na nuvem.

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