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Access your logs from a single location

Access your logs from a single location

As more organizations move to distributed workloads and microservices, the need for centralized log management tools is crucial. The number of log-generating components in the average data center is rapidly growing, and traditional log management tools can't scale to meet the demand. The Papertrail™ solution helps you regain control over your logs by presenting them through a single interface. Watch events occur in real-time, search through weeks of data, and generate archives of up to a year of historical events.

Control access to your logs

Control access to your logs

Developers shouldn't have access to the same logs as sysadmins. Papertrail lets you set granular permissions based on customizable log groups. Restrict access to specific servers, applications, regions, or environments. Group logs based on their origin, contents, or by using a custom search. Set each user's ability to view and purge log data, create searches and alerts, and modify group details.

Set infrastructure-wide policies

Set infrastructure-wide policies

Complying with industry regulations and company policies means ensuring all of your logging components are properly configured. With Papertrail, you can set global log management and retention policies typically in less than five minutes. Create automated cloud backups for long-term storage and archiving. When you need to access older logs, consolidate and export archives of your events with a single command.

Aggregate, organize, and manage your logs


  • Collect real-time log data from your applications, servers, cloud services, and more

  • Search log messages to analyze and troubleshoot incidents, identify trends, and set alerts

  • Create comprehensive per-user access control policies, automated backups, and archives of up to a year of historical data

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Log management gets harder as your infrastructure grows
Log Management
Papertrail helps you aggregate, view, and manage your logs from a single interface.