Monitor RDS regardless of database platform

  1. One view to monitor all your databases

    Are you flipping between products to monitor your database infrastructure? No need any longer.

  2. Monitor Amazon RDS

    Monitor Aurora RDS (the fastest growing Amazon RDS relational database) as well as your MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, or Oracle RDS instances.

  3. Great collaboration with development

    Avoid finger-pointing and share root cause analysis of performance problems.

  4. Deploy Database Performance Analyzer in the AWS cloud

    Get a ready-to-go image that includes Database Performance Analyzer and a pre-configured SQL Server® historical repository.

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1 One view to monitor all your databases

1 One view to monitor all your databases

Optimize your workflow by monitoring all of your cloud databases. Amazon RDS offers many databases to choose from when extending or moving infrastructure to the cloud—and you don't want to lose visibility on performance. Moving databases to the cloud as a service means that many of the traditional tasks a DBA used to peform go away. What won't go away is the need for DBAs to focus on performance, regardless of where the database lives.

2 Monitor Amazon RDS

2 Monitor Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS allows DBAs access to a wide variety of back-end solutions (including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and Aurora). View performance for your databases from a single pane of glass for ease of administration. Leverage consistent navigation to find performance issues regardless of the database flavor. Quickly find bottlenecks that are causing productivity to suffer.

3 Great collaboration with development

3 Great collaboration with development

Aurora is currently Amazon's fastest-growing RDS database. As more and more companies start to use this offering, the need for DBAs to have visibility into how it's performing will increase. DPA is the first product ready to support Aurora or any database platform you choose. Don't settle for just monitoring on-premises databases—make sure you've got the visibility into your cloud database infrastructure.

"We are using DPA with the Cloud and it is working flawlessly. DPA is unique in the market. I have never seen a product that is as powerful and yet as agnostic across all major relational databases."
Adam Japhet
IT Director

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