Aurora, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server performance intelligence for AWS

Optimize your EC2 or RDS -based application response times and solve complex Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQL Server database performance issues. Starts at $99.00 per instance, per month

Quickly identify what’s slowing down your app

Database Performance Analyzer for AWS gives you a comprehensive view of every aspect of the system affecting performance—wait times, server resources, storage system metrics, database operations, SQL statements, and more. You can easily correlate data to performance to quickly identify what is slowing down your applications.

Database Performance Analyzer for AWS provides performance-oriented developers and DBAs with the power of Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis™. The agentless collection engine allows you to scale by keeping overhead to less than 1% on monitored instances and databases. Don't lose visibility just because you're deploying in the cloud!

Easily find, analyze, and optimize the most important queries and AWS workloads with DPA. Use wait-time analysis coupled with machine learning-powered anomaly detection to visualize and alert on spikes, as well as know when wait patterns deviate from the norm or what is expected. When found, use the query level performance analysis to understand what changed that is now causing a given query to run slower than before. Use our expert advisers to tune and optimize your workload, eliminating inefficiencies that can reduce resource requirements and lower cloud compute costs.


  • Support for AWS RDS Aurora, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle
  • Support for databases on EC2 instances
  • Compare historical trending and dynamic baseline performance over days, weeks, or years
  • Quickly identify problems and get expert advice on how to resolve them
  • Be proactive and get notified of performance issues before end users feel them using alerts and reports
  • Detect resource contention and pinpoint bottlenecks for performance optimization avoiding over-provisioning

Learn more about the benefits of Database Performance Analyzer for Aurora, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Deploy from the AWS Marketplace

Get started managing your Aurora, MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server databases on EC2 or RDS within minutes. Once you get your instance, you can log in to it using your EC2 node end point. Your password will be your instance ID, which only you can get from the EC2 console. Starts at $99.00 per instance, per month

Flexible implementation

If you'd rather use perpetual licensing, no worries. You can BYOL (Bring Your Own License) for your Amazon DPA image or on-premises installation of DPA. Email us at sales@solarwinds.com to get started.

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Database Performance Analyzer for AWS
Starts at $99 per instance, per month
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