Event Log Forwarder for Windows Windowsイベント ログをSyslogメッセージ形式でSyslogサービスに自動的に転送します

Forward Windows events based on event source, event ID, users, computers, and keywords in the event to your syslog server in order to take further action.

  • Quickly specify and automatically send events from workstations and servers
  • Export event data from Windows servers and workstations
  • Specify events to forward by source, type ID, and keywords
  • Forward events to external systems to alert, store, and audit activity
  • Send events to multiple servers over UDP or TCP

Start forwarding your Windows logs now.

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Event Log Forwarder for Windows 完全無料
Log Analyzer 最低価格:$1,495
Export event data from Windows servers and workstations
Filter events to collect only those important to you
Consolidate events from servers and network devices
Alert and report on event data
Take immediate action, based on event data, to help resolve a problem
Track and visualize events over time
Correlate event data with performance metrics
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