With network fault management software, you can:

  1. Discover and add network devices

    Automatically discover and add network devices and servers with Network Sonar Discovery.

  2. Monitor network fault and performance

    View graphs, tables, and lists to identify fault, availability, and performance information.

  3. Troubleshoot network issues

    Pinpoint issues quickly by analyzing syslog data, traps, events, and alerts.

  4. Maintain network health

    Comprehensive fault monitoring that ensures your network is running at peak performance levels.


1 Discover and add network devices

1 Discover and add network devices

Periodic network discovery is key to continuous network availability. You can discover SNMP and WMI-enabled devices and make fault management easier for network administrators. To scan your network for devices like routers, switches, and servers, use Network Sonar Wizard. Enter new SNMP credential or choose existing credentials used on your network, including credentials for Windows servers or VMware devices, if you choose to monitor them. SolarWinds uses WMI credentials to collect CPU, memory, and volume data from Windows servers that don’t support SNMP.
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2 Monitor network fault and performance

2 Monitor network fault and performance

Faulty network devices can pose a real threat to continuous network availability. The most likely causes include hardware issues, high CPU/memory utilization, high errors and discards, QoS issues, etc. Using network fault management software helps you locate devices with suspicious activity. With SolarWinds, you can quickly view the current node count with statuses classified as Up, Warning, Critical, and Undefined. You can find devices that are in critical status. Simply drill down to find the list of nodes that are down.
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3 Troubleshoot network issues

3 Troubleshoot network issues

Network diagnostics help track performance and pin-point the source of network faults. Network troubleshooting tools uses ICMP and SNMP to retrieve real-time network diagnostic data from all monitored devices in your environment. This data alerts you to poor network conditions like slow traffic, loss of packets, or impaired devices. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is designed to provide accurate network fault management in an intuitive and customizable interface to identify problems and troubleshoot easily.
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4 Maintain network health

4 Maintain network health

Comprehensive fault monitoring system that ensures your network is running at peak performance levels. Drill down on a node or server status indicator and see detailed fault and performance statistics, create custom alerts, and generate automated reports. With out-of-the-box support for many vendors and operating systems, SolarWinds network usage monitor ensures that you can easily collect, view, and alert on conditions that could potentially cause a network outage or performance degradation.
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"With SolarWinds we have seen improvements in availability and reductions in time-to-resolution. We are able to rectify problems much faster, before users start complaining."
Michael Low
Systems Engineer
Marina Bay Sands

Reduce network outages and more

Network Performance Monitor

  • Gestion complète des performances et de la surveillance des défaillances de votre réseau.

  • Remontez à la cause première plus rapidement grâce à des alertes réseau intelligentes et liées à la topologie et à la dépendance.

  • Analyse point par point des applications ou services sur site ou dans le Cloud.

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