Exadata is a big investment. When this hardware is offline or underperforming it is not delivering value to your organization. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) for Oracle provides fine-grained visibility into Oracle Exadata performance bottlenecks, giving you the ability to maximize the return on your investment.

Maximizing your Exadata investment with top performance

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) for Oracle was designed specifically to prevent and resolve the toughest Oracle performance problems in four clicks or less. It's not a complex, general purpose tool like OEM. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle goes where OEM can’t. DPA’s web-based interface and flexible instance-based licensing lets DBAs, developers, and IT managers work collaboratively to resolve performance problems.

DPA helps overcome three distinct issues organizations face when adopting Oracle Exadata.

Focus on response time

Focus on response time

The wealth of information provided by Exadata can be overwhelming to learn and master. Many people fall into the trap of monitoring a plethora of metrics, misleading them into focusing on and fixing the wrong problem! DPA makes your Exadata deployment much easier by providing clear visibility of the metrics that have a direct correlation to performance.

Architected for performance and collaboration

Architected for performance and collaboration

Regardless of hardware, this old adage is true: bad code and bad architecture (even on Exadata) is still bad. DPA for Oracle gives you the ability to not only identify performance bottlenecks, but also communicate the actual root cause of the performance issues to others. This accelerates problem identification, and also provides baseline metrics to validate the effectiveness of any changes.

Quickly resolve the issues impacting end-user response time

Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle

  • Exploration facilitée, définition du contexte et navigation cohérente

  • Identifiez la cible des blocages ET leur origine.

  • Identifiez les meilleures solutions possibles concernant le réglage des index, des requêtes et des tables.

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