Get quick operational insights and end-to-end NGINX monitoring

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Get out-of-the-box dashboards for NGINX monitoring

Get out-of-the-box dashboards for NGINX monitoring

SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM) provides out-of-the-box NGINX server monitoring with built-in dashboards. Unlike other NGINX monitoring tools, SAM is designed to be easier to set up. It automatically discovers your environment and gets you started typically within minutes. SAM also helps you keep track of key performance metrics including requests per second, active vs. dropped connections, server error rate, request processing time, and more. In addition to keeping you on top of your network traffic, SAM also offers quality metrics such as round-trip time and throughput.
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Keep track of all dependencies

Keep track of all dependencies

It can be difficult for teams to pinpoint what is impeding their web server performance. Common NGINX monitoring tools can offer a range of metrics but fail to provide quick insights. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor helps you map the relationships between your NGINX web server dependencies. You can quickly visualize cross-server infrastructure communication and application dependencies. With this visualization, you can identify whether a physical server, virtual host, client, or guest is triggering performance issues and degrading the user experience. Moreover, you can customize these maps to suit your NGINX server environment.
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What is an NGINX monitoring tool?
An NGINX monitoring tool provides comprehensive insights into the availability and performance of NGINX web servers with alerting, reporting, and overall server management capabilities.

Get comprehensive NGINX monitoring

Server & Application Monitor

  • Monitor real-time processes running in your server for memory, CPU, and disk I/O.

  • Get monitoring, reporting, alerting, and asset inventory in one product.

  • Use custom monitors or modify built-in templates for monitoring servers, applications, and more.

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NGINX server monitoring is a complex and time-consuming process