Frequently Asked Questions about Database Performance Anayzer for AWS

Getting started now

Get started managing your SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle databases on EC2™ or RDS within minutes. Once you get your instance, you can log in to it using your EC2 node end point. Your password will be your instance id, which only you can get from the EC2 console.


Q: What size server do I select when deploying the Database Performance Analyzer AMI?

A: An m3:medium is sufficient for most trials with 20 or less monitored instances. Since the m3 has only one vCPU, upgrading to at least m3.large is highly encouraged for larger deployments.

Q: Is there any other software to install?

A: No. Database Performance Analyzer is agentless and requires no client software. After deploying the AMI, all configuration and monitoring is done through the Web browser interface. Just point your favorite browser at the server name or IP address of the Database Performance Analyzer server and start registering instances to monitor.

Q: Does Database Performance Analyzer support RDS™?

A: Yes. It can monitor both RDS databases and those deployed on an EC2 server.

Q: How many database instances can it monitor?

A: From a single deployment, it can monitor up to 200 instances. We recommended m3:xlarge++ for larger deployments. Database Performance Analyzer Central is included for free, and it provides the flexibility to monitor an unlimited number of instances.

Q: What is included in the Database Performance Analyzer AMI?

A: The Database Performance Analyzer AMI comes with Windows Server®, SQL Server® standard edition, and Database Performance Analyzer pre-installed. SQL Server is used for Database Performance Analyzer's historical repository to analyze trends, baselines, and reports. The product can also be configured to use an Oracle® repository.

Q: Which databases does it monitor?

A: A single installation is capable of monitoring SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2® and SAP ASE.

Q: Can I run a Database Performance Analyzer trial without paying for an EC2 instance on Amazon®?

A: Yes. You have two options:

  1. Visit this link for an interactive demo. There you can test drive the product using performance trends captured from actual production database instances.
  2. Download the on premise version, which can monitor databases on premise, virtualized, and in the cloud. A high speed/low latency network connection required.

Q: How much load is there on the monitored servers?

A: Database Performance Analyzer does not use an agent, making it safe to use in production environments. Database Performance Analyzer’s nominal load on the monitored instances is less than 1%, making it ideal for monitoring even your most critical production instances.

Q: Can I use it to monitor my on premise databases from the cloud or vice versa?

A: You can monitor both cloud and on premise databases no matter where Database Performance Analyzer is installed as long as you have connectivity to the database instance you want to monitor.

How to use

Q: How do I get started using Database Performance Analyzer?

A: While you can see current issues by just clicking on the current tab, you will find the most value after at least a few days of continuous monitoring to identify trends, baselines, and anomalies. This is due to the non-deterministic nature of database performance issues.

Q: What performance counters are available?

A: Database Performance Analyzer starts by first focusing on the time applications are waiting on the database. This includes the SQL statements and Wait Types/Wait Events trends (discrete steps within the RDBMS). Wait time analysis sets the context for a more detailed drill-down into the effect execution plans, query blocks, and server/storage metrics have on database performance—both now and historically. By taking this approach, Database Performance Analyzer ensures that the focus remains on issues that are having the biggest impact on database performance, without the distraction of counters that may not have any direct causation.

Q: Is support available during my trial?

A: Yes, but you must register. Registration entitles you to a free performance consultation with a database performance expert.

Pricing and discounts

Q: How much does Database Performance Analyzer cost and how do I purchase?

Database Performance Analyzer is licensed per monitored instance.

  • Database Performance Analyzer is $2,045 USD* per instance for SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle SE
  • Oracle EE, DB2 and SAP ASE are $3,595 USD* per instance.

*Prices as of January 1, 2019 in US dollars. Pricing may vary based upon the jurisdiction and applicable currency. Please contact a local SolarWinds sales representative to find pricing specific to your jurisdiction."

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