Web Performance MonitorWebsite Performance Monitoring for Apps on Both Sides of the Firewall

Starts at $1995
  • Detect slow page load speed for each page in a transaction - well ahead of customer emergencies
  • Agentless & secure user experience testing from multiple locations inside or outside your firewall
  • Web-based dashboards to quickly identify Website load times by location, page, or transaction
  • Identify heaviest page elements (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) & alert on images that aren’t matching
  • Transparent pricing (transactions X locations) – no extra change for number of pages or number of alerts
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Guided Tour

Web application testing is a must-have in your organization. Whether your Web apps are within your firewall or customer facing, your business depends on fast website load times.
Watch this short video and learn how SolarWinds user experience testing tool allows you to monitor for page load speed and image accuracy from locations inside or outside your firewall.
Proactively identify website performance issues before end users complain!

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What WPM users say about it...

Optimizing the network, systems, web and, applications (within our Hybrid Cloud) are all critical to the health of our business, and the SolarWinds’ solutions combine to enable us to give us early warning of any developing problems.

- Technology Services Manager, Damian Fasciani, Realestate.com

Website Monitoring & Performance Software

SolarWinds’ website monitoring software provides intuitive user experience testing with dashboards that display alerts and graphs for Websites on both sides of the firewall – no agents required! Drill into Website load times, user experience for complete transactions, page load speed by location, heaviest page elements, waterfall charts, and images not displaying as intended.

Top 4 Reasons to Use SolarWinds’ Website Monitoring Software

  • Web Performance Testing for Internal & External Websites

    View of web performance testing capabilities.

    SolarWinds’ website monitoring software proactively monitors web transactions from the end user’s point-of-view. Easily monitor internal (behind the firewall), customer-facing, SaaS, and cloud-based apps, and get an at-a-glance view into the status of all monitored applications using a slick Web-based dashboard. Because website monitoring software is installed within your firewall, monitoring internal Web applications is secure. Even better, no agents are required!

  • Simple Pricing Model

    Monitor Page Load Speeds for Each Web Page

    SolarWinds’ web monitoring software offers pricing that’s a fraction of the cost of competitors, and licensing that’s so simple, you can be up and running before other quotes hit your inbox!

    • No complex pricing structure based on countless variables
    • (# of recordings) x (# of monitoring locations) = size of license
    • No additional charges for the number of pages or the number of alerts
    • Test as often as every minute for the same price

    SolarWinds’ web monitoring software’s simple pricing model means you can quickly lock down what your costs will be. Simply multiply the number of recordings by the number of locations you want to monitor from, and that tells you the total number of licenses you need. Click here to get a quote online.

    Learn More about Pricing »
  • Intuitive Web Dashboards

    View of intuitive website monitoring dashboard.

    Most software vendors claim their software is easy to use. But at SolarWinds, we take “easy-to-use” to a whole new level with our interface which is intuitive, customizable, and provides for easy troubleshooting with drill down capabilities. 

    • View page issues by location and transaction
    • Waterfall charts show page element load times in granular detail
    • View warnings and critical thresholds in charts for current and historical data
    Learn More about Website Monitoring Dashboards »
  • Monitor Page Load Speeds for Each Page in a Transaction

    Step monitoring view of SolarWinds' website monitor.

    A transaction recording is made up of individual pages (login, select item, checkout, pay, etc.), and SolarWinds’ web performance monitoring software keeps track of each page as a separate event. When you monitor individual pages, you gain greater insight into the pieces that make up a transaction and where problems are occurring. It could be that the overall application completes as expected in a timely manner, but one of the pages takes longer than it should. If it’s the final step/page in the transaction, customers could abandon at that critical point.

    • List of current steps with problems
    • History of availability and minimum, maximum, average duration for each step
    • Screenshot of latest test
    • Screenshots of last 10 failures
    Learn More about Page Load Speed Testing »
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System Requirements - One Software Fits All

Operating System

Windows® 2003 & 2008 Server (32-bit or 64-bit) including R2, with IIS installed, running in 32-bit mode


Dual processor, 3 GHz

.Net Framework

Version 4 or later


3 GB


SQL Server® 2005 SP1 Express, Standard, Enterprise SQL Server 2008 Express, Standard, or Enterprise, or SQL Server 2008 R2

Hard Drive

20 GB

NOTE: The minimum server requirements listed assume default configuration. Significantly increasing the poll rate or statistic collection rate could result in additional load on the server, which may require a larger CPU or additional memory.

Must-Have Features of Web Performance Monitor

  • User Experience Testing from Multiple Locations

    Screenshot of user experience testing from multiple locations.

    SolarWinds’ web monitoring software allows you to test the user experience from multiple locations (inside the firewall or in the cloud) to gain insight into the global user experience.

    • Player modules play back recordings of applications being tested
    • Use as many player modules from as many different locations as needed
    • Quickly and inexpensively deploy transaction players to Amazon EC2
    • Cut out the expense of middlemen who charge an astronomical markup to run your test transactions from the cloud
    • Player modules have a small footprint
    Learn More about User Experience Testing »
  • Detailed Website Load Time Metrics

    Screenshot of website load time metrics.

    SolarWinds’ website monitoring tool provides a wealth of performance data to help you identify and troubleshoot Website load time issues.

    • Identify heaviest page elements (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Images, etc.)
    • Visualize tasks consuming the most time – DNS lookup, Connection Time, Send Time, Time to first byte, Content download, etc.
    • Alert on images that are not matching
    • Receive alerts and notifications on incomplete or slow transactions and pages
    Learn More about Load Time Metrics »
  • Cloud-based Web Transaction Monitoring

    View of ability to monitor cloud based transactions.

    SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor allows you to quickly and inexpensively deploy transaction players to Amazon® Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and run tests whenever you want with SolarWinds’ website monitoring software.

    • Quickly and inexpensively deploy transaction players to Amazon EC2 with the Cloud Player Portal
    • Run synthetic transactions from the cloud whenever you want
    • Predict response time behavior more accurately by testing transactions from multiple geographic locations
    • Cut out the expense of middlemen who charge an astronomical markup to run your test transactions from the cloud

    With SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor, you can perform cloud-based transaction monitoring quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Finally, you can get the monitoring you need at a price that's just a fraction of the cost of expensive hosted monitoring solutions. Plus, we empower you to run synthetic transactions from Amazon EC2 whenever and wherever you want, putting you back in the driver's seat.

    Cloud-based transaction monitoring offers huge benefits if you have a mobile workforce or global clients accessing your Web applications or websites. By deploying SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor players outside of your on-premise environment and in the cloud, you can gain visibility into how these applications are performing worldwide – not just in your home office.

    Learn More about Web Transaction Monitoring »
  • Easy-to-Use Transaction Recorder

    View of web transaction recording.

    Quickly and easily record complex mult-step transactions with absolutely no tedious scripting involved with SolarWinds’ website monitoring software.

    • Easy-to-use with no scripting required
    • Functions just like a Web browser
    • Can record an unlimited number of steps

    Want to record the user interaction without writing a complicated script? With SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor, you can! The recorder application is built into a Web browser and requires absolutely no scripting. Simply push the “record” button and then use your application as your users would. When you have finished, click the “stop” button and save the recording to use on the player modules. That’s it—it really is that simple!

    Learn More about Transaction Recording »
  • Transaction Alerting/Notifications

    Website monitoring view that alerts at custom set thresholds.

    SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor allows you to set custom thresholds for transactions and discrete steps.

    • Receive alerts and notifications on incomplete or slow transactions and steps
    • Alerts and notifications are fully customizable
    • Advanced Alert Manager allows you to receive notifications in many different ways, including email and text

    The alerts and notifications feature of SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor enables you to set warnings and custom timing thresholds for individual steps and entire transactions. You are also automatically notified when a transaction fails, indicating an application failure. In addition, you can create escalation rules for notifications and how responses are handled. A complete history of availability and duration lets you spot any past problems.

    Learn More about Transaction Alerts »
  • Multi-Tenant UI

    Website monitoring that allows multi-tenant UI to monitor  web application performance.

    SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor allows you to use the multi-tenant UI to monitor Web application performance for large deployments or managed service provider (MSP) environments.

    • Enable multiple users to securely monitor Web applications and websites from one instance with the ability to restrict access to specific applications and player locations
    • Monitor Web applications and websites for global businesses and for IT shops that manage multiple business services and applications
    • For MSPs, add an affordable, highly valuable service to your catalog

    With a built-in multi-tenant UI, you can leverage SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor for large, global deployments or MSP environments. The ability to monitor everything from one instance translates into lower hardware and software costs.

    Learn More about UI »
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  • Demo: Web Performance Monitor

    Navigate Web Performance Monitor’s intuitive UI and see how you can identify slow Website load times by transaction, page, or location.




Case Studies

  • SolarWinds Helps realestate.com meet 99.99% Website uptime requirement

    When IT professionals in the REA Group began to build a 90 per cent virtualised private cloud to accommodate realestate.com.au, Australia’s leading web site for residential property, they chose a range of SolarWinds networking and application monitoring tools to help them. It was a critical project as the site attracts more than 20.4 million Visits a month. But SolarWinds’ solutions helped the IT team to meet their 99.99 per cent uptime target and have also empowered engineers to make better informed decisions by delivering new levels of transparency and enabling better systems access

  • WPM helps COCC deliver world class Web applications to banks & credit unions

    With nearly 1400 servers and more than 100 websites, web applications are vital infrastructure in COCC’s thriving operation. Little wonder that issues accessing those sites received the highest level of attention in the company.


Product FAQ

  • Q:  How is SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor licensed?

    A:  Web Performance Monitor is licensed by the total number of transactions that are monitored, per location.

    a. 5 transactions, 1 location = 5 licenses

    b. 5 transactions, 3 locations = 15 licenses

Product Guides

  • Administrator Guide

    The Quick Start Guide provides installation, setup, and common scenarios for which Web Performance Monitor provides a simple, yet powerful, solution.

Tech Tips

  • How to Test User Experience & Identify Website Issues

    In order for your websites to be available to your users, you will need to monitor availability and performance across Web page and infrastructure elements. Learn how front-end issues impact a website’s performance and some tips on how to monitor them before your users raise trouble tickets.

  • Get The Most out of Web Performance Monitor

    In order for your websites to be available to your users, you will need to monitor availability and performance across Web page and infrastructure elements. Learn how front-end issues impact a website’s performance and some tips on how to monitor them before your users raise trouble tickets.

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As your IT infrastructure grows, SolarWinds' products scale to meet your monitoring and management needs.

Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)

Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)

Enterprise Operations Console delivers a consolidated command center for unified visibility into the remote SolarWinds deployments throughout your geographically distributed networks.

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Additional Polling Engines

Additional Polling Engines

By adding additional polling engines, you can distribute the polling load between multiple servers to provide scalability for large IT infrastructures.

Learn More »

Failover Engine (FoE)

Failover Engine (FoE)

SolarWinds Failover Engine monitors the health of your SolarWinds servers to ensure you never lose visibility of the performance of monitored elements in your IT infrastructure. If something should happen to your primary SolarWinds server, the Failover Engine automatically fails over to a remote server.

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Web Server Engine

Web Server Engine

By adding an additional web server engine, you can enable more users to access the dashboards and reports in the SolarWinds web portal without potential performance degradation.

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Version History

Version 2.0 of Web Performance Monitor (formerly Synthetic End User Monitor) brings exciting new features. Highlights include:

Version 2.0 Highlights

  • Full support for Web-based Java™ applications including technologies such as AJAX, Flash®, and Silverlight®
  • Recorder improvements that let you edit existing recordings, so as your websites and Web applications change, you can easily update your recordings without needing to re-record them
  • Additional charts and resources that include the much requested HTTP waterfall charts,a Page Element Overview resource, and a Requests With Issues resource. There is also a new Locations Resource with a Player Agent Load Indicator. Additional Web UI improvements include:
    • New charting with warning and critical thresholds
    • Historical player agent load chart
    • Support custom object resource for top X locations by duration
    • Support multi-object chart resources
  • Player and transactions upgrades, including automatic Player update and integrated remote Player deployment

For more details, please see the release notes.

+ Read More
Version 1.5 of Synthetic End User Monitor adds exciting features that make it perfect for the largest enterprises and the smallest do-it-yourself IT shops. At a fraction of the price of competing solutions, Version 1.5 combines the power and scalability you need with the simplicity and cost savings you crave.

Version 1.5 Highlights

  • Quickly and inexpensively deploy transaction players to Amazon EC2 with the Cloud Player Portal and run synthetic transactions from the cloud whenever you want — eliminating the hassle and astronomical expense of having a middleman run these test transactions for you
  • Record and playback rich content, including Flash® and Silverlight®, and validate non-text content on a page
  • Leverage the new multi-tenant UI to enable multiple users to securely monitor a myriad of Web applications from one instance – perfect for MSPs and large, global deployments
  • Playback recorded transactions as frequently as every minute to determine application response time
+ Read More
To see a complete version history for SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor, please visit our release notes.

Tips and Training

Tips and Training

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor Admin Guide

Read the documentation
SAM Integration

Already use Server & Application Monitor? Web Performance Monitor provides extra visibility for your Web applications & snaps right into your Orion® console.

Single Console for Web Application Performance Monitoring

Server & Application Monitor and Web Performance Monitor are both built on the Orion Platform. When you install Web Performance Monitor, you will see a new tab, “WEB”, in the Orion console. By adding Web Performance Monitor, you will gain visibility to page load times and image issues.

Planned Integration

Check out the Web Performance Monitor product roadmap to learn about future integration with Server & Application Monitor (SAM) & Network Performance Monitor (NPM). To improve troubleshooting, we’re planning to link transactions monitored in Web Performance Monitor with the underlying applications and nodes monitored by SAM and NPM. Vice-versa, you will be able to see associated Web transactions monitored in Web Performance Monitor, right alongside their respective application services or nodes in SAM and NPM.

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