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Do you have the visibility to identify root causes of server performance issues?

Servers are running slow

Shared server resources, server hardware failure, or long-running processes and services cause server performance and availability issues.

Reactive troubleshooting

Getting notified after the server has crashed can lead to interruption of application availability and business continuity.

Resource contention issues

Difficulty in forecasting resource utilization can result in server resources getting consumed fast.

Identify server performance and availability issues across multi-vendor hardware environment

  1. Comprehensively monitor server hardware health

    Get a detailed view of the health status and performance of your multi-vendor server hardware. SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor proactively notifies you before critical server components such as fan speed, temperature, power supply, CPU, battery, hard drive status, etc. fail. Quickly identify and resolve server hardware issues for Dell PowerEdge®, HP ProLiant®, IBM® eServer xSeries servers, Dell PowerEdge Blade, HP BladeSystem enclosures, Microsoft Windows Server® and VMware vSphere® hypervisor.

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  2. Manage server capacity and forecast resource utilization

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides built-in capacity forecast charts and metrics to easily identify when server resources reach warning and critical thresholds. Trend peak and average capacity over time to make accurate capacity forecasts. Find and fix server capacity issues before they impact end-user productivity and business performance. Monitor key metrics including response time, CPU load, memory utilization, network latency, packet loss and more to plan for capacity and resource utilization.

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  3. Remotely troubleshoot server performance problems

    Server & Application Monitor allows you to resolve problems with built-in server management actions:
    • Real-Time Process Explorer identifies resource hogs and allows you to kill processes that are affecting server performance
    • Service Control Manager lets you manage services on your monitored servers, view information on stopped or running services and take action to start, stop or restart services
    • View Windows® event logs in real-time for error handling and faster troubleshooting
    • Reboot servers remotely with a single click

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  4. Minimize application downtime caused by server health issues

    Speed up troubleshooting by understanding the dependencies between applications and the infrastructure that supports them.Server & Application Monitor includes a built-in dashboard that shows the relationships between specific infrastructure components for each application. Drill down further to identify the root cause of issues.

    Integration with Virtualization Manager and Storage Resource Monitor extends the functionality of the SolarWinds AppStack™ dashboard, letting you analyze application dependencies down to virtual and storage layers.

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We’re able to automate and alert on hardware components in SAM, and we find out in the afternoon about a bad fan rather than at midnight, it gives the operations team time to work on more important items."

Napoleon Crowe

Systems Architect at FPP Business Services

Troubleshoot server performance issues faster

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