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Keeping track of your network equipment is hard without a way to discover network devices

Network device discovery

Without an automated tool, network discovery is a manual process that results in a difficult-to-maintain static list of devices.

Network topology mapping

Manually mapping your network can be time-consuming, and requires continuous updates for an accurate network inventory.

Network device status

Monitoring software needs a network device discovery tool to provide performance metrics for the relevent equipment.

Robust network device discovery and monitoring tools help you keep track of your network equipment

  1. Automatically discover network devices

    Staying on top of your devices is difficult. Use the network device discovery tool in Network Performance Monitor to schedule automatic device discovery. Scan, discover, and add network devices into your monitoring database by selecting the network devices you want to monitor, then easily import critical nodes into SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.

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  2. Dynamically map your network topology

    It can be time-consuming to manually map a large number of devices and keep up with constant changes to network topology. With SolarWinds network monitoring software, you can automatically discover network devices and create dynamic network maps to visually track performance statistics.

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  3. Monitor and troubleshoot network devices

    Drill down into specific nodes to view device details, including current node status, device information, average response time, packet loss, etc.

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With SolarWinds, we have seen improvements in availability and reductions in time-to-resolution. We are able to rectify problems faster, before users start complaining."

Michael Low

Systems Engineer at Marina Bay Sands

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  • Monitor response time, availability, and performance of network devices
  • Plan network capacity needs with projected capacity utilization data
  • Improve operational efficiency with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and reports

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