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Web app performance issues have severe business implications. Stop reacting to IIS issues

Website or application pool failure

Websites can experience downtime without warning, not giving you time to address the issue before it impacts end-users.

IIS server overload

Over utilization of server resources, such as CPU, memory, disk, etc., can affect Web server and Web application performance.

Server response time

IIS requests that take too long to process could make end-users leave your site, or result in more help desk tickets.

See details of the health and performance of IIS server, websites, and app pools

  1. Monitor the availability of websites and app pools

    Start monitoring site and app pool performance. See the details of your Web server, allowing you to troubleshoot issues before they affect end-users. Get proactive notifications, alerting you to Web server or website downtime. When issues arise, automatically restart your websites and Web servers, stop a website, kill a process, restart services, reboot a server, and stop or recycle an application pool.

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  2. Monitor key server resources for load and usage

    Monitor your Web server and system resources to make more informed decisions about balancing website and Web server workloads. See details of CPU utilization, memory bottlenecks that can lead to excessive paging—which ultimately impacts your IIS server-excessive physical or virtual memory consumption, the number of incoming sessions, and the number of users visiting your websites. Use this information to see how your existing resources are being used before buying or adding more resources.

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  3. Monitor response time

    End-users usually abandon sites that take too long to load. When a Web application or website slows down, the underlying issue usually involves a long-running database query. Similarly, high memory utilization and inadequate system resources also lead to slower response times, which prompt user experience issues. Start monitoring key resources in your websites and Web servers to help boost and maintain high availability and performance.

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  4. Monitor SSL certificate expiration

    An IIS performance monitoring software provides graphical and numerical information pertaining to the valid dates of your SSL certificates, as well as the number of days remaining before the listed certificate expires. Monitor critical SSL certificate expiration fields, such as port information, validity information, and expiration date details.

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IIS Monitoring definition

IIS monitoring allows you to proactively identify performance issues in your Microsoft® IIS server environment, including application pools and websites. Monitor critical services, worker processes, Web server response time, and more

The value Server & Application Monitor provides is an improved single-pane-of-glass view, it’s more reliable, and you can respond to problems quickly and proactively"

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