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Unable to overcome common performance bottlenecks that Java applications experience everyday?

Failure to detect memory issues

Lack visibility of memory-related problems such as memory leaks and garbage collection issues.

Multi-threaded programming issues

Inability to monitor concurrency problems such as thread deadlocks and thread pool sizing issues makes troubleshooting difficult.

Slow and unresponsive Web service APIs

A failure or malfunction with JSON Web service affects Java application performance and end-user experience.

Improve Java application availability and performance with out-of-the-box JVM monitoring capabilities

  1. Monitor multi-vendor Java application servers with one interface

    Use SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor to proactively monitor Java application servers, including JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Oracle, Tomcat, etc. using SNMP and JMX protocols. Get alerted to issues before they become major problems. Monitor key performance counters including:
    • Database: classes loaded, unloaded, total loaded count, etc.
    • Memory: Memory heap size, heap used, non-heap used, garbage collections, garbage collection time, pool size, pool used, pool peak, etc.
    • Concurrency: Threads started count, blocked count, blocked time, wait count, wait time, etc.
    • Application: Runtime uptime, compiler time and more.

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  2. Identify Web service APIs that impact Java applications

    Web services APIs such as JSON and SOAP are protocols for exchanging information between different applications. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor allows you to monitor and determine the Web services (JSON/SOAP) availability (up/down) and latency (response time) and validate the returned content. With the help of out-of-the-box HTTP/HTTPS component monitors, you can check the overall health of JSON services running across your servers. Monitor GET, PUT, POST and DELETE methods using HTTP/HTTPS user experience monitor.

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  3. Detect database issues causing poor application performance

    Don't let database issues such as high IOPS latency, fragmentation problems, slow queries, memory shortfall impact your Java application performance. Use SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor to monitor key performance metrics for ODBC databases including SQL Server®, MySQL®, Oracle, MongoDB®, PostgreSQL™, IBM® DB2®, and OpenEdge®. The built-in AppInsight™ template for SQL Server® provides insight into data performance to identify fragmentation issues, SQL job status, expensive queries and more. Integration with Database Performance Analyzer helps you perform wait-based response time analytics and troubleshoot faster.

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  4. Monitor heterogeneous physical and virtual servers

    Java application problems are not always caused by issues within the application. Infrastructure issues are one of the top instigators of poor application performance. In addition to JVM monitoring, Server & Application Monitor helps you monitor performance and availability of operating systems (Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, AIX®, Solaris®) as well as physical and virtual servers (Hyper-V® and VMware®). You can also monitor server hardware health such as fan speed, temperature, power supply, etc. at a glance.

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Java Performance Monitoring definition

Java™ performance monitoring is the process of measuring key JVM statistics, including database classes, memory, garbage collection, concurrency, runtime, compiler time, and so on. Troubleshoot Java performance issues faster

Having [Server & Application Monitor] AppInsight allows our team to tell the exact query that is causing a slowdown to the database. It eliminates finger pointing, and allows us to show where the problem is occurring from and the reasons for it."

Jim Shank

IT Infrastructure Team at Douglas Country School District

Java application server monitoring using SolarWinds

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