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Managing IP addresses for dynamic networks on spreadsheets is no longer practical

No access to real-time data

With multiple network devices in use, being deployed, or being retired, it's possible that IP information can be inaccurate.

IP conflicts cause network downtime

Manual IP tracking methods are often the cause of IP conflicts, which can cause network downtime.

Managing both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Manually tracking the status of both IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks in the same network is difficult.

Automatic IP address scanning for real-time IP address status

  1. Avoid human errors and prevent network issues

    If your IP records are not up to date, it's possible for an IP address to get assigned again, resulting in a duplicate IP address assignment. Another scenario is an engineer might ping a range of addresses looking for an open address. If a ping request is not answered, the engineer might assume that the address is available. However, the lack of a response could be due to a temporary network problem, or the system is offline. SolarWinds® IP Address Manager provides you with real-time, detailed IP address status reports.

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  2. Periodic scans help ensure that data is up to date

    With SolarWinds IP Address Manager, you can automatically conduct periodic IP scans, and build and maintain documentation of your IP address blocks. This is accomplished with IPAM’s periodic ICMP and SNMP polling feature. ICMP provides details on the status of the IP address and relevant hostname details, and SNMP provides information on MAC address and system information.

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  3. Manage both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from a single platform

    An automatic IP network scanner can be enabled for both IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks where administrators need insight about the status of an IP address, MAC address, system name and description and vendor details. Easily set up a network IP scanner using SolarWinds IPAM, and manage your IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks from the same location.

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Save time managing DHCP, DNS and IP addresses

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  • Track, assign, provision and decommission IP addresses
  • Inventory, manage and maintain accurate IP subnets and DHCP scopes
  • Introduce proactive management with real-time monitoring and alerting

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