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Hardware failure is responsible for approximately half of IT system outages

Lack of visibility into server issues

Inability to monitor hardware health makes identifying issues (high CPU load, excessive heat, power fluctuations, etc.) challenging.

Resource contention bottlenecks

Left unchecked, resource consumption may lead to increased utilization, which impacts server and application performance.

Multiple monitoring tools needed

Multi-vendor server hardware, operating systems and hypervisors typically require multiple monitoring tools based on vendor compatibility.

Monitor hardware health to minimize server and application downtime and reduce business risks

  1. Pinpoint performance issues caused by hardware failure

    Hardware failure is responsible for more than half of IT system outages (55%)*. Server performance is threatened by environmental issues such as fan failure, increased server temperature, voltage peaks/drops, etc.

    SolarWinds server monitoring software helps you monitor hardware health by providing instant visibility of the status (up, critical or warning). It allows you to set baseline values for CPU fan speed, server temperature, power supply, etc. and alert you when levels fall below safe operating limits.

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  2. Optimize resource utilization and hardware procurement

    Over-utilization of server resources results in poor server performance and downtime. Without a knowledge of server resource capacity and utilization, you might struggle with identifying the root cause of performance issues.

    Server & Application Monitor provides a detailed view of your server resources, including CPU load, memory used, disk capacity, etc. This lets you clearly see all server resource consumption. You can also use built-in capacity forecast charts and metrics to find out when your server resources will reach capacity.

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  3. One interface to manage heterogeneous IT infrastructure

    Using multiple server hardware vendors, operating systems and hypervisors requires multiple monitoring tools. Managing this type of environment is expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming.

    Using SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor you can monitor hardware and software from the following vendors from one dashboard:
    • IBM System X, HP, Dell, Blade Chassis
    • Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®, UNIX®, HP-UX®
    • VMware, Hyper-V®
    • Data center components (APC® for power supply health, building environmental systems, etc.).

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  4. Diagnose application downtime and performance issues

    Monitoring application health parameters, including availability, performance counters, processes, services, response time, etc. helps you troubleshoot performance problems faster.
    Server & Application Monitor includes out-of-the-box templates to monitor 200+ applications, including Exchange, Microsoft® IIS, SQL Server®, Linux, Active Directory®, Apache®, Windows and more. Use the built-in AppStack™ dashboard to understand contextual dependencies between applications and underlying physical and virtual infrastructures.

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Server Hardware Monitoring Software definition

Server hardware monitoring software lets you monitor the health, status, and availability of critical components, such as an fan speed, temperature, power supply, CPU, memory, battery, and array status

We find out in the afternoon that we have a bad fan—rather than at midnight—when someone can walk through. It gives the operations team time to work on more important items."

Napoleon Crowe

Systems Architect at FPP Business Services

Troubleshoot server hardware health issues faster

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  • Discover and start monitoring multi-vendor server hardware from a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Identify the root cause of poor application performance by monitoring server resources and the server environment
  • Leverage built-in and customizable monitoring dashboards, alerts and reports for faster troubleshooting

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