Dell Performance Monitoring

with Storage Resource Monitor


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Monitoring your Dell storage is not an easy task

Storage performance bottlenecks

Storage performance bottlenecks can slow down your entire datacenter.

Storage capacity overload

Capacity planning using spreadsheets is a logistics nightmare, and worst of all, it is highly error prone.

Storage reports and alerts

You cannot act fast without accurate storage reports and instant alerts.

Ensure peak performance of your Dell storage arrays using Storage Resource Monitor

  1. Plan your storage capacity needs

    Storage Resource Monitor helps you discover past storage consumption, assess present depletion rate and predict capacity needs. The built-in capacity dashboard gives you at-a-glance storage metrics, including total storage capacity, provisioned capacity, over-subscribed capacity and more. In addition, receive real-time updates on capacity constraints through active alerts. Peak capacity loads can be managed by swapping under- and over-utilized storage resources.

  2. Use out-of-the-box storage reports

    Get quick and insightful reports on your Dell® arrays with pre-designed and custom reports. Customize your reporting parameters to provide useful business insight. Create various out-of-the-box reports, including enterprise capacity summary, RAID/storage pool group utilization, thin provisioning, free LUNS, asset information and more. Reports can be scheduled, emailed and even exported as CSV or HTML files for granular customization.

  3. Pinpoint performance hotspots in your IT infrastructure

    Reduce or eliminate storage bottlenecks that cause application downtime. Drill into every layer of your IT infrastructure from application to server to storage, and troubleshoot performance issues. The application stack is designed to help you more accurately predict, prioritize and resolve issues before they affect end-users and the business. To ensure that your storage devices are not the root cause of issues, you should continuously monitor and forecast storage performance and usage.

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With Storage Resource Monitor, I was able to solve severe disk bottleneck issues. I was able to pinpoint which LUN was causing the issue."

IT/Systems Administrator at Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Monitor your entire Dell storage environment

Storage Resource Monitor Starts at $2935

  • Identify hotspots at the array, storage pool and LUN levels
  • Analyze capacity usage, and identify and reclaim under-utilized resources
  • Get an end-to-end view of unified storage across all protocols (FC and iSCSI)

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Fully functional for 30 days

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