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Do you find it difficult to monitor custom and home-grown applications?

Needing multiple tools and monitoring methods

In addition to monitoring tools for commercial applications, additional tools and resources are required to monitor custom applications.

Custom scripts are not the best method

Creating your own scripts is time consuming, difficult and often gives you incomplete data. Then you have to maintain them.

Troubleshooting can take a long time

Lack of monitoring automation leads to spending more time running scripts and looking for the source of a problem, instead of fixing it.

Centralized performance monitoring of custom and commercial applications

  1. Monitor and manage everything from one interface

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides one unified framework to monitor the status and performance of customized applications alongside commercial applications.
    • Detect performance issues and downtime in custom applications
    • Get notified on deviations from baseline thresholds
    • Monitor CPU, memory and response time for application performance counters and services
    • Schedule periodic application discovery; create application maps and NOC views
    • Customize alert conditions and schedule reports
    • Correlate application failure to physical and virtual infrastructure issues

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  2. Easily create monitors for custom applications

    Server & Application Monitor provides built-in monitoring templates for 200+ applications. These templates comprise component monitors to measure health and performance metrics of applications using WMI, SNMP, JMX and VMware® protocols.
      Extend monitoring for custom applications:
    • Edit/modify/customize existing templates and component monitors
    • Use the wealth of community-generated templates (created and shared on thwack®)
    • Easily build new templates and component monitors
    • Run your custom Windows, Linux and UNIX® scripts
    • Run open source scripts (such as Nagios®) natively without any conversion

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  3. Monitor custom applications in the cloud

    In addition to Server & Application Monitor's agentless architecture, there is an optional agent available to monitor custom and commercial applications located in your public cloud environment (Amazon® EC2®, Microsoft Azure®, and Rackspace™). You can also use this agent to monitor servers and applications within your on-premises environment that you are not able to monitor using agentless technology due to firewall issues, network bandwidth or security restrictions.

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  4. Out-of-the-box support for multi-vendor applications

    Server & Application Monitor supports monitoring of multi-vendor commercial applications and servers out of the box, including:
    • Microsoft applications like Exchange, IIS, AD®, SharePoint®, SQL Server® and more.
    • 3rd-party applications such as Oracle, Java, Tomcat®, Citrix®, MySQL®, etc.
    • Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, AIX®, etc.
    • Server hardware components on Dell® PowerEdge™, HP® ProLiant®, IBM® eServer xSeries.
    • Virtual infrastructures running on VMware® and Hyper-V® hypervisors.

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The ability to create our own script templates with an easy-to-use user interface has extended the flexibility of this platform—which surpasses everything else we have tried."

IT/Systems Administrator at Medium Enterprise Computer Service Company

Extend monitoring to custom applications

Server & Application Monitor Starts at $2995

  • Monitor all your commercial and non-standard applications from a single, easy-to-use Web console
  • Easily edit and modify existing templates or build new ones to extend monitoring to custom applications
  • Customize alerts, reports and dashboard views to adjust performance monitoring to your custom requirements

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