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Do you have adequate visibility to troubleshoot Active Directory performance issues?

Domain controller issues

Domain controller stops working when NTDS files run out of disk space, resulting in user authentication and access failure.

Replication failure

User files and folders can get locked if they are not replicated with the file server using the service.

User account lockout

User accounts get locked if the PDC emulator is unavailable in the domain, or if replication fails between domain controllers.

Easily manage the performance of your Active Directory environment and other critical applications

  1. Diagnose domain controller performance issues

    Monitoring domain controllers will let you know whether the CPU usage has reached its threshold, whether a user account is locked or if there is a login issue. SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor gives you insight into Active Directory issues related to:
    • User account: Account creation, password change and reset attempts, disabled and deleted user accounts, etc.
    • Security policy: Domain and system policy changes, data recovery, etc.
    • System: Firewall setting and other system changes, currently running services

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  2. Monitor LDAP sessions

    Monitoring the NTDS object counter will indicate the number of clients connected to an LDAP session. Server & Application Monitor provides insight into monitoring LDAP sessions. The number of clients connected can significantly affect the server load. Therefore, monitoring the NTDS object counters helps ensure that there is never a server overload connected to a specific LDAP session. In addition, Server & Application Monitor provides insight into LDAP statistics such as LDAP active threads, bind time, client sessions, successful binds/sec and searches/sec.

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  3. Prevent replication services from failing

    Directory services such as replication are critical to maintaining high availability of Active Directory servers. Server & Application Monitor notifies you when your directory servers fail to replicate, which prevents end-users from accessing various folders and files. Server & Application Monitor also provides detailed performance statistics related to directory services such as distributed file system, DFS replication, intersite messaging, DNS client, Windows time, RPC, server and workstation services, Active Directory domain services, Web services and more.

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  4. Monitor multiple platforms from a single interface

    Get detailed visibility to troubleshoot dependencies affecting Active Directory performance. View your IT environment to troubleshoot performance issues in the applications and the infrastructure that supports them. Server & Application Monitor provides built-in templates for 200+ applications, including Linux®, Solaris®, AIX®, Windows® and VMware®. Map dependencies between infrastructure elements, and drill down for more visibility and faster troubleshooting. Integration with Virtualization Manager and Storage Resource Monitor simplifies diagnosis and analysis of Active Directory server issues down to virtual and storage layers.

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Active Directory Monitoring definition

Active Directory® (AD) monitoring software makes it easy to identify service failures, DNS errors, and replication issues across your AD domains. You can monitor LDAP key AD metrics including sessions, active threads, and bind time

We were able to fix Active Directory problems faster with notifications from Server & Application Monitor. Immediate notifications and error detection helped us gain better control over monitoring our Active Directory environment."

Michael Samuels

Network Engineer at Leidos

Monitor Active Directory problems and troubleshoot faster

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  • Monitor LDAP sessions, active threads, and bind time
  • Receive alerts when server running AD is running out of disk space
  • Leverage built-in and customizable monitoring dashboards and reports for faster troubleshooting

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