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Track IP Addresses Easily and More Efficiently with SolarWinds IP Address Management Tools

Not sure which is worse? Managing your IP addresses with spreadsheets or getting a root canal? As if keeping the network running in tip-top condition wasn’t enough work, you have to spend precious time wading through homegrown IP address tracking tools to find conflicts and available addresses. Put that behind you. With our FREE IP Address Tracker, you can ditch your spreadsheets and take control.


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SolarWinds IP Address Tracker

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SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Starts at $1995
IP addresses under management Up to 254 Up to two million
Single repository with IP address status
Track which IP addresses are in use
Automatic IP conflict detection and alerting
Automatic DNS, DHCP, and subnet monitoring and alerting Subnet only
DHCP, DNS and IP Address role-based task permissions Subnet only
Reporting IP Addresses Only
Integrated DNS and DHCP administration

Toss Your Spreadsheets Into the Recycling Bin!

Free IP Tracker Highlights:

  • Eliminate IP conflicts by scanning, tracking, and managing up to 254 IP addresses
  • Detect IP conflicts and other problems using integrated monitoring and alerting
  • Fix problems faster with detailed IP histories and event logs

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Eliminate IP conflicts and save time managing DHCP, DNS, and IP Addresses

With the explosion of IP-enabled devices, increased complexity, and the dynamic nature of your network, management requires more scale and control than ever before. Add to that, multiple IT admins making frequent changes—that are often not communicated—and you can see why powerful, centralized and simplified IP space management has become a must.

SolarWinds IP Address Manager lets you consolidate and streamline the management, monitoring, alerting and reporting of your entire IP infrastructure from a single, unified web console.

Get automated and integrated administration of your Microsoft DHCP/DNS and Cisco DHCP services. Eliminate multiple management consoles. Quickly troubleshoot and optimize IP space with at-a-glance dashboard visibility, proactive alerting, detailed event recording and customized reporting. Plus, you can easily coordinate team access to your IP space and effectively track who made what changes.

With IP Address Manager you can:

  • Prevent IP conflicts with powerful IPv4 and IPv6 address management
  • Save time on provisioning or reclaiming IP addresses with seamless DHCP and DNS integration
  • Avoid problems by monitoring and receiving alerts on critical DHCP, DNS, and IP errors
  • Delegate IP administration to system and network administrators using role-based access

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