IP Control Bundle

Integrated IP Space Management & Endpoint Tracking

  • Enables increased control over IP address proliferation and mobile network devices
  • Provides integrated IP management, switch port monitoring, and endpoint tracking
  • Delivers centralized visibility into IP address usage and connected users and devices
  • Performs automated IP space scanning and network device discovery
  • Simplifies IP infrastructure troubleshooting and enhances network access security
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What Does the IP Control Bundle Include?

The IP Control Bundle includes everything you need to gain a comprehensive and holistic view of your IP space and all the devices vying for its resources, so you stay in control of who and what is accessing your network. And, it does it all from a single, integrated Web interface!

IP Address Manager

IP Address Manager enables you and your team to easily and efficiently manage, monitor, alert and report on your entire IP address infrastructure from an easy-to-use, centralized Web interface.

  • Centralizes IP infrastructure management, monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • Automatically scans IP address space at customizable, scheduled intervals
  • Consolidates multi-vendor DHCP/DNS management via a single, integrated interface
  • Delivers real-time, at-a-glance dashboard visibility along with historical tracking
  • Provides active IP address conflict detection and preventative alerts

User Device Tracker

User Device Tracker delivers automated endpoint tracking along with powerful switch port monitoring so you can easily and proactively manage the devices and users connecting to your network.

  • Automatically discovers, maps and monitors switches, ports, and network devices
  • Quickly finds devices and retrieves user name, port details, connection history and more
  • Enables searching on IP address, user name, Hostname or MAC address to track endpoints
  • Allows whitelisting and watch lists with automatic alerts and click-of-a-button port shutdown
  • Provides detailed switch port usage data, capacity analysis, and built-in reporting

Put away the spreadsheets and instead use a cost-effective tool that integrates with your existing infrastructure. No expensive appliance and minimal complexity. - Aaron Leskiw, SNMPnation.com

SolarWinds [User Device Tracker] takes the next step by querying that switch and asking it what addresses you're seeing associated with that port. – Jim Frey, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates

IP Control Bundle Features

  • Scalable Monitoring Capabilities

    Centralized IP Infrastructure Management

    Manage your entire IP infrastructure and connected devices from a single, intuitive Web console.

  • Automatic Discovery & Mapping

    Integrated DHCP/DNS Management

    Manage multi-vendor DHCP/DNS services from the same Web-based interface.

  • Resolve Issues with Intelligent Alerts

    Real-time Dashboards

    Customizable dashboard with at-a-glance visibility for quick and easy troubleshooting.

  • monitoring

    Historical Tracking

    Display historical results of IP address usage, as well as user and device connections.

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    Detailed Event Recording

    Track changes and easily retrace events through detailed activity logs.

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    User Delegation

    Delegate and control multi-admin access with granular role-based permissions.

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    User and Device Tracking

    Know who and what are connecting to your network and proactively control user and device access.

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    Easy-to-Use Web Interface

    Simplify network management with LUCID™ Web interface (Logical, Usable, Customizable, Interactive, & Drill-down).

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    Preventative Alerting

    Receive alerts on IP space utilization and switch port capacity, as well as “watched” users and rogue devices.

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    Automated Scanning

    Automated and scheduled scanning of IP address space, switch ports, and endpoint devices.

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    Global Search

    Quickly find who and what you’re looking for based on IP address, MAC address, username, and hostname.

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    Customizable Reporting

    Generate customizable reports using out-of-the-box templates for automated report creation and distribution.

Why Download the IP Control Bundle?

  • Usability: Integrated IP space management and endpoint tracking
  • Affordability: Enterprise-class solution at an SMB price
  • Simplicity: Download, install, and deploy in under an hour
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