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Become a Performance DBA with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer! 

  1. Make improvements yourself, today! And become a ‘Performance DBA’

    Before you start bugging your boss for beefier servers or the latest Solid State Storage (SSDs), gather and analyze performance data with SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA). The key is “faster” servers.

    Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) helps:

    • Identify the root cause of database performance issues
    • See how changes to hardware and virtualization effect database performance
    • See clearly down to the physical host how hardware is impacting performance
    • Be prescriptive with hardware recommendation


  2. Resolve performance issues by identifying the root cause and fixing it!

    Gathering information, establishing baselines, and maintaining history are all critical to maintaining high database performance.

    You need a solution that helps you gather information to:

    • Justify your hardware purchases based on the value it delivers
    • Hold your hardware vendor accountable to their claims to improve performance
    • Establish trends over time to see the impact changes have on performance

    Provide actionable information


  3. Think scaling hardware is a safe answer?

    If you’re an IT Professional, you continuously face the challenge of improving database performance. A common solution to resolve performance problems is to procure SSD storage, servers, or CPU. Are you expecting hardware to improve performance or do you know? Investing in hardware is a big gamble unless you understand exactly what the bottleneck is – and if the bottleneck is hardware at all.

    Why Hardware Scaling doesn’t always work

    • How do you justify the value that it delivers?
    • What if hardware isn’t the real issue?
    • Long lead time to procure, delaying return on investment
    • Hardware is expensive, and frequently results in a negligible performance improvement

    Download this whitepaper from SQL Rockstars ‘Jason Strate’ and ‘Bradley Ball’ of “Pragmatic Works” to learn how to improve SQL server performance without throwing hardware to the problem.

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