Customer Testimonials

Network Performance Monitor | NetFlow Traffic Analyzer | Network Configuration Manager

Orion Network Performance Monitor

"As a midsize company we needed an enterprise-class solution without the enterprise-class price. We also wanted to select a vendor whose products could scale as our needs changed. We started with the first Network Performance Monitor application in the Toolset. Over the years, we upgraded to Orion Network Performance Monitor and Engineer's Toolset and recently added Cirrus Configuration Manager. We evaluated a number of solutions on the market and Orion is just as scalable and flexible as many other large, expensive framework solutions such as HP OpenView, but requires significantly less effort to use and maintain. SolarWinds products have paid for themselves ten times over, and serve as an easy-to-use, intuitive, all-in-one solution."

— Director of Technology, Smart City Networks

"The Orion Network Performance Monitor has been a tremendous help in managing our network. The network maps have become a key part of our network management strategy. With Orion, there is no more finger pointing. Now we know exactly where the issues exist. Furthermore, the SolarWinds support team has been very responsive and even issued a special fix to solve an issue that we were seeing. We are very happy with SolarWinds."

— Senior Network Analyst, City of Nashville

"Orion Network Performance Monitor gives us tremendous network management capabilities from a small investment. The SolarWinds network management tools are a tremendous asset to network engineers. Nowhere else can you find such power and ease-of-use. I've used SolarWinds on and off for years and love it. The network performance monitor tool is my favorite one for finding and illustrating issues. I usually drop a 30-day evaluation copy on a client's server and use it to monitor switch port traffic going to servers, firewalls or WAN routers of interest."

— Senior Network Systems Consultant, International Network Services

"One of our primary objectives was to make sure that the system that we implemented was scalable enough to allow for growth and flexible enough to interact with other in-house systems. SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor has exceeded our expectations in this respect."

— Senior Systems Engineer, Valley Health System

"I was impressed with how easy it is to set up, add inventory, and how little hands on management is required once set up. The stability of the product is also very stable."

— Director of Network Engineering, ARNOC

"Our new Orion Network Performance Monitor solution is managing almost 50,000 elements dispersed among multiple convention centers across the U.S. The automated alert engine is critical for us. Without it, we wouldn't know about issues until it was already too late. With Orion NPM, we immediately know when there is an issue."

— Director of Technology Development, Smart City Networks

"The SolarWinds Orion product is great! It is the perfect tool for us to look at the status of our network. We opted to put every device under the Orion umbrella. At first we thought that many nodes would become cumbersome. However, that was not the case. Each node can be grouped by category. I can look at routers, switches, firewalls, servers, workstations and printers as a group or as a functional unit.

I know if someone is saving files to the local drive instead of the network. I know if someone is updating the firmware on a printer. I even know if someone has rebooted their desktop. Instead of building the network and hoping everything is working, I know what is working and what is not working. I know the loads placed on each device and can adjust accordingly.

I want to send a sincere thank you for the work that Steve did for us. Although the Orion product is a simple and easy-to-use product, if you don't have the time, you just don't have the time. Steve's knowledge of networks, and more importantly, his product knowledge of Orion was clearly demonstrated. I spent a short amount of time with Steve outlining my expectations. He took the ball and ran with it. In very short order, he had our network discovered and displayed. A few more hours and he had set up automated notifications for critical problems discovered on the network. After another few hours, Steve had built us a map of our LAN and WAN. This provided our operators with a graphical representation of our environment complete with escalation information if needed.

I would highly recommend Orion and your engineering staff to anyone in a network manager's role. I sincerely appreciate the time and energy Steve devoted to us."

— Network Manager, American Airlines Federal Credit Union

Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

"With fewer resources available to manage the growing complexity of modern day networks, tools that can easily integrate network traffic analysis with availability and configuration information should find a welcome audience among many IT buyers - The NetFlow analysis product combined with Orion Network Performance Monitor from SolarWinds provides network engineers with just this type of information in a package thats easily deployed and actually more affordable than just the maintenance agreements of some of the competition."

— Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates (Industry Analyst)

"With the addition of NetFlow monitoring and reporting capabilities, we will be able to diagnose, report and alert in real time on network problems greatly reducing our mean-time-to repair and providing the capability to predict future bottlenecks."

— Systems Engineer, Verizon Business Infrastructure Support and Engineering, Wellpoint, Inc.

"We have used Orion for more than two years now and have been extremely pleased with the performance and professionalism of the product. We at Results Technology, along with our customers that we monitor with Orion have wanted a built-in system that would break down the dataflows on our WAN links to show us a more detailed output of what was going on. SolarWinds has once again stepped up to the plate to deliver us the NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, which brings the visibility that we need."

— Senior Systems, Results Technology

"Belkin has been using Orion for many years to monitor and manage our network. A few months ago we started evaluating NetFlow solutions and we wanted to select a product that would integrate with our existing infrastructure. SolarWinds NetFlow product was an obvious choice due to its integration with Orion. Through a unified console we now have point-and-click access to comprehensive charts and detailed reports that deliver a clear portrait of the network traffic, thereby increasing our ability to enhance the performance, availability and security of the network."

— Senior Manager IT Infrastructure, Belkin Components

"It is critical that we have visibility into exactly what packets are flowing, what type of traffic it is and the ability to generate reports for our customers letting them know if they are having a bottleneck and more importantly what is the cause of it. We selected NetFlow Traffic Analyzer primarily for monitoring circuits for reliability and bandwidth to enable us to report back to our customers on the health of their network. Integration with Orion was also a key factor in our decision to select NetFlow Traffic Analyzer."

— Senior Network Engineer, ASJ Communications

"We started out with the very first Network Performance Monitor tool in the Toolset and then added Orion and now NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. SolarWinds products are not only easy to use, operate and require no training, they also enable us to quickly spot, isolate, diagnose and repair problems before they impact our users."

— Senior Information Security Specialist, University of Dundee

"American Media has a major disaster recovery initiative underway. NetFlow Traffic Analyzer allows us to drill down to analyze specific packets across links, see where possible problems lie and as we are transferring large amounts of data across the network we can see the network performance. NetFlow Traffic Analyzer gives us the ability to report performance in real time."

— Senior Network Engineer, American Media, Inc.

Orion Network Configuration Manager (formerly Cirrus Configuration Manager)

"I definitely recommend this product to other financial institutions that must protect sensitive customer data. The implementation of the SSH in Cirrus has alleviated any concerns we had about security issues associated with performing configuration changes. We have the solution on a single PC that only a select number of people can log into. The same is true for the database on which Cirrus resides."

— Network Administrator, Heartland Financial, Inc.

"Cirrus has already paid for itself. The ROI that we are seeing from the solution comes mainly in the form of time savings. I can now focus my time and energy on other strategic issues versus worrying whether or not all of our device configurations are being backed up and managed properly. I simply define and execute scripts in a matter of minutes to implement mass changes across my routers instead of having to log into every single device - a manual process that takes at least three to four hours. The out-of-the-box failure reports allow me to see which updates did not take, so I can deal with those on a case-by-case basis."

— Network Administrator, Heartland Financial, Inc.

"We are extremely pleased with Cirrus' ability to backup our 100-plus Cisco devices which includes a wide variety of PIX firewalls, switches and routers in just under 60 seconds!"

— Senior Network Engineer, Belzberg Technologies, Inc.

"First, let me say this... Cirrus rocks! In fact, I am a big fan of many of your products. We have successfully used Cirrus to gather information on our Cisco PIX firewalls and Cisco routers."

— IT Manager, Meridian Technologies, Inc.

"In less than 30 seconds, we resolved a configuration issue we had spent hours resolving in two previous situations. Cirrus paid for itself right there."

— Senior Network Engineer in Pasadena, California

""I used the Cisco patch (about three lines of code) to configure our devices for Daylight Savings Time. Typically, I would have to telnet into each one of our 130 devices to input the code, but by using the Script Tool in Cirrus I was able to select all of the devices, input the code and hit go. Cirrus did all of the work for me and saved between six and ten hours of time."

—Network Specialist, Phillips Plastics Corp