The best MySQL reporting tools enable quick diagnosis for improved SQL query performance tuning

  • Deep diagnosis

    A MySQL report can offer multi-dimensional analyses of root causes, enabling better database tuning.

  • Easy-to-use dashboard

    A straightforward visual approach saves time while still offering precise information.

  • Comprehensive overviews

    Gain real-time and historical visibility into activities and resources impacting MySQL performance.

  • Customizable reporting

    Easily create and share reports that fit your needs, with built-in and custom report options.


Deep diagnosis


Deep diagnosis

SolarWinds® MySQL database reporting tools offer multi-dimensional performance analysis built to allow you to better diagnose SQL statement problems. The Response Time Analysis feature in Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) focuses on the time between query request and response, analyzing every second for true coverage. The platform is designed to monitor SQL server wait types and drill down to discover root causes, while resource metrics show how database elements affect overall performance. View an assessment of overall system health and get clear context of report data for pinpointed resolution advice.
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Easy-to-use dashboard

Easy-to-use dashboard

An intuitive dashboard for a MySQL reporting engine can be a time-saver for admins and approachable for other stakeholders. There’s no need to sift through rows of data. The visually meaningful charts and graphs in SolarWinds DPA provides helpful overviews, and it’s easy to click through to precise diagnostic information. The platform can also be an interactive, ongoing MySQL report in which users can break down dashboard views by specific days and queries to find the actionable information they need. Meanwhile, DBAs can share the interface across teams for collaboration and transparency.
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Comprehensive overviews

Comprehensive overviews

Gain a complete picture of the MySQL database and SQL query performance. Database Performance Analyzer is designed to provide visibility into all activities and resources that could be impacting MySQL performance. Correlate queries, activity, changes, wait times, SQL statements, and other relevant factors to better diagnose database slowdowns. DPA’s real-time reports can allow you to catch issues before they further impact operations, while historical reports provide crucial information about baselines and trends.
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Customizable reporting

Customizable reporting

Create reports that show what you need to see with the SolarWinds MySQL report generator in DPA. Database Performance Analyzer not only comes with useful built-in report suggestions but allows you to customize reports to fit your particular business needs. Automate reporting to easily email or share scheduled reports. With additional features like a dynamic baseline and customizable alerts, you can create a view that reflects your unique context.
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Save time and improve tuning with the right MySQL reporting tools

Database Performance Analyzer for MySQL

  • Choose what information to include on every MySQL report.

  • Enjoy a streamlined dashboard that still offers detailed diagnostics.

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A MySQL report generator should make your job easier, not slow you down
What does a MySQL reporting solution do?
A MySQL reporting solution creates easily viewable reports about SQL queries to facilitate performance diagnostics and business decisions.